D.K.R Year 0 New Blood Chapter 2 Discovery Of Character

  • The Marsh Warrior exited the Vivec docks when all the lizards were aboard and the gangway was pulled onto the ship. The captain

    put his hand on the throttle and shifted it from idle to full speed ahead. It carried six argonians, three adults, an amber argonian

    named Drujeeta, a dark green argonian named Juleen and a dark green argonian male named Tulen, age seven. There were two

    kids, a dark green skinned argonian boy named Neesh, age six, and an amber colored argonian female named Milsha, age four.


    An argonian hatchling was onboard as well, he had dark green skin and no hair or spikes on his tiny head. His name was Hasir, he

    was wrapped up in a fur cocoon that hung about his mom's waist. 


    The second youngest Argonian asked his mom why they are going to Akavir.

    "Mom, why are we going to the dragon land?" Neesh asked from his seat on the back of the boat.


    Drujeeta shook her head at her daughter, causing her black leafy hair to bounce off of her bony spike,

    "No, your uncle, you, Neesh Tulen and Milsha and I are going to a village named... well, I don't know it name is exactly but it's in

    Cyrodiil." She smiled at her, "Your brother is going to Akavir alone, with Quinchal." 


    Drujeeta shifted in her seat to face him.

    "Your brother is going there can learn to be something called a dragonkinight, hist knows what that is." She said with her face

    screwed up


    "But, why does he have to wait for the blood to be activated?" Neesh whined.


    Drujeeta turned toward neesh and gave her a look that could freeze her solid,

    "I dunno, Neesh, he as well as his brother, Tulen, are not MY childldren. My husband and I am just looking after them because their

    real mother and father fled Blackmarsh long before the plague hit because his mother sought to make peace between our kind and

    the dunmer that live in Morrowind." She turned away from her daughter and muttered to herself, "By the claws of Hircine, I hope

    they found what they are looking for."


    The ship bounded steadily for Cyrodiil; the ocean did not seem to put up too much of a fight as the waves were unusually quiet.

    There were no disturbances in the sky either, only a few stars were visible in a jet black sky. Juleen decided he would get dinner as

    all his children were hungry, he dove into the ocean with his bow and arrows slung across his back. When he was in water, he felt

    more alive than he did on the boat, he was in his element. In the water, he turned into a fierce aquatic hunter. After swimming a few

    meters, he saw slaughterfish. He notched an arrow into his bow and fired in the direction of the fish, he narrowly missed his targets.

    The slaughterfish turned and saw him preparing for another attack and swam toward him and started biting every inch of him.


    He kicked the slaughterfish off of him successfully and notched another arrow. This time, his shot pierced the slaughterfish's side

    and it subsequently went right into the other fish. He swam up to the surface quickly, when he breached the water, he landed on the

    boat right where Drujeeta was sitting. In her terror, the fur cocoon that held Hasir flew out of her arms and into the sea of ghosts.

    Juleen noticed this slight error in judgement, straped the bow and arrows on his back and lept from the starboard side of the ship

    into the water.


    Juleen searched for Hasir for a few minutes until he could see a small shadow a few feet in front of him, he swam to it. he found

    only empty furs. He feared the worst until he saw a green creature laying limp in the water. Juleen feared the hatchling was dead;

    that is until he saw tiny bubbles escaped from the tiny hatchling's mouth. Juleen sighed with relief; he was happy to discover that he

    was using his newly formed gills to breathe underwater. Juleen saw the slaughterfish closing in on the hatchling, spun around quickly

    and swam as hard a he could toward the cluster of fish. 


    Juleen kicked hard against the slaughterfish's snout; Thus giving him space to reach his son. He was an inch from his son when a

    shell of ingeous rock encased Hasir and exploded outward hitting each slaughterfish in turn, forcing them to retreat. This left Juleen

    gobsmacked; he had no idea how his nephew could have done that; he certainly didn't teach him.


    How could he   cast a spell like that? He did it without any training." Juleen thought, amazed. He grabbed Hasir and headed for the

    ship.  He came aboard portside. He saw Drujeeta, who was quite literally shaking from anger.


    "Juleen, I was worried sick, where were you?" She fumed.


    Juleen told her that he was getting the kids some food when slaughterfish attack, he held some of them off, but, there were more.

    He told her that Hasir grew gills and fought off the slaughterfish closing in for the kill with a spell; without any training. Drujeeta

    turned her back on him with her arms folded. 


    "Honey, I'm sorry, I will be more careful next time." Juleen pleaded, hoping she would forgive him.


    After several seconds, Drujeeta did turn around. "I would never stay mad at you, I thought you knew that." She kissed him

    on the cheek. "Now, what was this news you werre dying to tell me?" Juleen told her about the fish he had caught and how Hasir

    cast a spell with no prior training. Drujeeta squealed with joy as she lifted Hasir up into the night sky. "My nephew has a natural

    affiliation for magic just like my sister." She tickled his nose, he giggled.


    Quinchal advised the passengers to take their seats as they were passing by Ebonheart, because the waters were a bit rough. The

    hatchlings looked up and saw a huge dragon with its tail coiled about the base. Tulen just stared at it while both Milsha and Neesh

    shook with terror; avverting their eyes.


    They peered through their fingers at the dragon, which was hewn from black rock that was plentiful around the region,

    "Mom, d-do dragons eat Argonians?" They asked, glancing up at their mother for reassurance


    Drujeeta look down and them and smiled sweetly,

    "No, No, of course not." She said, waved the though away as it was nothing. "why would you think that?" she asked as she caressed

    their upturned faces


    Milsha and Neesh told her about the tale they heard while they were still in Blackmarsh,

    "Our grandfather, Vistha-Kai told us long ago that the ancient Argonians offered unhatched hatchlings to dragons as an attempt to

    appease Sithis. Since then we have been terrified of dragons."


    Drujeeta roared with laughter causing the hatchlings to glower at her,

    "Mom, that is not funny." Milsha said, folding her arms across her chest. Drujeeta, seeing their expressions, stopped laughing


    The Marsh Warrior passed by the castle and soon the dragon was out of sight and so were Neesh's and Milsha's terror. Waves

    banged into the sides of the ship. The waves bombarded the ship as if they were barbarians trying to lay siege to the boat. The ship

    maneuvered smoothly trough the episode of ocean turbulence and was in calm seas once more.


    Glim poked his head out of the captian's cabin,

    "Six hours until we reach Cyrodiil."


    The family sat in their seats and enjoyed the journey without anyone complaining. Hasir slept in his fur cocoon sucking

    his tail contently. The ship stopped unexpectedly at an island in the Topal Bay, just south of their destination, well, the uncle, aunt

    and their children's destnation anyway.


    "We should set up set up camp here for the the night," Mere-Glim said, Then we will shove off when the last of the stars gets

    swallowed up by the great black dragon."


    The party did as he requested. Poles, cloth and firewood were carried off the ship along with five blood potions and the fish that

    Juleen caught. A storm was brewing overhead and the Argonians ran towards the big tent that was set up at the far end of the




    The six argonians ran for the tent as it started to rain. Juleen cut the slaughterfish he had caught the night before and split them

    into six equal portions. After the argonians ate, they laid down to sleep, Drujeeta brought a basket for Hasir to sleep in. Juleen

    and Tulen did not sleep. Juleen taught Tulen all he knew about hunting and using a bow.


    Juleen leaned close to his son and whispered in respect of the sleeping Argonians, "Son, we argonians are fair hunters on land, but,

    when we are in our element, that is where we truly shine." Let's start you off with something small." He pointed to a mudcrab at the

    other end of the island, "There, see if you can kill that mudcrab from here." Juleen suggested. He took out his ebony bow and

    arrows, gave them to his son and told him to try them out. He also told him to aim a few inches above his target. Tulen pulled back

    the string, notched an arrow and let it fly. The arrow flew through the black sky in an arc and landed with a thud into a 'mudcrab.'


    Juleen laughed, causing Tulen to glower at him,

    "Neesh, erm, that..was a rock...next time, try aiming a bit further to the right."


    He moved Tulen's arm up and to the right. He then told him to loose the arrow, the small lizard did and the arrow arced gracefully

    through the air and landed with a dull thud, penetrating the shell and piercing the soft underbelly of the mudcrab. The young

    Argonian screamed and punched the air with his fists. He turned to his dad and smiled broadly, something that made Juleen very



    "Wow, what a nice shot! You're a natural born hunter." He exclaimed. They went over to the crab, extracted the arrow, cleaned it off

    in the water, cooked and ate the mudcrab meat and went back to the tent and fell asleep. A sound like a snake hissing woked

    Drueeta and Jullen up. They screamed as they heard it,

    "Relax, lizards, my name is Quinchal, I have come on instruction from my master to bring your young hatchling to my homeland to

    train him in the way of the Akavirian warrior.


    Juleen jumped up and jabbed the outsider in his chest with a claw,

    "Who are you calling 'lizard'? Just who are you?" He asked, his nostrils and eyes flaring


    The 'outsider' said his name was Quinchal and he said he was from the land of dragons known as Akavir and said, yet again, that he

    was tasked with procuring the hatchling and training him to be an Akavirian warrior, a dragonknight. 


    Drujeeta woke up and asked Juleen what he was yelling about. He said it was nothing for her to be concerned with; she glared at

    him, she had always known when he was lying. Again, he told her, more forcibly this time, that she ought to go to bed. She nodded

    sleepily and went back to sleep. Juleen turned to Quinchal and asked what a dragonknight was. The outsider did not expand on this

    but smiled and took the hatchling to the docks by his ship.


    The night passed and Drujeeta got up and panicked; looking everywhere for the hatchling. She grew angry when she thought of the

    outsider stealing her nephew from her. She strode to where the ships stood and saw Hasir held in Quinchal's arms. Drujeeta went

    ballistic and slapped Juleen on the shoulder and asked if he knew about this; he said he did. Drujeeta went limp and accepted that

    this was something Quinchal had to do; whether for religious or personal gain, he did not know. Drujeeta, Juleen, and their children

    stayed behind and waved goodbye to Hasir and the golden skinned tsaesci as they strode away to the Marsh Warrior, the boat

    moored close to the Crimson Scar, Quinchal's ship. Juleen passed out five blood potions to Drujeeta, Tulen, Milsha, Neesh and he

    also gave himself one. They drank, resetting their blood levels.


    "Ready to shove off for Akavir?" Quinchal asked the tiny hatchling held tightly in his arms; the hatchling gave a squeal that Quinchal

    took as assent. When both he and Hasir were aboard, he brought the gangway onto the ship and triumphantly announced "Next

    stop, Akavir, home of the dragons."