D.K.R Year 6 Alpha Part 6 Chasing Scaly Mist


    Ocheeva eyed him as a dog would look at its master when confused. Hasir got up and beckoned to her, 

    "The hunt for the black hand Argonian begins." Ocheeva stared at him, almost staring through him, "You and I killed several black

    hand members in self defense, but Shaleez and her underlings will not know that, come on." He said, smiling at Ocheeva. Hasir

    thought on this, knowing he knew nothing of the black hand; and so, essentially he was like a blind dog chasing its own tail. 


    Ocheeva said this was fair and followed Hasir through the door and to the not-so-well hidden secret exit. They ascended the long

    ladder, though the mist, grabbed the underside of the wooden grate and pushed it aside. Hasir miscalculated the distance as he

    fell with a thud to the ground; he looked up to find Ocheeva sitting on the well cover which she had put back into place, grinning at

    the fallen Argonian,

    "You could've told me I missstepped, what'sss wrong with you?" He hissed angrily, rubbing his sore backside


    Ocheeva sniggered behind her hands,

    "Sorry, I-I just couldn't resist." She said, falling onto the well cover, roaring with laughter


    Hasir scowled at this and quickly brushed this away with a quick shake of his head,

    "Ocheeva, ssstop this insstant. What do you know about Ssshaleez?"


    Ocheeva told him everything she knew about the silencer of the Black Hand and how she rose to the aforementioned rank in

    the organization,

    "Hasir, Shaleez is a well-known werewolf hater and hunter. Many years ago she attempted to join the Vigilants of Stendarr,

    commonly known for their hatred of anything supernatural and got rejected for her questionable interrogation and elimination

    techniques. The female Argonian then tried joining another anti-supernatural organization, the Silver Hand." 


    Ocheeva told Hasir that this organization was known primarily for being supporters of Molag Bal and equally well-known opponents

    of lycanthropy. Ocheeva went on to tell the male Argonian that Shaleez joined the dark brotherhood and quickly rose through the

    ranks. She also told him that the future Black Hand silencer accomphlished every task put to her and was granted the title of listener

    by Lucien Lachance himself. 


    Hasir was about to interrupt when Ocheeva silcenced him with an outstretch arm and proceeded to conclude her tale,

    "Shaleez was always a bright Argonian. I should know, I was the one who put in a good word for her with Lucien Lachance. I was the

    one who bade her entry into the Black Hand organization." She turned away from him, sobbing behind her hands, "I erect the spine

    of apology, I am so ashamed of myself, eggkin." She said, sobbing behind her hands.


    Hasir asked her about Lucien Lachance and told her that that should be a good thing. She shook her head glumly,

    "It's a good thing you killed Lucien Lachance though, otherwise he could've taken in another murderer, perhaps even a vampire

    slayer this time and he would've killed Vicente instead of me." He said grinning.  


    She got up; her eyes bore into the Argonian's blue eyes,

    "Well, Hircine forgive me if I don't burst out laughing." She snapped, "But did you not forgot it was I who killed one-sixth of the

    Black Hand? Hircine damn Vicente, do you not listen grandson?" She said, her voice steadily rising to a shout, "Shaleez saw me kill a

    high ranking member of the Black Hand. Hircine help me... she will have my head before long." She said, slumping down onto the

    wooden grate.


    Hasir put a loving arm around Ocheeva; she shrugged this off as she had one thought on her nervous mind: Shaleez eating a healthy

    serving of garlic hagfish and drinking a tankard of mud nectar, an Argonian wine made from rice and seaweed. Ocheeva's severed

    head sitting on a silver platter near the edge of the wooden table in her Lilmothian home.


    The Argonian turned to his grandmother and saw her face streaked with tears. She was also shaking violently. Hasir grabbed the

    elderly Argonian's hands in his own and smiled reassuringly at her. She wiped her tears on the arm of the red and black jumpsuit she



    Hasir placed a clawed finger under Ocheeva's chin,

    "Grandmother,  I'll hunt down Shaleez... By Hircine, I'll kill the entire Black Hand if I need to, just to keep you safe." He pulled

    Ocheeva close to his chest, forcing her to look up at him, "I will go to Oblivion and beyond to keep you safe... you know that." He

    said as he wiped a tear from her eye.