D.K.R Year 4 Gamma Part 7 Expect The Unexpected

  • Otis Luran smiled as he watched the Argonian and orc go through the door behind him and went down to the undercroft. Without

    purpose, the forlorn dunmer sat in one of the empty benches; head in his hands, looking at the floor. The Imperial went through the

    door that Hasir did with the orc albeit in a completely different direction. The dunmer got up from the bench, not wanting to dwell

    on the fact that his honor had been tarished by the Argonian, who had disappeared into the door the Imperial had done a few

    minutes before. 


    When the Argonian finally got to the undercroft proper with the orc, he stopped in front of one of the coffins that lined the wall,

    almost knocking the Orc over. Orag ignored this and ordered Hasir to sit on a bit of rubble that littered the floor as the Orc taught

    the Argonian his craft,

    "I don't suppose I got your name." He said, eyebrow raised.


    Hasir told him his name and shook the Orc's large hand, "good, Hasir," Orag nodded, "well, the reason, I expect, you are here is

    because you want to cure your guild leader, is this correct?" He asked, leaning closer to Hasir. The Argonian nodded; getting up from

    his seat and striding closer to the orc. The orc had stood up, turned away from the confused Argonian, muttering to himself. Hasir

    felt a perculiar warm sensation, quite unlike the cold air which had enveloped him. Hasir did not know what caused the sensation

    until he saw a tiny, glowing ball of yellowish energy floating a few inches above his hand.


    Orag turned around to see Hasir pointing a claw finger at his upturned right palm and wore a shocked expession,

    "What in Oblivion is that!?" He asked, shocked


    The orc smiled at him; avering his mind's eye from his hand, making the spell diminish,

    "That, my scaly fellow, is a spell the can heal the most common wounds that someone might sustain on Tamriel." He strode

    concerened toward the Argonian conjuring the spell again, "but what you need to heal a person with wounds a common healing spell

    cannot, this... will be your best bet." He said, gesturing to the spell swirling inches above his hand, "this is a spell that can effectively

    healing even the most grievous of wounds." 


    Over the next few minutes, Orag Gra-Bargol told Hasir how to conjure the large, transluscent ball that the orc had done minutes

    before, Orag walked around Hasir like he was a wolf berated by the rest of the pack for not being a good hunter. The orc furrowed

    his brow and frowned as he witnessed the Argonian constantly attempting and failing to cast the spell. After several minutes, a faint

    glow enveloped Hasir's clawed hand, making the orc jumped off of the ledge he had sat on and clapped Hasir on the shoulder,

    "Good job, it took me long hours of trail and error before I got the hang of the spell" He said, smiling at Hasir, even though I had

    numerous hours with the restoration tome." hearing this, Hasir sniggered, earning him a fertive glance from the orc.


    Orag-gra Burgol shook this off as he walked past Hasir giving him a slight push in the direction of the door. Haasir gave a slight snarl

    signalling his urge to stay longer and learn more restoration spells. The orc shook his head and ushered the Argonian to get back to

    the mages guild and see that the Argonian guild leaer was alright. Hasir shrugged as he walked up the stone steps that seperated

    the undercroft with the chapel's main section.


    Hasir found his way back to the mages guild. Once over the threshold, he stood rooted to the spot, a confused look on his face. A

    breton dressed in blue robe with yellow symbols was looking at him rather gloweringly; next to him was... Hasir wore a quizzical

    expression on his face,

    "Teekeus? B-but how? I thought you had died." He said, eyes downcast, "I was sure you died, so how did you heal yourself, I felt

    your pulse, it was very weak, how-?"


    Teekeus held up a scaly hand, silencing him and introduced the high-ranking breton, 

    "I will answer those questions later," He said, shaking her head to clear it, "anyway, Hasir, this is Hannibal Traven the head of the

    mages council and currently the archmage at the Arcane University."


    Hasir screwed his face up in confusion as he tried to imagine a council of old guys telling the mages guild what to do,

    "Hannibal, erm, what exactly is the mage's council?" Hasir asked


    The Archmage walked closer to him and pulled a chair from a desk in the corner and sat down in it, looking scornful, folding his

    hands into a giant fist in his lap, 

    "So I heard you killed a fellow guild member and attacked a mage guild leader of the branch here in Chorrol." He said, eying Hasir

    who starting perspirating. Hasir opened his mouth to say that the wood elf had deserved what fate he had got but Traven held out a

    hand, silencing him, "Your discretion will be reviewed by the council and we'll see if you will stay in the guild or not. If I recieve word

    of further misdeeds, I will have no choice but to act on my promise." He spread his arms and frowned, "If you, however, ride out the

    storm without any further abrupt misdirection, then the council will overlook everything. He turned away from Hasir and muttered,

    but that is not say we will just as easily ignore your past discretions."


    After this extremely unexpected exchange, Traven got up from his chair, strode to the center of the room and conjured a blue portal

    with an archway of broken magical stones floating just inches above and around the portal. Traven turned, smiled at Hasir, said he

    wishes the Argonian will heed his words, turned and stepped through the portal, the protal closing shortly behind him. Hasir just

    stood there, mouth agape as his mind tried to wrap itself around what had just happened.


    Teekeus stood where the portal was standing seconds before and smirked amusedly at the dumbfounded Argonian,

    "Hasir, close your mouth, you're letting fleshflies in." He said, chuckling to himself


    Hasir did as he was asked; he strode over to Teekeus, gesturing to the portal with one black clawed finger,

    "What was that?" Hasir asked, eying where the portal was curiously, "Teekeus? Do you know where it goes?"


    Teekeus heard him, but she stared past him at the wall above the front door,

    "I know where it goes but this cannot be good." She said bleakly, "having a mage council member appear never is; just watch your

    tail from now on."


    Hasir waved a hand vaguely in his direction and hissed in annoyance,

    "Hssss... I'll be fine. Stop sounding like my mother would you?" He shot back at the mage guild leader, "I don't much like being

    treated like a defenseless hatchling." 


    Teekeus flapped her arms to try to calm the enraged Argonian down,

    "Calm down fellow Saxhleel, I erect the spines of sadness and apology, is that not enough for you?" She asked


    Hasir took a deep breath to calm himself down,

    "Your right, marsh friend, I'm sorry for my rude behavior." He said, sullenly


    He walked out the door and sat on the front step, eyes sliding down to focus on four small, loose pebbles on the cobblestone.

    Teekeus appeared behind him, sat down next to him and put his hand on the forlorn Argonian's shouder,

    "Hasir, I... er, I'm sorry how I lost my cool back there but having a member of the mage's council show himself rarely is a good



    Hasir nodded, still looking at the ground, got up and started walking to the east gate of the city. Teekeus looked at him bewildered,

    "What's your hurry?  He asked, "I thought we might sit and talk because, well, it's been a long time since one of my kind walked into



    Hasir looked at him and smirked,

    "oh, right like you haven't seen any other Argonian in Chorrol." He said sarcastically, He sat down on the step and turned to Teekeus,

    "just wondering, but, er, how did you survive the lightning blast?" He asked, bewildered


    Teekeus punched him softly in the arm  causing him to cry out. He was shocked that Hasir, being an Argonian himself, had not

    studied the physiology of his own race. He told Hasir that the lizardfolk of Tamriel is able to heal themselves faster than any other

    race on Tamriel, healing a near fatal wound in seconds, whereas the same fatal wound for another race could take months to heal

    provided they don't die from it


    Hasir thanked Teekeus for the insight into the Argonian physiology and went to the east gate, informing the doleful looking Argonian

    behind him that he had some things to take care of and that he would be back, hopefully.