D.K.R Year 1 Fledgling Part 4 Devious Dealings


    The Argonians boarded the boat along with Mere-glim, he put his tail in the water and eased the boat away from the dock, turned the vessel away and

    headed for Vvardenfell. Drujeeta and Juleen discussed the vision with Glim. The argonian said they should go to Winterhold because he had heard that

    there was someone there that was well versed in visions. Drujeeta became deadly silent and fixed her eye on a point far ahead of her.


    Juleen glanced over to his wife and saw her stonefaced expressio; she just stared into space ignoring Juleen's panicked screams. Drujeeta didn't hear

    him; she was too proccupied with the thoughts in her own head. The lord of domination spoke to her as if speaking to an equal,

    "I have a task for you, my servant, come see me in Yansirramus"


    The ship swam back in view. She looked over to her husband while she felt something wet wrap around her ankle,

    "Oh thank Hircine, I thought I lost you had gone with the hist." She shook her head quickly and told him she had just recieved a vision from Molag Bal.

    Juleen asked why they had to go. Drujeeta told him that they had to go to Yansirramus.


    Juleen's eyes nearly fell out his head,

    "Yansirramus? Why in Oblivion must we go there?" He asked her


    Drujeeta said she hadn't the foggiest as to why Molag Bal contacted her. She walked to the tsaesci, tail rootating furiously in the water, and told him she

    had a vision and they should head for Yansirramus. Quinchal turned to her and gave her the same confused expression Juleen had moments before,

    shrugged and plotted the new course. A hours of steering, the tsaesci's tail was beginning to ache, even though they were still well oout at sea and

    nowhere near Yansirramus.


    Quinchal up to the two Argonians and asked if they could lend a claw and be the boat's motor for a little while; they agreed and walked past their kids,

    mouth agape, and stuck their tails in the water; The boat sped onward towards Yansirramus while Quinchal rested on a bench. When the island came

    into view the two Argonians slowed their tails. Quinchal was nearly thrown of the bench as the the boat made landfall. The Argonians and Tsaesci got out

    and headed for the ruin with a oval dooor made of the same dark red and grey ston that the surrounding ruins were made of, while they walked, Milsha

    and Neesh gazed at the ruins while Tulen walked up to one and sat down.


    Milsha and Neesh beckoned him to come with them but Tulen just sat there, head in his hands,

    "You guy do whatever you need to do, count me out of it, I am not every part of your clutch." He said moodily


    Neesh looked at him perplexedly,

    "Tulen, come on, you are being stupid." She said airily as if she just wanted to get the over with. This earned her a sharp clip to her head by her sister


     Neesh hissed in indignation, but her sister blanked this and looked at her brother, who was clearly in pain,

    "Tulen forgive my idiot sister," She said as she sat down next to him, "Why don't you feel part of our clutch?" She asked, her neck craning to look at him


    Tulen took a deep breath and told her about a dream he had had where there were six Argonians standing with a man that had a deer's skull for a head

    and was beckoning for him to join him and his brothers in sisters as they were about to join in on a great hunt. The dream would then shift to a great

    shadow that rose hiigh above Blackmarsh and told him that his real family were bloodsuckers and he was one too. The shadow also told Tulen to help

    him with a little 'project' he had going that would allow him to take revenge on those that worshipped false gods.


    Milsha sat penseive for a bit and then told Tulen that she did not know what the dream meant and that he had to consult a priest of Nocturnal for that.

    With that, she got up and followed her parents and sister into the daedric ruin. Tulen got up begrudgingly and went into ruin after them. Upon

    entering the ruin Tulen clutched his stomach, doubled over and began wretching; W-What is this? What is happening to me? Tulen

    thought as the ruin became blurry and began flickering in and out of focus; the shrine faded altogether and was replaced with

    another one, a much more macabre scene.


    Tulen got up and saw a land with huge stone structures with sharp edges; stone steps were running on all four sides in the middle of

    the structure all the way to the top of the structure which Tulen could see looked like something from his home in Blackmarsh; but

    this couldn't be Blackmarsh could it? The air was too clean for one thing. As Tulen moved through the swamp he would bump into a

    gravestake with someone's name written in jel down it. Terrified, he looked down and nearly jumped out of his scales; a dead

    Argonian lay at the bottom of the swamp with the gravestake sticking though his chest.


    Tulen tore his eyes away from this macabre scenes and moved further into the swamp towards the northern most, and biggest,

    stone pyramid where, overhead, steel clouds swirled as if being stirred by an invisible hand. Tulen's feet seemed to move of their

    own accord; despite his brain telling them to stop, his feet still walked ceaslessly forward. Tulen looked around nervously for

    something to grab onto; he found two gravestakes within his reach, as he reached out and grasped these they broken apart causing

    him to continue moving toward the Xanmeer. To his horror, the clouds ceased they incessant swirling and turned midnight black;

    they formed a black head of an Argonian. Tulen looked up in horror as the mouth opened and twenty or so shadow black as the head

    itself spewed form and spread in different direction, some went to the north toward Skyrim, some to Morrowind and some to Cyrodiil

    and Akavir.


    The cloud head opened its mouth to speak, the voice made Tulen shiver,

    "Go, weed out those foolish reptilian who dare defile our ancient ways and worship false gods and kill them" The head let out a laugh

    that was black as the clouds the head was made of; chills ran down Tulen's spine as he had never heard a laugh as evil as this one.

    It went on for a long time and then it stopped.


    Tulen cowered beneath the towering structure and looked up and the shadowy head disappeared, he was about to say something

    when the swamp began to fade out and was slowly replaced by the dull red and grey stone of the ruin. Beads of sweat began

    suffusing Tulen's body as he ran up the stairs to join Milsha and the others. They westanding inside an large cavern that was devoid

    of any red and grey stone and was instead a tannish color from floor to ceiling with a deardic prince on a single platform of red and

    grey stone.