C.O.T.W Chapter 89: Kindred Spirits


    Hasir ented the inn and saw his companions seating around a long table waiting for him.  He was alos a little disappoint when he saw

    that everyone had bought a drink without him. Inigo spotted him as he came in, smiled and waved him over to join them,

    "Come on over, my friend, we are celebrating our victory after squishing that giant spider." He said, with a slight giggle


    He did as Inigo had asked, walked over to the table and sat down in the chair Inigo had graciously pulled out for him,

    "Glad to see everyone waited before ordering drinks." He said jokingly.


    Inigo, feeling guilty, got up and ordered a mead and two sweetrols from the nord female who ran to inn. Inigo drummed his claws on

    the counter as the man retreated down a set of stairs to the basement. A few moments later, she returned, handed the found to

    Inigo and told him the food would be thirty septims He fished in his pocket, found his coinpurse, tipped four coins on the counter

    and told her to keep the change.


    Inigo picked up the mug and sweetrolls and brought them over to the table, setting the mead and one of the sweetrolls in front of

    the hungry Argonian,

    "There you go, my friend, one mead and as a way of apologizing, one sweetroll. I, er, hope you don't mind I got one for me too."


    Hasir shook his head,

    "Off course not Inigo, thankss."


    Inigo's face fell as he heard a note of discontent in his reptilian friend's voice,

    "Erm... my friend, is there something wrong, did I get you the wrong drink?"


    Hasir said the smart blue cat's drink choice was perfect,

    "Inigo, the drink is fine, just, erm... you should have used a plate for the sweetrolls," He waved his hand in front of his face as if

    someone passed gas, "By the gods Inigo, did you stick your hands in kwama dung or something? they smell positively disgusting."

    He slid the sweetroll over to Inigo, here you take this, thanks for the thought though." He added


    Inigo was crushedHe got that as an apology treat for his frind after all and to see his friend not eat it because of some 'supposed'

    decontamination broke Inigo's heart. "At least your filthy mitts did not touch the mead." Hasir said, sipping it while his tail swayed

    side to side behind him.


    Without warning, Inigo's hand shot out for the sweetroll,

    "Fine, I'll eat the sweetroll then, if you don't want it." He said, huffing in anger


    The Argonian sitting across from him roared with laughter as he saw Inigo's face,

    "Inigo, relax I was just joking. I could care less if your dirty paws touched my food."


    He reached across the tabe, grabbed the sweet roll and bit into it. The warm doughy treat was just what he needed after a long and

    tough battle with the Doomstrider mechanical creation. That mixed with the sweet honeyed mead hit the spot after a long day in the


    There was a sound of scraping chairs on wood as everyone got up and to seperate rooms in the inn, leaving Hasir and Inigo alone to

    settle the cost of the roomms. Inigo was about to pay when a scaly hand enclosed his furry hand,

    "Inigo, you rest, I've got this." The blue khajiit began to argue but the Argonian said he will pay for this because Inigo paid for his

    meal earlier. Inigo thanked him before going to his room, undressing and getting into his bed. 


    Inigo's eyes closed. After a long times of seeing nothing but the inside of his eyelids, he found himself back in the familar room, but

    instead of him and his companions, it was just him and the dwarven spider. Inigo''s face splited in a wide smirk as he discovered his

    bow he had unsheathed morphed it a gigantic wooden stick with spikes running around the top of it; only ending whenthe stick met

    the flesh of his purple hands. The giant spider scuttled all across the room to try to escape Inigo's spiky stick which he smacked

    down singing softly to himself, "squishy, squishy spider, behold my spiky bat. Squishy, squishy spider, soon I'll catch up to you and

    you will go 'splat.'


    Inigo smiled as he continued to revel in his dearest ambition. It was shortlived however, as his dream soon turned sinister as the

    dead dwarven automatan phazed out and was replaced by Ma'kara with black smoke issuing from her nose. The mist formed into a

    shadowy version of his Argonian friend, but instead of icy blue eyes, he stared at the kajiit with eyes the color of Oblivion itself,

    "Pity, the khajiit never stood a chance," He said looking with shame at the broken khajiit, "she fought well, but I got to her

    eventually." He threw his head back and laughed.


    Inigo gritted his teeth, gripped the spiky stick tightly, ran at the 'Argonian' and swung the stick, not expecting it to do anything. The

    stick soared through the shadowy being like a knife through butter. The shadowy Argonian laughed; saying that Hasir has already

    joined Molag Bal and has forsaken Hircine.


    Inigo shook his head, saying, face contorted in rage, that Hasir would never do that. He also said that he, Hasir, would rather die

    than join Molag Bal. He said that Hasir would never betray Hircine as doing so would also cause him to betray Kynareth.


    Inigo strode toward the shadowy clone of his friend, poking it in the chest, or rather through his chest,

    "If Hasir ever betrays Hircine and Kynareth, then the whole world would be in jeopardy. Besides, Hasir loves his connection with the

    Nirn. Having the world destroyed would destroy him." 


    The shadowy Argonian disappeared into black mist and flew back up Ma'kara's nose. Inigo crossed the room to look up her nose, but

    the black mist had gone. The dream blurred and Inigo let out a startled scream with beads of sweat suffusing his blue fur. Inigo

    calmed himself down, rolled over and went back to sleep.


    back in the main room, Hasir smiled at the nord man, not having heard Inigo's terrified scream,

    "Hi, er, how much do I owe you for," He performed a quick head count, "five rooms?"


    The nord man, named Mralki smiled at Hasir,

    "That would be... fifty septims."


    Hasir took out the xoinpurse, undid the string and fifty septims fell onto the counter. The innkeeper pocketed the gold smiling,

    "Pleasure doing business with you. If there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to ask. Sleep well."


    Hasir went to the room directly across from the table he'd sat at earlier, undid his armor, set it against the wall next to the dresser

    and fell asleep. his sleep was, unlike Inigo, undaunted by dreams of any kind.

    The next morning, Hasir got up, dressed and went out to the main room to see his companions sitting at the table, all eating plates

    of slaughterfish eggs and venison. Hasir was about to ask where his was until he saw a plate of venison, slaughterfish eggs and

    jazbay juice next to Inigo's seat. The Argonian sat down, thanked Inigo for his kindness and ate his meal.


    After they all ate, they discussed their plans for the day,

    "Inigo didn't you say your friend lives in Whiterun?" Ceralyne asked


    Inigo frowned slightly a this line of questioning,

    "Y-yes, he actually lives near the city because of how prejudiced the city's inhabitants are towards Argonians."


    Hasir knew full well what the khajiit was talking about and grinned halfheartedly at the blue khajiit,

    "I know," He said solemnly. They all turned to look at him, "I was judged by my appearance when I first entered Whiterun as well,"

    Inigo stared at Hasir wide-eyed, "So if this Argonian and I were to meet, I think him and I will become soulmates, able to bounce

    our experience of slavery and being the objects of hate and cruelty off of each other like a sword that bounces from one stone to



    Ingio waled over to an empty chair and sat down next to Hasir, putting a caring hand on his friend's shoulder,

    "I knew how you feel my friend, as I might've told you before, I, too was ostracized by my people as well. Everywhere I went, I was

    judged harshly based on my appearance as well." Haisr glanced at Inigo. Inigo reading the Argonian's expression shook his head,

    "No, it does not get easier. All we, or anyone that faces this type of cruelty can do is keep their heads high and let the insults rool off

    there shoulder like water flowing down a steep incline."



    Mere-Glim gestured to Ceralyne and Tigress. He said they should go to the whiterun stables. The ka'po'tun and the elf acknowledged

    and left to go to the stables. As they walked, Mere-Glim asked Tigress why they were going to the stables instead of the main city.

    Tigress turned around so fast that the Argonian near fell on his backside,

    "We are going to the stables to get horses, you dumb lizard!" She snarled, "Would you rather journey on foot to Glenmoril Coven?"


    Mere-Glim just started at her, saying nothing, "Well, do you?" She asked, her eyes, her teeth showing and eyes narrowing. The

    muddy green Argonian shook his scaly head. "I thought not," She said. She looked skyward and sighed, "Let's get moving, it will

    be night soon and I doubt any of you brought any warm clothes."

    Tigress expected more backlash from the Argonian but none came. Satisfied, she walked along the cobblestone roads that led

    south-eat to the city of Whiterun. She slowed a little when see saw the top of the stables. She gestured to her companions and they

    followed her to the stables. 


    She beheld four magnificent steeds-two with coats the color of charcoal and manes of the whitest snow and two with coats the

    color of freshly dug earth and manes the color of ebony ore-and one reptilian creature. Tigress smiled, patting one of the horses,

    feeding it some hay. She smiled as she saw Lilith working the stables and waved at her,

    "Hi, we need five steeds for our journey, how much for these?" She said gesturing to the horses and the lizard.


    The woman returned her smile and told Tigress the prices for each mount, paid the required gold and went to the reptilian creature,

    took his reins and tied it tightly around the tail of one of the charcoal horses whom Skulvar who came out of the stable just a few

    minutes before said was name 'Midnight' and mounted up on the horse.


    She brought one horse at a time over to the companion-Ceralyne was given Ebony, the other charcoal horse and the elf and

    Argonian the two earthy colored horses. Once every was mounted properly, Tigress led the way back to the Rorikstead inn.

    Inigo gestured to the door and said they shouuld meet the companions outside so they can go to the camp,

    "Anyway, we should get going, my friend. One last thing before we go." He said getting up from his chair, "My friend, who you no

    doubt will get on famously with, is Xelzaz."


    Hasir thanked his feline friend for that information and both went outside to meet their companions. They stared in shock, not only

    at the elf, ka'po'tun and Argonian but also at the steeds they were riding. They told Inigo to mount up on Ebony while Hasir did not

    know how they got four horses and one Walwa ravager so quickly. Tigress turned in the saddle and told Hasir that Lillith said she

    found the steeds waiting near some abandoned tower." She glared at Inigo while she said this, "and brought them all back to the



    Inigo's forehead creased as he tried to discern whether Tigress was being serious or not,

    "Who me? I-I-I did not leave them there. I had no choice, where the Doomstrider took over my body..." 


    Tigress eyed bored in the khajiit's frantically darting ones and smirked,

    "Oh really? Well then, why couldn't you retrieve them after he left?" Her face beame contorted by a mixure of confusion and

    frustration, "you had alll the time in the world last night." Why didn't you get the horses at the tower and not make Lilith walk all

    that way by herself?"


    Inigo looked at her, lips pulled up and let loose a meancing snarl,

    "Why can't we just drop it, my friend? We are wasting time; time that Molag Bal and the doomstrider could use to kill nature and

    your kind all that much faster." Tigress was unsure of what the khajiit was infering. She shook her head in confusion, stating it as

    well. Inigo leant close to her, "My friend isn't it obvious, or are all your lot from Akavir as dumb as they look?" Tigress growled at

    this. Inigo felt somewhat awful for the apparent jab he had dealt to her psyche, but it quickly fell by the wayside, "Inigo what in

    Oblivion are you talking about?" Tigress asked. Inigo cleared his throat and said what he thought was swirling around in their mind,

    "My friend, I am of course talking about werewolves."

    Inigo led the way to the khajiit camp. They rode in silence; letting nothing but the steady drumbeat of hooves on cobblestone and

    the ocassional snorting of the horse and the low hiss of the Walwa ravager be heard. Inigo smiled as the khajiit camp came in view.

    He led the companions down the hill and dismounted at the camp. The four steeds came to a halt right beside Tigress.


    Tigress grinned widely at the khajiit either sitting on a tan mat in front of a tent or in the other indentical tan tents.

    "Has Ka'po'tun come to peruse our wares or does she have another reason to be here." The khajiit said, whom introduced himself to 

    be Ri'saad. Tigress shook her head, "Not exactly, erm, we are here becuase Inigo told us that he has a friend here that can aid us in

    our journey." A khajiit previously unseen by the the companion perked up at the name, "Did someone say Inigo?" A khajiit unglued

    himself from the wooden post and walked over to where Inigo stood, "Inigo, aren't you a sight for sore eyes? How've ya been?"


    Inigo beamed at his fellow khajiit and inquired as to why he chose to set up shop in Skyrim,

    "I'm fine, Kharjo." Inigo turned and introduced him to his companions. "Why did you chose here? I mean couldn't you've set up shop

    in Elsweyr?" Kharjo shook his head and said that the khajiits made fun of Kharjo to try to set up shop in a humid evironment. Kharjo

    told them that he argued that there were merchant stalls in Elsweyr that he could set up shop in. The other khajiit children drove

    him to come to Skyrim where he eventually met a feline girlfriend.


    Inigo nearly jumped out of her fur at this,

    "You have a girlfriend? What is her name? Where is she?"


    Kharjo laughed and called her over,

    "Ra'zhinda, I would like you to meet Inigo, Hasir, Ceralyne, Tigress and Mere-glim"


    Ra'zhinda greeted them all and turned to Inigo once more. The blue khajiit asked the black, white and brown-faced khajiit where his

    scaly friend was. Kharjo and Ra'zhinda walked claw in calw in front of Inigo, leading him between the tents to a third tent that sat at

    the back of the camp. The two khajiit left Inigo to go resumed whatever they had been previously donig.


    Inigo peered into the tent to find an Argonian wearing Telvanni robes tinkering with an alchemist set that he,, Inigo guessed, set up

    himself. Inigo walked into the tent and saw the Argonian experimenting with different ingredients, mixing them together and,

    occasionally, eating a few of them to determine what ingredients go best together. The Argonian spotted him and turned around, 

    "I was not expecting vistors and I prefer to continue my work in peace, so if you can please leave, that would be for the best, than



    Inigo took a backwards stepped toward the entrance but kept his eyes on the Argonian,

    "I can see you continue to try my patience. Very well, what do you want?" He asked, sounding very annoyed at being interrupted


     Inigo scratched the back of his neck, unsure how to put his thoughts into words,

    "I, er, I mean my companions and I, were wondering if you would assist us on a little journey we are undertaking."


    The Argonian iquired what the journey might be. Inigo said that they need a person to help them open a portal to get to another

    world so they can stop a great menace from his plans of destroying the world. Inigo saw the Argonian considering this and hastily

    added that would mean no more use for alchemy as the trees, plants and animal life will die.


    This got the Argonian's attention. He walked toward Inigo, clapping his friend on the shoulder. The Argonian grinned affectionately,

    "Hi, Inigo long time, no see, how've you been?" He said as he led Inigo outside

    Inigo said that he was doing great. He told him about everything that had transpired since the last time he had visited him in Port

    Telvannis. He told him that he had meet a new friend during his time in the riften jail.


    Xelzaz's brow furrowed,

    "You did not tell me you were in jail. What for?"


    Inigo blushed, ashamed of himself. He knew Xelzaz wouldn't judge him for it, so he pressed on,

    "I, erm, was in jail for, er..." He paused as he fumbled around in his brain for believable lie. Finding nothing of the sort, he decided

    upon the truth, "I was imprisoned for, er, trying to kill someone, unsuccessfully when I was on a thieves guild contract." 


    The Argonian thought about this and screwed his face up at the thought of an 'accidental' injury,

    "By the gods, that's terrible!" He said, disgusted, "You got locked up for that? B-but how did you escape?"


    Inigo's fur stood on end as a supernatural chill stole over him,

    "Escape? No, I did not escape, I was... freed by my scaly friend. I can introduce you, if you like." He said, smiling at Xelzaz


    Xelzaz grinned back and nodded. He followed Inigo past the unlit fire and the adjacent tent to the spot where Hasir, Tigress and

    Mere-Glim stood. Inigo introduced everyone and when he introduced Hasir, Xelzaz's eyes went wide as he shook Hasir's hand, 

    "I did not expect to see another Saxhleel here." He said, scratching his neck

    Hasir blushed as if he had a particularly embarassing secret found out,

    "Erm, thanks, so.. are you the friend Inigo told me about?"


    Xelzaz nodded amd asked Hasir what they should do next. The blue-eyed Argonian was about to speak but Inigo cut across him,

    "We are going to Glenmoril coven," Inigo creased his forehead in thought, "I think we should make a stop in Windhelm... to see

    what Affraji is up to." He added, seeing Hasir disapproving snarl. Hasir asked the smart blue cat why they should deviate from their

    intended goal. Inigo said that they are going to Windhelm for two reasons; the first was to inquire about Afffraji's death and the

    second was to see if Affraji knew how to reactivate the portal in the cave.


    The companions mounted up on their horses, Xelzaz having mounted up on a horse he brought with him. Xelzaz waved goodbye to

    the khajiits at the camp and and galloped after the Argonian, Ka'po'tun and high elf in the direction of windhelm. A little while on the

    roads found themselves all staring at a long stone bridge adjoining the snowy outskirts with the city of Windhelm. Hasir and his

    companions dismounted the steeds. The blue-eyed Argonian led the way down to the city docks.


    Everyone except Inigo got into the icy cold water and began to swim acroos; Hasir hung back and looked, disheartened, at Inigo,

    "Inigo... get in the water. By Hircine, you stubborn cat, what's stopping you?" He asked


    Inigo muttered something about not liking water. Hasir heard this and groaned. He knew Inigo's adversion to water, he did not need

    reminding. Frustrated, the Argonian grabbed the cringing khajiit and dragged him forcibly into the icy cold water. Hasir ignored the

    khajiit's frantic screams and followed the rest of the people swimming for the docks. Hasir got out of the water and did not shake off

    becuase those of his race use water to combat the brutal heat of their homeland. Inigo, however, shook the water off of his fur like a

    dog that just got out of the bath. 


    He sniggered as he witnessed the Argonian's soured expression as a torrent of water had just washed over him. He hissed painfully

    as Inigo punched him in the shoulder,

    "Sorry about that, my friend," He said, crestfallen, "my fleas dislike being covered in water." He said

    Hasir said not to worry about it and walked over to the ship. Upon walking up to the deck up the ship, he walked to the door in the

    back of the ship and pushed the door open. Once inside, the Argonian and khajiit walked down to the room, though Hasir didn't

    remember because he was unconscious at the time.



    Affraji looked up from her seat at the long table and smiled,

    "Hello, what are Hasir and Inigo doing here?" She said, scanning their eyes for answers, "Do they require her for something?"


    Hasir nodded and told her about the cavern at the rear of the Glenmoril witches' cave. He gestured for Inigo to finish telling Affraji

    what they wanted her to do.


    Affraji nodded and followed the two creatures out of the ship and back to the shore where his other companions stood. Hasir told

    them all about their objective. They nodded and got on their horses, Affraji on the back of Tigress' horse, hands around the

    Ka'po'tun's waist and galloped onward to the cave when they were waylaid by bandits upon arriving at a forsworn-style waypoint.


    An arrow whizzed past them as near the wooden ramp that led up to the hideout. A forsworn strode to the front and raised his hand

    for the other bandit to stop firing,

    "I have not seen your kind here before," He glared at the Argonians and khajiit, who growled in response. Inigo leapt from his horse,

    unsheathed his bow and readied an arrow, "Talk, now, unless of course you would like to test whether or not you can catch an

    arrow with your head." He said, pulling the drawstring further back

    The forsworn leader roared with laughter and ordered his archers to begin drawing their strings back,

    "You think you can kill me before I can send the order to my archers?" Inigo took the arrow and put it back into his quiver, "I

    thought so." He looked at Inigo's saddened expression, "Now, back to my previous question, what are you lot doing here?"


    Inigo was about to answer but Hasir waved him down and told the forswon bandit that they were just passing through and that they

    were on their way to a cavern around here. A bandit told him that he was going in the wrong direction, gesturing into the proper

    direction. Everyone but Inigo was satisfied with this and nocked an arrow and fired one after the other. The arrows whizzed through

    the air and toppled the bandit giving the directions. His limp body fell over the wooden rampart in front of Hasir. The second arrow

    blasted the bandit leader off his feet and pinned him to the opposite wooden wall; arrow jutting from his heart.


    One of the bandits drew an iron sword and ran at Inigo. The khajiit cllosed his eyes tight, fearing death would be close, and opened

    them. The khajiit's face contorted in fear as blood sprayed over his fur armor; the khajiit wondered if one of the bandits found his

    mark when he looked down,

    "By the gods!" He shrieked, "Mere-Gllim, Glim." He said, shaking the Argonian's body


    Mere-Glim opened his eyes and coughed blood, looking up at Inigo,

    "I'm sorry, Isaw the arrow coming for you and it just, reacted." Mere-Glim looked in Inigo's pumpish eyes with shone with tears,

    "Why are you sad my friend? It isn't bad is it?" Inigo wanted to lie and say it wasn't, that Glim would pull through but the words got

    caught in his throat. 


    He looked around and saw a cart rumbling up the cobblestone towards them,

    "Hello, can I help you guys get somewhere?" Bjorlam said, grinnng. He scanned the faces of the creatures standing there and

    frowned as he looked, from Inigo's tear-streaked face, to the unconscious Argonian, "What happened here? Have the local bandits

    been giving you trouble?"


    The khajiit asked the nord carriage driver if he could help him get the Unconsious argonian into the cart. Inigo, Ceralyne and Tigress

    sat in the back with Hasir and Mere-Glim. Tigress slid into the passenger's seat next to Bjorlam who took the reins of the horse.

    Bjorlam asked again where they were going,


    "Whiterun," said Hasir, "and better make it fast, my friend here is losing alot of blood, though I have no idea how he came to be like

    this. Hasir took the arrow out, carefully, and took cloth out of his bag while Inigo did the same; keeping pressure on the wound.

    The carriage continued up the road and made a turn and started towards the city. Hasir lent over to Inigo,

    "I've have the unfortunate pleasure of annoying Danica Purespring twice," He held up two clawed fingers, "the first time, I

    interrupted her when she was sleeping." He said, scanning the khajiit's face for any sign of worry. Seeing none, he pressed on, "The

    second time, I caught her during daytime hours." 


    The carriage jolted to a stop, nearly throwing Hasir and Inigo from their seats. Hasir, Inigo and the high elf hopped out after Tigress

    and Bjorlam, gave the nord the required gold and hoisted down the unconscious Argonian with Inigo's help. Hasir glanced around for

    a cart or some means to getting their scaly baggage inside the city. The argonian looked around as well and found a small wooden

    cart and wheeled the cart over to where Hasir was standing; Glim propped up like a board against the carriage.


    Both Ceralyne and Inigo helped Hasir place Glim into the cart and wheeled it towards the gate. Ceralyne pushed the doors open and

    they entered. Hasir wheeled the cart up to the temple and they stopped in front of the tree that he had heard about once before.

    Hasir asked the khajiit and high elf to take the muddy green argonian to the temple. They inquired as to what he was going to do.

    He told them that he did not want to witness the unconscious Argonian's possible last moments. In truth, though, he wanted to find

    out how far Molag Bal's plan had gone, if destroying the weather witch did the trick or if he has other workings set in place.  


     He sat on the bench near the tree and thought about how best to do this. His first thought was to go to Gallows Rock and inquire if

    any of the silveer hand members knew anything about the plan's progress, he quickly waved this thought away as it not only

    sounded preposterous but he would most likely be killed if he set foot in the stone fort much less ask the silver hand of their

    master's plan. Hasir sat there for a long while, tail curled up beside him, when a rather obscure thought occure to him: what if the

    Gildregreen were attached to the hist tree network somehow? He could find out the plan and find out if Glim had pulled through out

    not; knock out two cliffracers with one arrow. 


    The argonian got up from the bench, walked over to the tree and placed his hand upon it, nothing happened, he tried again, same

    result. He pulled he hand away disheartened,

    "Kynareth's winds must tried again and this time, it seems, Kynareth's winds blew in his favor as he saw into the minds of his

    ancestors-which was wierd considering thathave gone quiet, it seems." He said, cursing himself, "either that or I've lost her favor."


    He tried again and this time Kynareth's winds seemed to blow in his favor.  Rather than seeing into his acesotrs' minds a Hasir

    thought would happen, he saw something else. He saw a fort that he not been to before and saw the silver hand leader conversing

    with another silver hand member. 


    The silver hand member turned to a figure that Hasir could not see,

    "Doomstrider, someone has shut off the weather witch, what shall we do? If the people who did this catch wind of Molag Bal's plan

    then they will find a way to stop it and if this happens..." His voice tailed away and a black khajiit handd slappe him and said that his

    master does not take failure lightly. Hasir, hand still on the tree, pivoted this way and that to try to catch sight of the Doomstrider

    but he could not be seen no matter what the Argonian did.


    Moments later, there was no need for Hasir too see the Doomstrider and the same soulfire he had seen previously enveloped the

    poor nord and his blackened skeleton lay against the opposite wall. Hasir then saw the Doomstride walk into the middle of the room

    and started talking to Krev the Skinner and said something he could not hear. The hole closed up; the argonian let his hand fall to

    the side and slumped onto the bench.


    Hasir sat pondering what the Silver Hand leader had said that made the Doomstrider so happy when the door to the temple of

    Kynareth open. The argonian was concerned when he only saw Inigo and the high elf exit the temple. Hasir gazed up at the sky and

    saw that the sky had become black even though he remembered it being lighter when they arrived. IIInigo hugged Hasir and began



    Hasir put his hand under Inigo's chin, forcing it up to eye level,

    "So, I guess he... did not pull through?"


    Inigo wiped his eyes on a leath cloth the Argonian gave him and nodded,

    "My friend, Danica told me and Ceralyne that Glim had already lost so much blood... it was then that I knew he wasn't going to make

    it. My friend, I... I... am so sorry, even my fleas are crying."


    Ceralyne took the empty bit of bench beside Inigo and told both him and Hasir that they should be celebrating his life not mourning

    for his loss-even if it only serves to fuel the hatred for Molag Bal-she pointed to the large mead hall across the way,

    "We should go to the mead hall, we can celebrate Glim's life there. I spoke with the harbinger of the companions inside the temple,

    he stopped by to pay his respects, and told me that he needs you," She gestured to Hasir, "to go to his room for... something, I'm

    not sure what." Hasir inquired why Kodlak needs a word with him. The high elf shook her head but said that they-Tigress, Affraji,

    herself and Inigo-will meet him after he'd heard Kodlak out. 


    They all got up from the bench and Tigress and Ceralyne walked to the rear of the mead hall where the rest of her friends were

    waiting. Hasir sighed heavily, his tail tucked tightly between his legs as he made the slow trek up to jorrvaskr.