C.O.T.W Chapter 64: Lame Wolf Revisited



    Hasir stirred and opened his eyes; Inigo gasped with delight as his tail danced happily behind him. Danica turned, saw his expression

    and laughed,

    "Inigo, calm down" Danica said  "...and stop chasing your damn tail for divines sake!" She yelled


    Inigo turned beet red as he absentmindedly scratched his furry head,

    "Sorry Danica, I… er, did not mean for you to see that. It is just… I am happy that my friend is awake." He said 


    Danica stood up and walked over to Khash, or more accurately, her wolf form, to Affraji to check on her nose. Danica removed the

    leather strips and felt her nose to see if the fracture healed after she had set it back into position; she smiled as the newly healed

    bone felt strong as it had done before the break. She smiled and told Affraji she was free to go.

    Hasir groaned as he pushed himself into a sitting position with his good hand, he glanced over at Inigo and smiled weakly,

    "Hey Inigo, this looks familar, doesn't it?" He said, pointing to his arm length leather cast in the sling. "I just can't seem to stay away

    from dangerous situations." He said, sniggering.


    Ingo glared at Hasir and simultaneously groan and shook his head is dissapointment,

    "My friend, I was not there when you did it before," He said, groaning, "How can I weigh in on something I was not present for?" 


    Hasir chuckled and slid his hand down his face in dissapointment,

    "Wings of Kynareth, you can be dumb as kwama dung sometimes." He muttered under his breath


    Hasir got to his feet and looked at his arm as it hung limply in front of him only supported by the sling. He did not want to tell Inigo

    this, or khash, if she ever retained her reptilian form again, but he liked playing the wounded animal; he did not know why this was,

    but he guessed he loved the attention. The doors of the temple banged open and in strode the harbinger and the maid, Tilma; they

    were supporting an unconscious form between them.


    They talked in hushed whispers as they moved the unconscious figure over to the stone bed nearest the western wall, 

    "Kodlak, how did this happen?" Tilma whispered to the harbinger, her features hardened


    The harbinger shook his head, his features equally graven,

    "I have no idea Tilma, but I do know this: Hircine damn whomever it is." Kodlak and the Harbinger let the nord's body fall with a

    thump onto the bed.


    Kodlak told Tilma he will remain behind, she nodded and returned to Jorrvaskr, Hasir moved over to the far end bed and gasped; On

    the bed lay Rakel who had a large diagonal cut on the left side of her neck spanning from her ear to her mouth. Danica walked up

    beside him and the harbinger and asked him what caused the scratch.


    Kodlak fixed her with his trademark owlish stare and sighed,

    "We don't really know, erm..." He tailed off impressively but returned at full strength as he found his voice again, "I smelled the

    strong scent of silver on her body. The silver scratch forced my wolf side to go into overdrive. I had to bury the beast under my

    higher mind, lock him in his cage."


    Danica stared at him and raised an earbrow in indignation,

    "I was talking about Rakel, don't try to make this about yourself."

    Hasir slowly looked up, tears streaming from his eyes like sap from a hist tree. Danica looked over to him,

    "Hasir, are you ok?" She glanced over to the nord on the slab and back at Hasir and saw the hurt and anger reflected in his eyes; she

    had no idea that he really cared for her. Hasir jumped in fright as he saw Danica looking at him gravely.


    Hasir looked at her confused,

    "What? Did I do something wrong?"


    Danica shook her head and sighed,

    "No, Hasir, you did nothing wrong, I just didn't realize you had feelings for her."


    Hasir blushed. He did not want to tell her that he did indeed have feelings for her. Hasir glanced over toward the west wall of the

    temple and saw the black wolf. It let out small pitiful yelps that turned into cries of pain. Hasir heard this and rushed over to help

    her. The Argonian cautiously approached as he had heard the harbinger talking about it with Danica. He, hovewer, thought he knew

    better and walked over to Khash. Khash is my egg-sibling she would never attack me he thought chuckling.


    Hasir stode over to the stone table where Khash struggled to her feet and felt a huge spasm go up her back; She shivered as she

    tried again to stand but even in her Argonian form, the wolf held her mind captive. The wolf gazed out through her eyes and picked

    up a odiferous scent on the air. Khash got down on all fours and began following the scent. Hasir eyed her with confusion; Why on

    Nirn is she acting so wierd? The Argonian did not know what to think; Hid face became an expressionless mask, then realization

    dawned on him. He froze, eyes darting this way and that. 


    He waved his hand in front of Khash's face but the feral Argonian did not register that this was a friend, not food. He did not see any

    other alternative; he had to utilize his dragonknight skills. The green scaled wolf snarled and leapt at Hasir; he reacted by casting a

    spell that summoned three molten rocks swirled about him and, once after another, were flung at the wolf inside an Argonian body;

    Hasir gawked at her as her body flitted between the three rocks as they smashed into the altar behind her, eveloping it in flames.

    Inigo came up behind him and, bellowing like an angry Wamasu, ran at the wolfish Argonian bow drawn and fired. The arrow

    whizzed through the air and hit the mad Argonian square between the eyes; Hasir gaped as the Argonian dropped to the ground like

    a sack of rocks. Hasir glared angrily at the smug Khajiit and slapped him in the back of his head,

    "Inigo, why in Oblivion did you do that, she did nothing to you... Hsss!" Hasir hissed in shocked ferocity


    Inigo laughed this whole thing off as if this was one big joke. Hasir looked stone-face, staring at the broken Argonian corspe laying

    on the floor. Hasir stromed out and forcefully punched him in the shoulder, gesturing to the fallen Argonian; Inigo sniggered in his

    hands like he knew something that the livid Argonian didn't.


    Hasir spun Inigo to face him and shook him lightly,

    "You stupid Khajiit you know something, tell me dammit!" Hasir said, looking intensely at the khajiit


    Inigo tried to turn and ran to the western stone altar but Hasir grabbed his furred arm with his hand and held him so tight that he

    claws dug into his arm, causing Inigo to cry out. Hasir laughed maniacally,

    "Funny, for a counselor you are really adept at running from your problems." He said, trying to keep his wolf at bay 


    Inigo wriggled like a kwama forager trying to dig for grubs. Despite his constant thrashing and protests, Hasir still clung on; The blue

    khajiit sighed while his tail hung limp behind him, he knew he had to come clean. The khajiit told the Argonian that the arrow was an

    arrow with a spectral blue tip that was coated with the smallest trace of wolfsbane. It was meant to impale the wolf to give Danica

    and whoever else enough time to find a cure for this 'advanced lycanthropy.'

    Hasir's gripp slackened as his tail resumed it's swaying. A twinge of pain traveled up his spine; he gritted his teeth, Inigo's eyes


    "Are you okay, my friend? You are white as a ghost." He said. Hasir nodded even though the smart blue cat could clearly see beads

    of sweat dancing on his forehead. He offered Hasir his arm., "Let's get you to the potions mistress, I am certain she has a potion

    both for you and that scaly wolf over there." He said, jerking his head at the spralwed out form of Khash. Hasir looked at the blue

    arms as if it might cause him intense burns if touched; he shook this thought off and took it anyway. Together they walked out of the



    Hasir had to squint because of how blindingly bright the sun was. Inigo, on the other hand did not seem to have a problem with the

    sun's increased light volume. The Argonian waited for his eyes to adjust and walked with the khajiit down the stairs to the Arcadia's

    Cauldron; Inigo ground to a halt at the bottom step.


    The Argonian looked at him with extreme annoyance,

    "Er... Inigo, why did we stop? We still have thirty feet to go." Hasir pushed the khajii onward but he would not budge, He threw out a

    bunch of Jel obscenties but still the khajiit did not move; either because he was seeing something Hasir could not or because the

    khajiit did not understand Jel. Hasir did not know which was closer to the truth. He craned his neck to see if he could get a better

    view; each merchant's stall had a line of people extending outwards from each of the stalls in all four compass directions.. But why

    today? It was not a holiday, at least not one that Hasir was aware of.


    It was indeed a holiday, one Hasir and Inigo did not even hear about,

    "Inigo, why do the merchants have signs tacked to their stalls reading 'half off?" He asked bewildered

    Inigo shrugged and shook his head. Hasir nodded slowly as the answer revealed itself; he kicked himself for not glacing skyward

    before he asked his question. Stretching from the top of the general good store to the top edge of the local tavern was a white

    banner with red lettering reading 'happy merchant's day, every mercantile item half off. In front of each stall and shop were two

    tables draped with Purple tableclothes; on each were items that each stall sold that were marked off: Fruits and vegetables

    from Carlotta's stall, fresh meat wrapped in white paper from Anoriath, the wood elf hunter, Jewelry from Fralia Gray-mane's stall,

    potions from Arcadia's Cauldron and various alcoholic beverages from The Bannered Mare. 


    The myriad of scents drove Hasir's wolf wild. He had to take several breaths to calm his mind down and force his wolf back into it's

    cage. He thouht he would later do some browsing to see if he would like to purchase anything; he had to force his mind to stay on

    task as he walked over to the two adjoined tables under a light purple canopy and started looking through the potions to find the

    healing potion he needed; he also sought Arcaida's advice on whatever Khash's condition was. He saw Arcadia shuffling around

    behind the stall checking on her discounted inventory and replenishing others if her current stock of that potion was low.


    Hasir walked up to the stall closely followed by Inigo and tapped a clawed finger on the table looking thoughtful,

    "Welcome to my stall, feel free to broswe my stock and if you have questions don't hesitate to ask."  She said


    Hasir sighed and said he did have a question. Arcadia leant towards him and said she was all ears, 

    "Arcadia, er, I do have a question, two actually, he held up two clawed fingers on his good hand; one, do you have a ptoion that can

    heal a broken tail?" He put one finger down on the table, "second question, have you heard of anyone having a condition known as

    'advanced lycanthropy'?" The second finger joined the first on the table.


    Danica rummaged through her stock and frowned,

    "I had a potion of hist sap but I sold it, sorry about that." She said, throughly upset, "I can brew another one if you'd like."


    The Argonian shook his head,

    "No need, I'm sure Danica has plenty left over."


    Arcadia looked at him wearily,

    "How do you know who I sold it to?" She asked


    Hasir let out a soft hiss that summed up his slight infuriation,

    "That doesn't matter." He said. He took a deep breath to calm himself down, "do you know what 'advanced lycanthropy' is? I mean,

    do you have a book her about it or any idea how to cure it?"

    She shook her head, letting her brown hair obscure her features,

    "I don't know what that is nor do I have a book that explains the disease." Again, Hasir hissed in defeat. He thumped his tail on the

    cobblestones, causing him to almost fall over; Hasir grimaced in pain while his claws tore into the tablecloth in an attempt to keep

    his balance. The potions mistress gasped and ran over to help him; he put a hand up and he said he was fine.


    She could see the tension etched into his face as he tried to hold back the tears of pain,

    "Hasir, erm, I can see you are in pain and I will try to help you. I know of a shack not to far from here that may have a copy of the

    book you are looking for." Hasir's brow furrowed; He asked Arcadia who the shack belonged to. She said, much to Hasir's dismay,

    that the shack belonged to a daedric worshipper known as Anise.


    Hasir gaped at her, he couldn't believe Anise would be behind Khash's condition, even Inigo's fur stood on end when he heard this.

    He thanked Arcadia for her insight into the location of the book that might save Khash's life. Hasir walked toward the cite gate

    followed by Inigo and pushed the gate open and walked out into the sunlight drenched cobblestone road that snaked down to the



    When they reached the stable Hasir mounted up on his steed and Inigo mounted up on the horse in the stall to his left. Hasir was

    about to head out when a disgruntled Skulvar. He ran at Inigo and forced the khajiit off of the horse, glowering at him. Inigo backed

    up a few steps as he swung at him. Inigo dodged this which sent the angry man forward into the the wooden wall, causing cracks to

    siderweb outward from the impact site where his fist hit the wood. Ingo rounded on him,


    "You idiot, why did you do that?" His asked Inquisitively


    Skulvar scratched he head as if he did not understand what this skooma addict was saying,

    "You fucking addict! Don't you know you need to 'pay' for that horse?" He asked sardonically


    Inigo looked taken aback by the apparent dig at his past,

    "Skooma addict? I am offended that you think of me that way." Inigo said, crossing his arms in front of him

    Skulvar scoffed at him, forcing Inigo's eyes to glow bright orange,

    "If you are not that, then you could be a bandit." This really sent Inigo over the edge; he tackled the nord to the ground, claws flying

    in a flurry of rage. The blue cat bellowed with rage and clawed at him; the nord squealed in fright as his threw his arms up

    protecting his face from the khajiit's hands of fury. He screamed in pain as he felt the furious cat's claws tear into him like a

    thanksgiving dinner.


    Hasir ran in between the nord and khajiit and wretched them apart, he glared at one and the other as he held them two arms' length


    "Inigo, give this man an apology, right now!" He told the khajiit as if he were an isolent child in need of correction


    Inigo started to argue but Hasir shot him a looked that turned the khajiit's fur white. In the end, he held Skulvar up and apologized,

    "Sorry about that, how much is the, er, price for the horse?" He asked with a smile that he hoped was sincere. The stablehand said

    the pricce and Inigo pulled out a coin purse from his tiny armor pouch and handed it over; the nord frowned, unties the knot and

    tipped the five coins into his outstretched hand, he smiled and nodded as he pocketed the five hundred septims, "That will do nicely,

    all is forgiven khajiit, may Kynareth guide you with favorable winds." Inigo returned the stablehand's kind smile, mounted his steed

    and trotted away from the stable at Hashire's side. 


    The Khajiit, Argonian and their steed were on the plains of whiterun by midday. Inigo glaced over at his scaly firend,

    "Hasir, do you know where we are going?" He asked, holding the reins as his head trotted at a steady pace beside Hashire. Hasir

    nodded and turned his own steed east along the whitefish river. Inigo tried to made his horse obey him but the horse snorted in

    disgust and reared up and bucked Inigo off. Hasir had to hold in a laughed as he watced the blue khajiit arched gracefully through

    the air, his fur contrasted by the bright blue sky, and splashed down face first into the river; the excess water splashed onto the



    He coulld not hold it in any longer and the Argonian laughed as the blue khajiit got up and trudged over to him sopping

    wet. He stared at the gaffawing Argonian  and shook his head like a wet dog; waters sprinkles peppered Hasir's scales. Hasir looked

    like he had just gotten out of a pond. Inigo fell onto his back clutching his stomach and he rolled this way and that laughing at how

    wet his reptilian friend looked. The Argonian got back onto his horse and instructed his feline friend to do the same. They sped off

    toward the cabin that lay a few miles to the north.  

    It was almost sundown when the horses reached the shack that had a few wooden roof tiles missing and a small garden to the right

    of the cabin. Hasir dismounted without a problem; Inigo, on the other hand, become entangled in his rein when he tried to dismount,

    tthey wrapped around his tail like a snake. Hasir giggled as he walked over and disentagled the khajiit from the leathery serpent.

    Inigo fell headfirst onto an upthrust of rock that poked out from the grassy land like a finger through a holey shirt.  He yelped in pain

    as he bounced painfully of the rock and lay spread-eagled in the grass.


    Hasir held his hand in such a way that Inigo did not see his laughter,

    "I thought khajiit always landed on their feet." He said sniggering


    Inigo glared at him while he rubbed his sore head. He could not belive the Argonian could be so useless,

    "You could have caught me instead of being an asshole. Think with your head next time, yeah?" Hasir did not answer, or help Inigo

    to his feet


    Inigo scrambled to his feet and asked Hasir what was next. Hasir whispered their plan to him so they would not be overheard. When

    Hasir finished, Inigo nodded and went into the cabin, crouching so as to not cause any suspicion; The moon provided the perfect

    cover as Inigo crept to the bookshelf on the wall at the rear of the cabin. Inigo stood up and sidled along the wall, pressing himself

    to the wood to prevent unwanted attenion being drawn to himself. He looked up and his eyes went wide: There amongst books with

    different colored bindings with equally as different subjects, (alchemy and various schools of magic), was a book with a muddy

    brown cover with advanced lycanthropy in sky blue lettering down the book's spine. 


    Inigo moved closer to the bookshelf and tripped over something. He looked down to see a latch of a trapdoor half concealed by a

    treadbare brown and white wavy patterned rug. He had to make a mental note to check on that later and strode over to the

    bookshelf and removed the book. He walked over to the trapdoor, turned up the rug and reached for the latch and pulled it up; it

    resisted his various attempts. His pumpkin eyes narrowed and his tail twitched angrily; he stood up with book in hand and walked

    out of the shack. 


    Hasir craned his neck toward Inigo and smiled; his tail twiching impatiently,

    "Did you find anything interesting?" He asked


    Inigo looked at him scoked,

    "Yes I did, I found this book." He said, ginning broadly while his tail swayed behind him


    He gave the book Argonian whose eyes roamed across the title: Advanced Lycanthropy; His eyes buggeed out when he read the

    name of the author,

    "Wait, Krev the Skinner wrote this!?" He said shocked


    Inigo shrugged; his mind was currently on something else. He pulled Hasir aside and told him about the light brown trapdoor that

    he tripped over on his way to the bookshelf where he found the book. Hasir furrowed his brow as he tried to envision Inigo ragdolling

    clumsily over a half hidden trapdoor, he chuckled. He followed as Inigo led the way into the cabin and poiinted out the trapdoor in

    the middle of the cabin floor, The Argonian nodded and removeed the rug from the trapdoor and opened it. 

    Hasir descended the ladder into a small cavernous area lit only by goat horn candles lining the walls, He heard a scream that became

    steadily louder as someone descended like a speeding arrow into the dark; Hasir glanced upwards a moment too late, Inigo fell on

    Hasir's already broken tail. He hissed and pushed the clumsy khajiit off of him and, as a pair, they walked through the small cavern.

    Hasir held out a hand as he picked up a strange smell and saw someone a few feet ahead,

    "Inigo hide, I'll take care of this." The khajiit nodded and hid in between three barrels at the area were Inigo climbed, er, fell down

    the opening. 


    Hasir tried to clear his mind and focus on the putrid scent as he rounded a stone wall. He froze as he heard the figure speak,

    "With these ingredients mixed together, I will have a potion that if drunk will give Molag Bal the souls he requires." Hasir crept up

    to her, held the bow wih his unbroken arm, pulled the bow back with his shoulder, nocked the arrow and fired; the withered woman

    rounded on him and purple light hit Inigo, who had ran at her. Hasir covered his mouth with his hands to muffle a scream; he looked

    on in horror as he friend was being ripped apart, well, his corporeal form anyway. It seemed to float on the air and swirl in the air

    like a whirling top.


    Hasir threw the bow aside, balled his hands in fists and ran at the elderly woman who had finished absorbing Inigo's essence into her

    staff and turned on him, smiling wickedly,

    "Argonian, was that Khajiit you friend? Well now you can be reunited." She grinned wider and let out an evil cackle and she

    trained her staff on him. He dodged the purple beam as it smashed into the rock wall, blasting a hole into it.


    He ran at the witch again as he yelled like a raging bull that had seen red; he drew the drawstring back and fired, the arrow sped

    toward her; she snapped the arrow like a twig with one swipe of her free hand. He became enraged and conjures the flame whip into

    his hand when he had put the bow away. The eldery woman, Anise, saw this and conjure a giant forst atronach that strided at Hasir

    in an effort to protect his master; Hasir smirked wolfishly as he swumg the flame whip so it caught the giant atronach in the face.

    The antronach began to melt like the water dripping from the stalactites in the cavern. 


    Ansie yelled in fury as she witnessed her creation's demise. She ran at the Argonian and he blocked her sword attacks with his

    conjured whip. She retreated and conjure a spell that caused the cavern to rumble and pieces of it began to fall around the Argonian

    and the vacantly staring khajiit. He knew he had to get out of there. He went through the hole first and hoisted the khajiit up after

    him.He put the book into his bag and came out to where the horses were tied to nearby trees. He hoisted the pale and vacant Inigo

    onto Hashire and tied the other horse behind his own horse with a length of rope; he started to leave when Asine burst out of her

    cabin and fired a combustion spell straight at them. The spell hit sending them and there horse backwards. Hasir and the khajiit fell

    against some pines, at least they got out of this alive, Hasir's horse was not so lucky. Hasir went over to mourn his fallen steed,

    Anise readied another spell which missed Hasir and the stiff khajiit by mere inches.


    Hasir mounted up on Inigo's horse while he hoisted the khajiit behind him and spurred the horse onward. Hasir bent over the reins

    as he intended to get as far away from the cabin as fast as possible. After countless minutes on horseback, he hissed with delight as

    the stables of Whiterun came into view. He slowed the horse, gave it some water and some hay to feed on while he dismounted as

    hoisted Inigo onto his back like he was a khajiit knapsack. He walked up the cobblestone path and pushed the doors open. He was

    quite delighted to find the merchant's festival in full swing.


    He took a mental note to go and check the wares out later. He had to get to the temple of kynareth to see if he can make sense of

    the book and if anything is in there about Khash's and Inigo's condition.


     He walked past the bustling market district up to the ornately carved door of the temple and knocked on the door with a black

    clawed finger. The Argonian smiled at the Imperial who gestured him inside. Danica was unsure whether he was sincere is his smile

    or whether he was baring his teeth in rage at her for something she might have done. She shook her head to rid herself of that

    unsettling thought and showed him over to a bed where Khash still lay unconscious in front of.


    Hasir turned to Danica and hissed softly as if he was trying really hard not to explode,

    "Danica, I, er, found this book that might explain her current situation." Hasir said


    Danica looked at the brown book that Hasir gave her as a perplexed look crept over her face. She turned the book over and read the

    title. She did not know anything about the book. Her eyes nearly fell out of her head as she found a note in the book; she extracted

    it and began to read it. After several minutes of reading, she gazed at the Argonian in shocked apprehension. Hasir knew that she

    was scared; for the reason, he couldn't quite put his claw on it. 


    Hasir stared at her with a mix of pity and fright while his tail slipped between his legs. Her face turned white as a sheet,

    "Hasir, the note I just read said that Anise is the most prostigious servant of Molag Bal; she made you and your companions that

    state that you see when you transform, it also said the daedric prince stole souls via Anise because he heard that she wanted

    revenge on her sisters and Hircine for overlooking her for the position of pack alpha.


    Hasir just stared at her so she pressed on. Hasir's eyes slowly widened with fright as he took in what she said, 

    "Molag Bal requires souls to kepin his twisted Coldharbor from crumbling, he will then return those souls in twisted shells without

    any purity left. Molag Bal," She told him, "takes souls that are pure and, like a cook peeling an onion for a dish, the prince of

    schemes 'peels away' the purity of the soul by torturing the inhabitants' corporeal form in the cold, icy realm and only when the soul

    is peeled down to its most primal, almost feral state, does he send it back to reunite with its vessel." 


    Hasir'sentire body shook like a leaf. The envisioning of this was equally as worse as when Danica read it,

    "By the Hircine, that is truly horrible." He said, his stomach churning. He looked questioningly at her, "What did he get, er, in

    exchange?" he asked, his tail slamming down behind him

    Danica told the Argonian that Anise would help him with his daedric rivalry with Arkay. Hasir looked at her nonplused; had

    everything everyone had told him about Molag Bal's previous plans been a lie? He thought. He shook this thought off as he let what

    Danica had meant sink in. He still did not know why Khash's wolf acted the way it did; it was still as much a mystery to him as it

    was to Danica.


    Hasir gestured to Inigo, who lay on the eastern bed, clinging very hard to life,

    "Do I assume what you said refers to him? I mean, his soul was stolen." He took in an unsteady breath, "Does that mean, er, that

    Inigo was tortured in Coldharbor and was sent back here as pure yin as his yang is destroyed?"


    Danica did not understand what yin or yang meant, but nodded nonetheless,

    "Sure, let's go with that." She said, smiling broadly at the Argonian 


    Danica told him to in order to get his friend back he will have to go into Coldharbor to get Inigo's soul back and to do that he would

    need something for the soul to latch onto like a soul gem. Hasir thanked her and wandered over to the unconscious female Argonian.

    He plopped done on the stone bench and put his head in his hands, deep in thought. He heard a voice from behind him and looked


    "Hasir, I, erm, am sorry about all of this?" she pointed to the emmpty bit of the bench beside him, "can I, er, sit down?" Hasir

    nodded; danica sat down next to the Argonian who looked at her, eyebrows narrowed.


    She looked at him confused and shrugged her shoulders as she could not quite read the Argonian's expression,

    "What?" Hasir shook his head, "you are not the one who caused this, you have nothing to be sorry for. It is Molag Bal's doing, not

    yours." He hissed a sigh, "As for the 'advanced klycanthropy' I have no idea whose caused that."



    He asked to see the book; she asked why, he said it was because something in there might shed some light on his egg-sister's

    condition just as the note Danica had found shed light on Inigo's condition. He gave a hiss of contentment as he opened the book.

    He saw a note, the same note that Danica read minutes before, on the page inside the cover. He consulted the table of contents,

    running a long, green scaly finger down the page until he saw what he was looking for; he turned to that page. 


    His eye lit up as he read the title of the page and continued to read:

    "of all of the many curiosities of the alchemy world is a condition known as mind-locking or 'advanced lycanthropy.' It is caused by

    someone passing lycanthropy onto a weak-minded person. Advanced Lycanthropy is an incredibly fast acting disease. The sstages of

    the disease are vaaried in nature: Stage one is the only stage where the person retains his or her own mind, stage two causes the

    wolf that the subject now possesses to  become more discernable in the ssubjects feature and causes the subject increedible pain as

    their soul is laid to rest, locked away in the walls of their own mind while the wolf comes to the forefront and the subject is now

    unable to discern friend from foe. Stage three is the most detrimental to the subject's body and mind. The soul unlatches from the

    tendrils of the mind and is lost to Oblivion and the wolf remains, ravaging the subject's body until there is nothing left and the

    subject just withers away to nothing."


    Hasir shut the book as a tear slid down his scaly face. He had to force himself to keep reading; for Khash's sake, 

    "To cure this disease one must attain certain ingredients that are otherwise difficult to procure."


    Hasir scanned the page as his eyes widened,

    "Xuth, this is really complicated," He said as he ran through the ingredients list: 

    1 werewolf pelt (to give the wolf something to latch onto)

    1 wolfsbane flower (used for driving out the cancerous wolf)

    1 werewolf tongue, ground using mortar and pestle (used for alievating the after effects)

    1 handful of silverduss (to insure no other 'demon wolves' infect the subject again)


    Hasir read the ingredients and sighed, turning to the Imperial healer,

    "Danica, I don't suppose I can find these here or in Arcadia's Cauldron." The Imperial shook her head, further confirming the

    Argonian's fears.

    She shook her head again and told him that he would have to go to shadowgreen cavern, northwest of Solitude to find most if not all

    of the ingredients. She sighed mournfully, saying that if Hasir mixed the ingredients in the wrong quantities or not in the right order

    than Khash will die. Hasir told Danica that he should be heading off to shadowgreen cavern, but, at that moment, he heard a knock

    on the temple door. Hasir gasped as he saw the black fur-insulated wolf boot of the harbinger stride toward him. He put him hand on

    the Argonian's shoudler and gazeed at him with his owlish eyes.


    Hasir gulped as a weird sensation came over him as though he were a daedric taablet and the harbinger was trying to decipher it, 

    "Hasir, your time has come at last." He said


    The Argonian looked up at him with a look of pure confusion,

    "Time for what? I don't undersstand." he hissed in a manner akin to that of a dog trying to determine his master's intentions


    Kodlak crossed his arms and look stone-faced at the Argonian,

    "We, that is to say Aela and I will explain once we get back to Jorrvaskr." He said authoritatively


    "But-" Hasir began, and knew it was useless when he saw Kodlak's stern look. He cast a worried look at Danica who was busy

    tending to Rakel despite her lack of knowledge on silvery weaponry even though she had a good idea of who they belonged to; and

    marched out of the temple with Kodlak; tail cowering between his legs.   



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