D.K.R Year 6 Alpha Part 5 Expulsion


    Hasir's unconscious mind lay black for the longest time, and then light blossomed into his mind; along with an endless field of green

    with a pond at the very end of the field. Hasir felll onto the field, face first. he got up, groaning as he did so and saw that he fell

    before a stone base. His gasped as he beheld a great stone effigy of Hircine along with one of his loyal hounds. This one, however

    was larger than even the largest Tamrielic wolves he had turned his children into in order to protect them from Molag Bal's wrath. 


    The Argonian gazed in amazement at the statue and bowed his head as if in prayer,

    "Wolflord, I need your guidance, my grandmother, Ocheeva, I don't know what has happened to her." He said, almost on the verge of

    tears. "Pleasse help me, I cannot bear to stand by and do nothing. If Ocheeva dies, I'll never forgive myself."


    Hasir turned as he heard rustling in the grass behind him. He hissed a sigh as it was just a rabbit grazing in the grass. The Argonian

    could also hear a bear roaring amogst the trees a few mile away. Hasir could also hear the displacement pf leaves and earth as the

    wolf sped ever onward towards its prey, claws scraped at the tree bark of the forest that lay to the northwest of the field where he

    now stood. 


    He could hearing the wolf getting closer and closer; his ears also picked up some other, more fluid movement as well; as the huge

    amber-eyed brown bear emerged from the forest, a orange furred khajiit clothed in maroon trousers, black boots and a green shirt

    came from behind it and followed the bear over to the hare which the bear proceeded to feast upon. 


    The khajiit patted the gigantic bear as it proceeded to bat the hare between it's massive paws causing red liquid upwards like a

    crimson water fountain as the poor creature was quickly torn apart. Vajhira tore her eyes away from the grotesque scene and smiled

    at Hasir who smiled and waved at her; although he cursed himself for being stupid.


    Hasir crossed the few feet between him and the amber khajiit,

    "I'm Hasir and you are?" He asked, eyes sparkliing as he fixed his gaze on the khajiit


    The khajiit looked up and smiled,

    "Hasir, nice to meet you, I'm Vajhira." She said kindly. The Argonian looked at the bear questioningly and asked who that was,

    Vajhira explained that that was one of her lord's aspects.


    Hasir goggled at her,

    "One of his what?" Hasir said, gaping stupidly at her


    Vajhira laughed at this, "One of his aspects, they are, erm, think of them as different parts of a whole daedric lord...er, Hircine to

    be specific." She said, matter of factly, "I don't know if other daedric princes have them." 


    Hasir asked her where exactly her lord was because he needed to ask him a few questions. Vajhira shook her head, sighed and told

    him abruptly that he did not use his eyes properly. She walked toward him, took his claw, led him over to the bear and told him he

    had to look harder to find the answer that he sought. 


    Hasir squinted as hard as he could but could not see anything but the huge bear. Vajhira moved between him and the bear

    "You must find the answer deep inside yourself, think of the wolflord and he will appear." She said, sweetly. Hasir did not know what

    she meant but he tried visualizing the wolflord in his head. The Argonian screwed his face up in thought, trying to snatch an

    acceptable image of Hircine from the endless sea of thoughts that flowed through his mind.


    After minutes of trial and error, Hasir finally had an image of Hircine plucked from the very moment he saw him last. Vajhira asked

    him if he had an image, Hasir nodded firmly,

    "All you have to do, Hasir, is focus on the image and slowly the bear in front of you will begin to mirror that image."


    Hasir was about to ask her how she knew this but the bear did seem to morph into another being. The bear rose on its hind paws.

    The Argonian those he was going to turn into the daedric prince but he merely stepped out from behind the great bear. Hasir's jaw

    hit the floor; he had thought the bear would turn into Hircine, seeing him step out from behind the beast was a bit underhanded

    on Valhira's part. She should've told him the wolflord was hiding behind the bear.


    Valhira gawked at Hasir and clutched at her sides she was laughing so much,

    "Hasir you idiot, I only said those things because I thought they would be funny, I didn't expect you to do it." She said, rolling in the

    grass. Hircine swiftly reprimanded her and told her that he was summoned for a reason and asked Hasir if this was true."


    Hasir smiled broady, tail uncoiling behind him like a snake,

    "I prayed to you because my grandmother contracted Lycanthrophy not too long ago and... well, the wolf has apparently taken over."

    Hircine looked at him with a thoughtful expression on his face, "My question is... can that happen? can the wolf taken over a body so

    completely that they lose all sense of self and their main thought is feeding the beast no matter the cost?"


    Hircine pondered on this for a while before speaking,

    "Listen well hunter, if a predator is kept in the cage for too long without a chance to hunt for prey, the beast will take over, locking

    the hunter in the cage instead." Hircine looked at Hasir like someone who had to tell its offspring that their guardian is dying.


    "That's bad, I take it." Hasir said miserably


    Hircine looked at the Argonian with glum recognition on his face,

    "Hunter, you must go, find the hunter who is suffering from this and find a way to turn the tables on the beast before its too late."


    Hasir got up from the tree stump he sat on and wanted to ask Hircine something else when the realm became shrouded in thick

    mist; the next thing Hasir knew he was laying on the floor, sweating profusely. 


    He glanced over to Ocheeav, asleep by the corner table and he was relieved to see no indication of the wolf on Ocheeva's face or her

    body; in fact, she seemed quite content, as if the events of the previous night were just a bad dream. He got up, stretched every

    inch of his body and went over to her and gently shook her, 

    "Ocheeva, hey, Ocheeva." He whispered as he shook her, "Do you know who those people were?" She did not respond but went on

    sleeping, he slapped her, this did not work; he smiled cunningly as he eyed the silver cutlery and containers on the corner table that

    stood near stack of boxes near the farthest round hay bale.


    The Argonian shouted loudly as he hurled several decanters, mugs, tankards and plates toward the sleeping Argonian. The objects

    pelted Ocheeva with the force of speeding arrows. The sleeeping Argonian's eyes flew open, arms flung up to protect every bit of

    her body as the flying objects continued their assault. Ocheeva reacted with the speed of a much younger Argonian as she dodged

    the incoming missiles, going so far as to catch a decanter that was an inch away from her face; she flung it hard as she could toward

    Hasir who hid behind the wooden chair nearest to him. He flinched as the object crashed into the chair. 


    Haisr looked at her, panic iin his eyes as he told her that now was not the time for anger,

    "Ocheeva, I know you are mad at me and you have a right to be but we have to find out why the black hand saw fit to expel you

    from the guild."