D.K.R Year 0 New Blood Chapter 1 Land Of The Dragon

  • The ship that was no bigger than a ferry maneuvered around the islands with impressive skill, so much skill in fact that it

    barely ran aground in the shallows that lay between the two islands. Hasie fussed nonstop in the basket that Quinchal had brought

    aboard. He wanted to tell Hasir he was his godfather but wasn't sure the appropriate time; he then decided to wait until he was



    The boat continued on with its bow cutting through the water like a knife through butter. Akavir was steady drawing closer, the

    ship's inhabitants could see giant red pagodas with golden dragons engraved on them, marking the harbor. As they drew even

    closer, they could see in the harbor a dozen ships, every boat in the harbor towered over the ship like great dragons would to

    a flea. Some of the ships were indeed outfitted for war with oriental looking cannons sticking out from the warships' port and

    starboard sides, also on the warships' bows were fierce black dragons. The black dragon also flew proudly on a field filled with the

    blood of the Tsaesci's enemies that were situated on the flagpoles of the warships. 

    The Crimson Fang slowed a little as it began the docking process. Quinchal docked the ship perfectly between two huge black

    Akaviri warships with gold trim. The dragons adorning the bows looked like they might burn the small boat to a crisp at any

    moment. Two tsaesci stood watch followed the ship's docking process with their spyglasses, They noticed that the intruder's ship

    did not bear the dragon of Akavir, they slithered down the red wooden steps to the docking area clad in ancient black and gold

    akaviri armor with their katanas at the ready. Quinchal disemarqued, strode up to the upper dock and greeted the guards. "Shina Ma

    Lou?" Quinchal asked as his smiled and saluted the guard, "Xhen Due Wa?" He asked, half hoping the guard would welcome him with

    open arms. 


    "Din mun li, Shen hun!" The guard shouted back, the tsaesci did not take kindly to strangers even if the strangers were

    accompanied by another tsaesci . Quinchal and the guard squabbled for a few minutes. Finally, the guard let them pass.


    "Tsing mong gnui." The guard said "Ahou glim finh." Quinchal motioned for the argonians to follow him, they did so. The Tsaesci

    guards lead them past the docks, past the royal gardens which were blooming with dragon tongue and dragon's breath as well

    as countless other herbs that were already bearing fruit which meant they were ready to be harvested. Quinchal picked a dragon's

    tongue herb and gave it to Hasir. Quinchal said it was Akaviri custom to give their plants to visiting infants as a blessing so that they

    will have a healthy and properous life. They passed under a stone arch just north of the herb garden and beheld the beauty that

    was the Akaviri palace. The palace was an ancient greystone akaviri building that was not much different from Cloud Ruler Temple

    in Cyrodiil or Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim. The only difference was that this building had red banners hanging from the temple walls

    with black dragons depicted on them.


    The guard cleared his throat, "shu shia niun fin tpingu." He opened the door and gesutred to a room, smiled and told Quinchal the

    room was to be his and the infant lizard's roo. Quinchal thanked him in the akaviri tongue. The guard said he was welcome, bowed

    honorably and left. Quinchal took off his red jacket patterned with silk and black dragons and placed it on a wooden coat stand that

    stood next to the door, put the basket he was carrying on the stone bedside table and slumped onto the stone bed with red silken

    sheets that looked like they had just recently been there and fell asleep.


    Quinchal could hear soft hissing coming from the basket, meaning that the small hatchling was asleep. The Tsaesci rolled over and

    told Hasir that he must be tired after coming all this way. Hasir didn't give an answer, but Quinchal knew that deep in his mind, the

    lizard was both happy the be with another reptile being and Quinchal smiled to himself thinking of how Hasir's test will go.


    Quinchal rolled over onto his back and spoke to the little argonian thatt slept in a basket a few inches from him,

    "Did you know that Kassamae and Itansehk made me you godfather?" Quinchal asked more to himself than the infant snoozing in his



    The next few hours were silent except for Hasir sucking gently on his tail, which, even in his sleep, seemed to have a mind of its

    own. Regardless of this though, Hasir slept soundly. Quinchal was having strange dreams of Hasir's test; occasionally he would cry

    out in his sleep but this did nothing to deter Hasir's restful sleep. Hasir was dreaming of his parents, even though he was taken away

    from them far too young.


    Quinchal dreamt of Hasir being kicked out of Blackmarsh upon his return because he failed his test and was also shunned by his

    fellow shadowscales. He knew this would never happen, but, still, he fear this might come to pass. Suddenly his dream shifted to a

    land overcome by plague and disease. He could see a great shadow obscuring the land and great lizards pale as sheets rise out of

    the bogs and walking, dead-eyed to a xanmeer that lay in the center of the region; He also dreamt of Mnemic eggs of that region

    being stole and being brought back to that same xanmeer so that dark magic could be performed on them; magic that ensured the

    Argonians of the region would be poisoned by the very trees they worship as a revenge plot. 


    Slender yellow fingers felt there way through the red curtains into Quinchal and Hasir's bedchamber, causing Quinchal to yawn

    audibly and get up from his bed. He crossed the room, tail cutting a path through the dirt floor as he walked. A few steps later, he

    arrived o Hasir's basket finding the hatchling fast asleep with his little tail poking out of the fur cocoon his aunt had wrapped him in

    before she had placed him in the basket.


    Quinchal tickled Hasir's tail watching it rise and fall in quick succesion. The small Argonian opened his eyes that were as blue as the

    sky outside and uttered a small yawn. Quinchal smiled and picked up the basket and brought it out to the main chamber. when he

    reached the dragon statue situated in the middle of the room. Around the statue were six equally impressive stone pillars and

    between each pillar was a single cushion,  he set the basket on one of the maroon cushions before the statue while he took the

    other. Further north, against a large stone wall was a black velvet throne with golden inlays. Quinchal lent over to Hasir and noted he

    was looking around at the temple. It meant nothing to him, but he looked on wth curiosity all the same. Quinchal told him about the

    old days of Akavir and when they used to have a ruler who sat in that exact throne.


    Quinchal did not only want to train Hasir to be a shadowscale, He also wanted him to be a dragonknight. He looked up at the

    black dragon statue and told himself he will reveal that bit of information to Hasir when he was a bit older. Hasir did not tell his

    infant godson that he was of mixed blood; his father being a vampire and his mother worshipping the father of manbeasts. For now,

    thought he would train Hasir what it meant to be a shadow scale.


    Quinchal noticed an amber liquid leaking from the statue almost as if it was tearing up. Quinchal looked at the statue with restrained

    wonder. Something inside him made him lift the infant up and it lapped up the amber liquid like a cat would milk. The liquid felt

    wark on the hatchlings tongue.. Quinchal could see that small spikes and a small tuft of leafy black hair erupt on Hasir's once bald

    head. Quinchal look at the hatchling amazed and suddenly it all fell into place. The Hist was reaching out by any meaning nessecary

    to nourish one of their one because he did not have this benefit at hatching. 


    Quinchal also saw that the hist sap also acted like a mutagen; causing Argonian hatchlings who drank it to become a little older each

    time they partook of it. If the hatchling ingested alot of it then they would notice progressive changes in their physiology. This is why

    hatchlings ingest hist sap on their hatching day and must continue to do so until their seventh year when they are considered an



    The Hist sap not only causes Argonians to grow progressively older, it also gives them their Jel names and, at least to shadowscales,

    gives them to skills they need in order to better serve the dark brotherhood of Argonia. Since Hasir was deprived of this, he will have

    to find another way to learn the powers most shadowscales gain directly from their hist tree. After his training, whatever it entailed,

    was complete, he would have to come back and drank more.