C.o.t.W Chapter 94: Inigo Misinformed

  • Hasir placed his hand above his eyes to protect them from the blinding sun as he scanned the plains as if looking for something.

    Inigo and Affraji wondered what he was looking for. The Argonian got off his reptilain steed and took a deep breath and got down in

    crouched position, feeling the grass with his feet and sensing the earthy scent of the dirt beneath him.


    Affraji slowed her horse and trotted over to the Argonian, fearing he'd lost his mind, she waved a hand in front of his face,

    "Hasir, this one is worried you might be stuck in some state of frozen time." She waved her hand in front of Hasir's muzzle again, "Is

    argonian listening to Affraji?" 


    She turned away from him,

    "Dark moons," She swore under her breath and looked up at the sky, "Mother cat, if you are hearing this one, please give Hasir back

    to us. Ths one's fur is positively ruffled, she hesitates to thnk what he is going through, what this one means is... please let Argonian

    escape unharmed." 


    She swore a second time as her prayer went unanswered. Curious, she glanced over to the Argonian to find his eyes closed as if

    listening to something. When he opened his eyes again, Affraji almost fell over as she stared, shocked, into Hasir's eyes which had

    something unsettling about them. They were the same shade of blue they'd always been, but, there was something... else,

    something lurking behind those icy blue eyes, something that Affraji couldn't quite stomach.


    Hasir did not hear Affraji when she became worried for his wellbeing because he was too busy flying over the land of Skyrim at

    blazing speeds-his wolfish half, at least. He sped along towards a dwemer ruin he'd only seen as words on a map. His mind took

    many twists and turns as it sought out the ruin. Upon reaching the ruin, Hasir mind snapped back to reality. He lost that wolfish

    look in his eye as he became painfully aware of being watched.

    He stood up and saw Affraji looking at him, mouth agape. He glanced at her and wished she would close her mouth,

    "What?" He asked, "Do I have something in my teeth?" He asked her, picking his fangs with a clawed finger. "Nope sorry nothing in

    my teeth, what in Hircine's name are you staring at me for? Stop it, it's intrusive, rude and, not to mention, a bit creepy." He said,

    cringing away from her. Affraji closed her mouth and apologized for her staring. The Argonian walked over to her, looked her in the

    eyes and said that she had nothing to apologize for and that she was just curious.


    As they got back on their steeds and proceeded toward a point that only Hasir could see, Affraji asked what in Tamriel the Argonian

    was doing,


    "Affraji, I found out I have this ability, my wolf has-er, it's complicated. All I can say for sure is I have this ability to connect with

    nature because I am a child of the Hist and they are deeply connected with nature and everything in it. So in a way," He said,

    sighing, "So am I."


    Affraji nodded, digging her heels into the sides of her horse, making it speed up as she saw that she had fallen behind Hasir and

    Inigo who led the pack. She didn't knew what the ability really was that the Argonian had talked about. Who was she to arggue?

    Besides she could read about the strange ability later, for now, though, she knew they had to reach the dwemer ruin even those she

    did not know what a nature disrupter was and why they had to destory them. She was not even made a Companion yet. She thought

    that it was something only shared between the circle and the companions. Come to think of it, she didn't even know who the circle

    were , let alone their rank among the rest of Jorrvaskr.


    Affraji's horse galloped over cobblestone so fast that, to Affraji, the hooves sounded like an echo of the horse's heartbeat, which

    must've beeen fast because of the horse's rapid breathing as it tried to keep up with the grey horse and the green and silver

    armored reptile and the tore over the land, never stoppping once to let their owners, or even them, take a break. Affraji saw a city

    looming in the distance; a city of wood and stone and wondered if that was their destination and was disheartened a bit when the

    two leading the pack veered off in a northward direction and went to something the female khajiit had no prior knowledge of.


    After several minutes of seeing nothing but open field, her horse clattered up some stone steps that seemed to strech on forever.

    When she reached the top, she saw a magnificent stone building with four snow covered rooves, and, a little further on, saw Hasir

    and Inigo dismounting and smiling; she dismounted as well and smiled at them,

    "This one should have dressed warmer, Affraji's freezing her pelt off."


    Hasir slapped her on the arm; Affraaji snarled as his as she wrenched her bruised arm away from the malicious Argonian,

    "Affraji, you idiot. You've got warm fur." He laughed and shrugged, "I should be the one complaining because, if you haven't noticed,

    I've got scales." He shook the thought out of his mind, "never mind that, let's press on," He smirked at her, "Lest you want the

    servant of Molag Bal to catch wind of what we are doing."


    Affraji shook her head and sighed; she did not expect Hasir to speak of the Doomstrider,

    "Of course not, she just-" She spluttered, "Ah well, curse the moons, let's just get going."

    Hasir and his companions left the horses and reptile at the top of the stairs. Inigo and the others approached the tall, golden door.

    Inigo tried to open it but he frowned as he found the door resisting his every effort to open it. He was busy tried to force the doors

    open with his claws when he heard something thudding to the ground behind him, followed by the sound of leather fastenings being

    undone. He turned around to see his reptilian friend kneeling in the snow and deciding how best to tackle the lock. 


    Inigo rolled his eyes. He was just about to go over and take over for Hasir but thought better of it,

    "Any time now, my friend. My fleas could do it faster. By Oblivion, even Mr. Dragonfly could do it with one wing tied behind his

    back." Hasir finally found the lockpick he was looking for, inserted it into the lock and maneuvered it this way and that, trying his

    best to unlock the door without breaking the lockpick. After many broken lockpicks, The argonian unlocked the door and he and the

    two khajiit went inside.


    When they stepped over the threshold, Everyone's eyes went wide as, at the end of the room decorated with metal pipes and

    metallic floors, he saw a dwemer pipe stting iin the center of a section of floor with circular metallic grates surrounding the pipes.

    Their faces fell as they'd expected a machine like the ones they found in Runoff cavern, but, unfortunately it wasn't the case. It was

    just a singular dwemer pipe extending from a tree which was also in the circular section of the room. Inigo and Hasir walked toward

    the tree; enthralled. No sooner did they set foot in the section when the tree and pipe faded and metal grates sprang up on all sides,

    trapping them inside. 


    Nearly jumping out of her fur, Affraji ran to the metallic grate and tried bending them with her claws; nothing happened. She hid

    behind a metal grate that stuck of the wall a a black khajiit with red eyes strode toward the trapped pair. Affraji strained her ears to

    hear what he was saying.


    The khajiit stared at Hasir, completely disregarrding Inigo altogether and smirked evilly at him,

    "Think I wouldn't notice that you lot were tackling the nature distruction conduits?" He asked with a sneer, "Where are you other

    companion pals? Are they helping you?" He walked close to the grate, gripped it with both hands and snnered at Hasir; grinning

    maliciously at him, "or else finding another way to stop Molag's plans?"


    Hasir shook his head and asked where the pipe and tree had gone. The doomstrider smirked as if he knew something Hasir did not,

    "You blasted reptile, I made that illusion. I was hoping to trap someone in here," He said, smirking, "What joy I felt when I had

    entrapped you." The argonian gestured to the khajiit that stood beside him. The doomstrider laughed, "I am not taking about that

    furry trash." He snarled, "I give you one chance to renounce your endeavors and cease trying to undermine my master's noble

    work>" Hasir shook his head, rather adamant in his defiance. "Very well," The black khajiit said, "Have it your way." He raised his

    hands, said a few words and Hasir and Inigo soon found that the floor was ripped out from under them.

    The air was thick with screams as both the Argonian and khajiit plummeted twenty feet below the ruin and splashed down in a

    large pool of water. Inigo resurfaced, his fur stuck out at odd angles and, noticing his scaly friend hadn't resurfaced with him, began

    looking about frantically. Inigo'd thought his friend didn't survive the fall, thought he may've hit the rock wall on the way down and

    died upon impact with the water.


    The blue khajiit started calling out Hasir's name but stopped when he heard nothing but the echoes of his own voice coming back to

    him. He went wide eyed when he heard something behind him; the sound of a massive scaly body moving through the water.


    He turned around quickly to see a reptile rapidly swimming towards him; when the reptile was a few feet away it opened its mouth

    to reveal sharp, pointy teeth.


    Inigo leapt out of the water, screaming like a cat afraid to get wet. Hasir surfaced and laughed,

    "Inigo, you should've seen your face." He said, dodging to avoid a punch from the khajiit as he toppled past him into the water. Inigo

    got out of the pool and shook off; showering the sniggerin Argonians with water.


    Inigo glared at Hasir who leapt out of the water and shook the water off, like Inigo, his whole body shook-from his head down to his

    tail. Inigo hissed a warning at Hasir,

    "Stop this foolishness my friend. We have to find the machine and shut it down, thereby saving the Rift from succumbing to Molag

    Bal's plan."


    The argonian cocked his head stupidly at the khajiit,

    "What plan is that again?"


    Inigo picked up a rock and threw it at Hasir who ducked and heard the rock splash into the water,

    "My friend, you know you can be as dumb as a declawed kitten trying to use a scratching post, you know that? Molag's plan is to kill

    all nature, thereby effectively killing off your kind." Hasir asked what Molag Bal has against the Saxhleel, they had done nothing to

    him and come to think of it, he said, the hist hadn't done anything either. Inigo groaned and pushed the Argonian, making him fall in

    the crystal clear water, "Not the Saxhleel, you idiot!" He snarled, "Think, what other 'Your kind' would I be thinking of?" Hasir

    shrugged, "Lycanthropes, you moron, children of Hircine." He knelt down, grasped Hasir's claw, pulled him

    from the water and they walked down the path to another walkway sloping upwards. 


    When they got to the top, they realized they were standing in a seperate area of the cave they'd fallen into. Hasir saw eleven pillars

    arranged in a way that formed a wolf's snarling head; three with carved nordic symbols of wolfmen in various types: Two legged,

    four legged and one that depicted a sleeping wolf, and eight with various moon phases depicted on them. He looked up and saw a

    hole in the ceiling, through which streamed silvery moonlight. Hasir looked to his left and saw another pillar-this one had a poem of

    sorts written on it:


                      Kynareth graced Tamriel with the moon,

                     Her, brother Hircine makes beasts who are,

                     One way by day, another by night, the type of

                      Werewolf he creates is dependant on the will

                      of nature itself, be it the traditional Wolfman

                      standing on two legs, or the more wolf-like

                   lycanthrope, who runs on all fours. Which phase

                          governs which state of lycanthrope? 

                    Choose wisely; the right combination will ensure

                      your victory while the wrong combination

                              could bring crushing defeat


    Hasir and Inigo read the riddle and looked at the mmany pillars before them. Hasir looked at Inigo confused,

    "The first half of the riddle is plain as day but, the crushing defeat bit, what does that mean?" 


    Inigo and Affraji turned to Hasir, their tails flopping wildly. Affraji had a grave look on her face,

    "Argonian, This one and blue khajiits think what the poem means by 'crushing defeat' is that if we do not solve the riddle in time the

    ceiling will literally come down and crush us. You lot must solve the riddle properly and quickly, unless you and this one wants to

    walk one of here as human, er, feline and lizard pancakes."


    Hasir looked at her and scoffed,

    "Affraji, I think you've had too much ale, we won't 'walk' if we get flattened, by Oblivion, we'll be crushed, for howling out loud."

    Inigo smiled amusedly at the yellow khajiit, "Affraji, check your head, you might have a screw loose." The answering snarl told the

    khajiit that he'd hit a sore spot.


    Affraji scowled at this unjust jab at her mental facilites, returned to the stone slab with the riddle etched upon it and started to work

    it out line by line,

    "The riddle makes sense except for this bit here," She beckoned the khajiit and the argonian over to see if they could work out the



    They both agreed most of the riddle spoke for itself but they also got hung up on the bit where it said 'the type of werewolf he

    creates is dependant on the will of nature itself, be it the traditional Wolfman standing on two legs, or the more wolf-like

    lycanthrope, who runs on all fours. Which phase governs which state of lycanthrope?'  


    Hasir shrugged, said the only way to find out is through trial and error and moved toward a chest that sat in the corner of the room

    and removed a polished stalhrim shield and walked to the moon spilling out of the hole in the middle of the room and positioned

    himself so that the light bounced off the shield, like refracted light from water, and onto the pillar with the crescent moon on it,

    which, in turn, bounced off of that onto a pillar with a dire wolf pictured on it.


    He glanced up at the ceiling, knowing it rain down loose stalactites if he'd made a wrong move, to his relief, it didn't. His tail swayed

    behind him as he breathed a sigh of relief, echoed around the cavern by his feline companions. Hasir gambled on his next choice,

    going for the waxing gibbous and reflected the moonlight on the same spot and the same was done with the waning gibbous, waxing

    crescent and both waxing and waning half moons. 


    Again, the Argonian glanced up but nothing out of the ordinary happened. He glanced around the cavern and saw four viable pillars:

    A sleeping wolf, a fully fledged bipedal werewolf, a new moon and a full moon respectively etched onto their pillars. He walked to the

    center of the cavern-where the main shaft of silverlight issued forth from-and pointed it towards the pillar with the dark moon and

    bounced the light off of it onto the sleeping wolf; again, nothing happened. Hasir walked into the beam issuing from the dark moon

    and pointed the shield to the full moon and the light bounced from that onto the bipedal werewolf pillar.


    Hasir, Inigo and Affraji held their breaths, fearing death if they made just one mistake; nothing happened. Hasir had to closed his

    eyes because, in that instant, the silver light that played connect the dots with the pillars began to increase in brightness like a flame

    that went straight from gently burning flame to white hot in a matter of seconds. 


    Hasir and the two khajiit knew they had to get out of there as rocks the size of large kwama eggs fell down all around them. While

    they ran Hircine knew where, Hasir glanced at Affraji keeping step with both him and Inigo and asked her if she perhaps got the last

    bit of the poem backwards or perhaps she read it wrong.


    Affraji scoffed at this and was going to berate Hasir for his foolishness but lost the urge to as she knew she had to make it to the exit

    before they all became buried. She just shook her head and kept moving. Hasir thought this meant she did not want to talk

    about her mistake; if there was one."

    Hasir and the two khajiit approached the golden door at the end of a long earthy ramp. He put his claw on the door and eyed Affraji

    with frustration,

    "Affraji tell me straight, did you make a mistake and flip the worrds of the poem around by mistake?" The leopardine khajiit eyed

    him and rapidly shook her head making her metal ormanents on her dreadlocks jingle. Her face was screwed up in perplexed

    comprhension, "This one did not misread anything. She read the poem perfectly, stop putting sand where there is none. By the

    father cat, stop tugging Affraji's tail!" She said, snarling at the inquiring Argonian.


    Affraji nodded as Inigo past her shooting her a worried sidelong glance. Hasir sighed and pushed the door open, revealing a tower

    section with a stone path spiraling upward. Affraji started up the stone path after Hasir and Inigo. Their pace quickened as they

    heard the door become blocked by small rocks that dislodged from the ceiling in the previous room. The khajiit and the argonian

    breathed deeply as they exited the ruin.


    Inigo smirked to himself as he thrust his hands in his pockets as he leaned over to Affraji,

    "Why so glum my feline friend? At least the machine is destroyed." 


    Affraji rounded on him, unsheathed her cutlass and pointed it threateningly at Inigo's chest. His hands flew up as his eyes flitted to

    the sword; Affraji's furious face reflected in his orange eyes, 

    "Affraji might've made an error, you moronic cat!" She yelled, swinging her sword in midair right by Inigo's ear; so close that the

    blue khajiit jerked his head away in terror. Affraji glared at him for a second longer before sheathing her cutlass. She sat done on the

    dirt path that led from the cave, "Affraji apologizes but the thought of how she possibly could have messed up torments her still. She

    did not mean to become angry with Inigo." She caught Inigo's eye glancing up as he turned towards her, "Can blue khajiit ever

    forgive this one?" 


    Inigo smiled as he grasped Affraji's hand and helped her to her feet; tail swaying happily behind him,

    "He already has, do not bury these feelings my friend. Best to let them out, preferably in a healthy manner, than holding it in and

    driving yourself crazy," He said as Affraji's mind reflected on this, "if they get a hold of you for too long before controlling them, you

    can be led to do something you, er, later rerget." He said nodding to her sheathed cutlass.


    Affraji nodded at him to show she ackowledged him and got up, brushed the dirt off her trousers and went over to Hasir who sat on

    a rock, map unfurled on his lap and asked where they would go next. He was to enthralled in his map to hear her. She raised her

    voice, repeating the same inquiry,

    "Wha? Oh, Affraji, you nearly me jump out of my scale." He said, hastily pocketing the map. "Blackreach is our next destination."


    Affraji shrugged; cocking her head to the side as if she wass an insolent kitten who had done wrong and didn't understand the


    "Erm... Hasir where is Blackreach, this one had never seen it. If she went looking for it now, she might never find it."


    The argonian glanced at her and bared her teeth at her, in what he hoped was a warm smiling,

    "Affraji, don't fret, you have me and Inigo. We'll guide you." He stopped dead for a moment and thought back over his previous

    comment, "No, wait, Inigo doesn't have a map does he? Hmmm." Well, I can show you lot the way." He pointed to the side of his

    head, "After all, I am the only one who now its location because, you know, I have the map memorized."


    Affraji's gaze fell on a campsite just a short way from the cave and, looking up at the darkened sky, decided there would be as good

    a place as any to lay down for the night.  


    Hasir and Hasir didn't see her disappear until Hasir caught a rather khajiit-esque scent upon the air, following it to an abandoned

    campsite where they found her laying on a brown bedroll,

    "Hi," She said, gazing up at them, "Argonian doesn't mind if we camp here for the night?" Both the argonian and the khajiit shook

    their heads. Inigo sat down on one of the abandoned bedrolls and called for Hasir, but the Argonian went off to gods know where.

    Inigo sniffed the air, trying to pick up the Argonian's scent. He snuck between rocks, brush and trees until he found his friend

    crouched in a large clearing behind a thick tree watching a buck and a doe grazing in the fields.


    Inigo eyes went wide as he saw Hasir emerge from his hiding place, eyes on the buck. He was about to pull the drawstring when the

    khajiit snuck up behind him,

    "My friend, what are you doing? How dare you hunt those poor, dfenseless creatures. What you are doing is morally wrong, have you

    no shame?" The argonian became so scared the his killing shot missed the buck by several feet. He snarled at the khajiit as he

    lowered his bow, "Inigo, never, and I mean never, sneak up behind someone who is hunting. Animals ears are very delicate. Their

    ears pick up the slightest vibration. Any unexpected or loud noise can cause them to scatter, and my quiet stalking would be all for

    naught." He grabbed the khajiit and slammed him against the tree, "Complete silnce, is that too much to ask, is it?"


    Inigo struggled as he tried to wrench the mad Argonian's hand off him. After many attempts, he succeeded and glared at his friend,

    "Hunting for sport? Are you mad my friend? You must be because trophy hunters like you are the reason the animals of this world

    are rapidly disappearing? Do you care, oh, of course not, I know your type, sitting in you den sipping tea while you revel in your

    kills. While, to me, that is revolting. Mounted heads on the walls with their dead eyes silently judging you for something you thought

    was all in good fun?" He said, closing his eyes and shaking his head, "Utterly disgusting my friend."

    Hasir was shocked; he had no idea his friend was so deadset against 'trophy hunting,' which wasn't what it was, but Hasir did not

    know how to make his feline firend she facts. Finally, after tripping over his words a few times, he stared his friend hard in his

    orange eyes,

    "Inigo, when will you get it through your thick skull? I am not trophy hunting." He gestured towards to deer grazing in the open

    fields, "I will not be putting deer skin rugs in my homestead nor will I ever mount their heads upon my walls. I find them just as

    creepy as you do. Blank eyes staring at me? Accusing me of unjustly stuffing the heads and mounted them?" The argonian shivered

    as a grotesque picture formed in his mind, "May kynareth strike me down with lightning if that ever happens." He shook his head to

    disperse the horrible thought, "No, I hunt, as do others of my kind, for both our survival; you know, edible meat, furs, that sort of

    thing nd the survival of our beastial halkves."


    His eyes become unfocused as he thought of something, "Some of us even utilize the bones of the animal that we kill for weapons.

    In short, we ensure that every part of the animal we kill is utilized and nothing is left to rot. You understand now, don't you?" He

    nodded and inquired as to why werewolves need to hunt. Hasir said if werewolves don't consume meat every full moon, or on a

    nightly basis for some wereowlves, they start to become sluggish and lose body mass; soon, he said, they lose the will to live

    altogether, curl up and die.


    Inigo appreciated him opening up his eyes to why hunting for survival is important and offered to fell the doe while Hasir went for

    the buck. Inigo's arrow flew straight through the air and caught the doe in the windpipe, causing it to gasp for breath. Not wanting

    to see the poor creature suffer, he loosed a second arrow which tore through it's side and punctured the heart, killing it instantly.


    Hasir nocked an arrow, pulled the string back and fire; his eyes never leaving the buck for a seccond. His arrow flew through the air

    in an arc and caught the buck in the knee. He could hear the shattering of bone as the buck cried out and collapsed to the ground.


    The argonian, cursing himself for his poor marksmanship, shot another arrow which tore through the buck's sternum, missing the

    heart by inches. Inigo chuckled as he chastized the argonian for being a terrible hunter. In response, the Argonian glared at the the

    khajiit and scoffed. He let out a slow breath, raised his bow, drew the string and let the arrow fly. It tore through the arteries

    surrounding the buck's heart. He loosed another arrow that tore throught the side of the beast and puncturing the heart.


    After the khajiit and argonian sheathed their bows, approached their fallen query and heftly them: Inigo the doe and Hasir the buck,

    over their shoulders. Hasir praised Hircine for another successful hunt and turned to the camp and he, along with Inigo, walked to

    the camp and dropped them on the ground and began skinning, stripping the carcasses of their fur and cutting and tied the antlers

    together with leather strips


    Setting the tied antlers aside, Hasir picked up the meat he'd stripped from the bone and put them in a pan he'd found in one of the

    tents and put the pan over the fire which Inigo had lit with a flame spell minutes previously. When the venison cooked all the way

    through, he scanned the area and found three wooden plates discarded among the clutter that littered the camp and slid the cooked

    vension onto each plate and grabbbed three bottles of mead among the clutter and handed two of them to Inigo and Affraji.


    They toasted to both their luck and that of the circle members, ate the venison and drained the bottles of mead and decided to get a

    good night's sleep before heading off Blackreach and facing whatever trials lay inside and Hircine alone knew how many machines

    there were inside.


    Hasir yawned hugely and laid down on his bedroll with Inigo plopping down next to him. He looked across the fire-that had long

    since died and saw Affraji getting comfortable; Hasir stood up, went over to the fur next to the antler bundle and handed one fur to

    Inigo, one to Affraji and kept one for himself. He and the two khajiit returned to their bedrools and laid down, snuggling under the

    deer furs and went straight to sleep.


    Hasir's eyes stayed open for a time; afraid that when he close his eyes he'd see those stuffed heads with dead eyes that Inigo

    wrongfully accused him of mercilessly killing. He heard the blue khajiit's rythmic breathing issuing from the bedroll next to him. The

    stars he saw did nothing about his predicament either. A few minutes passed-which felt more like an eternity to Hasir. The argonian

    finally gave up fighting sleep and succumbed to it.

    Hasir woke up-if you could call dreaming being awake-in a glade of trees. The argonian scanned the area and saw, in the distance, a

    medium-sized hunting shack. The argonian walked toward the shack which seemd to grow the closer he got to it. He reached out for

    the door but instantly recoiled when the face of Inigo become superinposed on the wooden surface of the twenty foot high door.

    Hasir recoiled even more as the khajiit's eyes opened wide; he expected giant orange pupils but instead of pupils, flames erupted

    from them like they were giant braziers.


    The face stared into Hasir's blue eyes with such ferocity that the Argonian thought they would be burnt out of his skull. He stared at

    the wooden effigy's mouth, which had widened into a missive black hole; Hasir heard a deafening rushing noise like a hurricane and

    found himself being slowly drawn into the maelstrom. He dug his claws in a nearby tree trunk to prevent himself from dying. 


    The force of the wind become so powerful that Hasir lost the grip he had on the tree and spiraled slowly toward the shack.

    Frightened, he screwed his face up, shutting his eyes tight, expecting the worst. Hasir hit the wooden floor with a thud and opened

    his eyes, which immediately went wide as dozens of stuffed, dead eyed animals: does, stags, wolves, sabre cats and boars stared

    down at him; mocking him in their dead eyed silence. Hasir's let out a scream as the hunting lodge seem to grow even larger; the

    room stretched far in both directions while the animal heads broke out into malicous grins, their eyes gleaming with the very fires of

    Oblivion, while their stuffed brows become furrowed.


    Hasir tried to run for the door but the lodge's door eluded his grasp as Hasir ran for what seemed like an enterity. He gasped as the

    deergod himself materialized looking crestfallen as he chastized the Argonian for hunting for trophies and said that real hunters give

    back to Nirn by utilizing every bit of the carcass and not leaving the carcass to rot while stuffing the head and mounting it on the



    As Hircine drew closer, Hasir looked on in terror as he was forced in werewolf form, run through with the hunter's spear, decapitated

    and mounted on the wall, looking just as stuffed and dead-eyed as the rest of the 'trophies' that Hasir unjustly procured. He watched

    helplessly as Hircine left the hut, letting his body decay in front of his eyes. He tried calling out for the wolflord but no sound came

    out. He looked down at his body and saw, with horror, that maggots had begun eating his headless body.

    Hasir awoke; sweating profusely, feeling his body to see if the nightmare he'd had was not real and was just the subject of his guilty

    concious. It was. He heard muttering from the bedroll next to him and saw that his screaming had awoken Inigo, who asked the

    sweaty Argonian if he had had a nightmare. Hasir did his best to shrug this off as he laid back down.


    The morning came swiftly, everyone got up, ate their breakfast of kwama eggs and toast and headed straight back to the spot they

    left their steeds-in front of the now decrepid looking ruin. Hasir led the way as they rod down the stairs and toward their next

    destination: a little known ruin called Alftand south of Winterhold.