T.B.R. Chapter 6 Elder An Argonian Uprising

  • When the Imperial crossed the threshold with the four bound Argonians he produced a knife from his bag and cut each of their

    bonds and began barking orders like some kind of mad dog. The Argonians did not second guess or questions his motives, no one

    except for Hasir,

    "Why do we have yo do what YOU say? Hmm? Can't we make our own decisions for Hircine's sake?" He asked


    The guard growled at this and slashed Hasir in the shoulder with the dagger, leaving behind a deep cut. Neresticus sneered at him

    just daring him to contradict him a second time; white hot waves of pain flooded Hasir's senses and, tears filling his eyes, he shook

    his head. The Imperial nodded and saying that listening to him will make the Argonian's live longer than the alternative. He gestured

    to the dunmer that had just entered the mine,

    "I will leave you in Nerethi's capable hands, now I bid you good day." He said, bowing low but never losing his contempt for the scaly



    With that, he left the mine, taking care to close the door as loudly as he could behind him. He turned to face Hasir with a smile on

    his face,

    "So, here we are again, you failing to follow orders and me having to enforce them." He said as he pointed forcefully to the passage

    cut into the earth where his kinfolk had started to mine." Here are your choices: Work along with your worthless filth of a family or

    deny me any further and I will send you to your homeland in a box." He lent forward and spat in Hasir's face, "Ya got me filth, I got

    my eye on you." 


    Hasir jerked his head to the side as Nerethi aimed to spit at him again and kicked the dumner hard in the chest sending him

    ragdolling through the air landing with a THUD against the far wall. The dumner sat there dazed for a miniute, eyes bugged as if he

    could not believe anyone would be so stupid as the question his authority. He got up, brushed the grey dust off of himself and, teeth

    bared ran at the Argonian.  Sensing this, Hasir expertly dodged this; the dunmer flew passed him as he hit another earthy wall.


    The dunmer got up again, spat blood and earth that had accumulated in his mouth on the ground,

    "Alright, the hard way it is then." He said, grinning madly. Head down the dunmer charged at Hasir


    The Argonian did not react fast enough as he was pinned against the wall by the dunmer's hands, which dug into the earth. The

    dunmer produce two lengths of rope: one he used to bind Hasir's hands behind his backjk and the other he used to clamp the

    insolent Argonians mouth shut. Nerethi placed his silver dagger between the Argonian's scaly shoulder and told him that he was not

    fucking around anymome,

    "Go and join you fucking lizard friends or I will leave you bloody on the ground." He waited for a response but none came, he

    grinned at this and the Argoian, seeing no alternative, walked obediently to the rear of the cavernous mine where his comrades were

    waiting, the pressure of the blade ever present in his back. Nerethi praised him as he cutt the binds holding the Argonian's hands

    together. Hasir massaged them vigorously as he glared at the dumner. What he wouldn't give to punch the dunmer in his big stupid

    face and run away from this foul place never to return.


    He bent down, picked up a pickaxe that was lying against the earthly wall near his 'work station' and begin to mine for what though

    he did not know. The Arrgoian furiously tried to remove the muzzle of his mouth with his claws. Behind him the dunmer laughed and

    shook his head as he watch the stupid lizard struggle,

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you." he said with a look that could burn a hole in the Argonian. "You wouldn't want to feel my blade

    again, would you?" 


    The Argonian managed to break the bonds with one sharp claw and snapped back at the dunmer,

    "No I wouldn't, why are you treating us as the inferior race here? We are not mindless beasts you can control whenever the mood

    suits you." He spat.


    The dunmer said nothing but contined to sit on a rock not far from Hasir, looking self important. The reason dunmer and Argonian

    hated each other needed no furtheer explanation, they've been doing it for years; ever since the beginning of the first era when the

    High elf came to Blackmarsh, they wanted to control the 'savage beasts' and make them conform to their ways instead of them learn

    to adapt tho the Argonians way of thinking. This anti-Argonian attitude had stuck from then on. This additude was passed down from

    their golden skinned cousins who thought them above everyone else. That was why the dunmeri ancestors looked down on Drevas

    because they felt he did them a disservice by marrying an Argonian. So they prayed to their god, Molag Bal, to help them make

    Drevas see reason, to conform to their ways. After he had fled the hunting grounds and was on his way to a new land was when

    Molag Bal did his ill will.


    The Argonian glared all while mining for that which only the Dren brothers and Nerethi only know, but Hasir knew different, he took

    the pickkaxe andd instead of using it to strike the earthy wall, he tossed it as hard as he could at Nerethi's head; the dunmer dodged

    this by shifting his position on the rock, glaring with hate at the Argonian. Hasir looked over at his Argonian inmates and signalled

    that they should not be subjected to such torture and followed his lead instead. They refused; Hasir huffed in impatience and asked

    them if they want to be slaves forever like their anscestors were or if they wanted to break the mold and force their own path. There

    was silence for a timee as the Argonians thought this over. After a while, they nodded in agreement and advance on Nerethi,

    forcefully dropping their pickaxes on the ground. Hasir did the same.


    Nerethi cringed as the Argonians encirled him like dogs closing in for the kill,

    "Too long has your people enslaved my people, well I say that it's time to break that mold. No more will we mine for your people

    who reap the benefits while we toil day in and day out without any recognition. Do we not all bleed the same? You are not superior

    to us, in fact no one is we are all the same. You think us savage beats who require your interference to help us see what is 'right.'

    Well, I've got news for you no more."


    The Argonians stopped circling him and looked instead at Hasir,

    "My Argonian brethren, are we going to take this?" He asked, raising his hands in defiance


    "No we will not." Came the collective response, "Down with the established order, down with the dumner!" They exclaimed,

    slamming their tails down in rapid succession on the ground as if they were war drums. Khash clapped in time with their ferociously 

    thumping tails.


    Hasir smirked as he picked up a spear that lay against the far wall; he and the other Argonians advanced on the dunmer. The other

    Argonians grabbed their fallen pickaxes and brandished them threateningly in the dunmer's face,

    "Any last words before we turn you into horker stew?" asked Hasir, his muzzle pressed against the dunmer's nose


    The dumner retreated of the rock and backed against the far wall,

    "S-s-stop n-n-now or I w-will call for b-backup." He stammered


    Hasir stood, one foot one the rock he had just vacated,

    "Arre you mocking me? Not a wise decision." He said, speaking loud enough for the dunmer to hear, "Anyway, look around you

    Nerethi. Four scaly slaves against one Dunmer? Even if you called for backup you have no chance against us." The Argonian smirked

    because he know he had just silenced the dunmer


    Hasir told tthe other Argonians to take the rope that was lying against one of the wooden bracketed wall and bind the ignorant

    dumer with it and to also bind his mouth so he could see what it feels like. The Argonians acknowledged him with slatues and

    scurried over to the dunmer, still cowering it thew corner and bonds his hands together tightly and they also bound his mouth shut

    so he look like someone who was trying to relieve himself from a horrible toothache. 


    Hasir gasped as, at the front of the dumner were the Dren brothers. Vadem and Orvos,

    "Stop them, let no one escape."


    All ten dunmers unsheathed their weapons and charged at the Argonians who did the same. Hasir leapt off his rock and unsheathed

    his akaviri sword and smirked at5 the dunmer as he tightened his grip on his sword. He lead the charge as he hacked and slashed at

    the vulnerable parts in the dunmers' armor. Hasir broke off to face Vedam and Orvos Dren who had likewise broke away from the

    Throng. He looked over to the others. He smiled as he watched his aunt and uncle fight bravely against their dunmer combatants.

    Khash was likewise doing well against hers as she unsheathed two orcish daggers and sliced through her attackers as if she was not

    fighting but instead doing some kind of macabre dance. 


    Durjeeta and Juleen looked over to Hasir as he fought his attackers,

    Hasir it was really brave of you to-AURRGGH!" Two dunmer had, one by one, run the two argonians through with their swords. They

    smirked evily as the two lifeless lizard bodies slid off of their swords to the cave floor.


    This only served to fuel Hasir's blood lust instead of having the opposite effect like the dunmers had hoped. You morons, how many

    time have I told you? Always keep your mind on your assailants? He thought as he gritted his teeth and bracied for the Drens'

    attack. The Argonian employed the training that Quinchal had taught him all thought years ago. He dodged every thrust, jab and

    slash the brothers had dealt, clearly hoping for a killing blow. Hasir smirked slyly at this and ran, sworrd stretched sideways toward

    his attackers and attacked with a ferocity the dumner had rarely seen in an Agronian, then again, the dumner had never seen an

    Argonian fight before. He delivered deadly slashes so quickly that the dunmer were on the grounnd clutching their broken bodies and

    gasping for air that was failing to come.


    Hasir tore his eyes away from the useless meat sacks and looked to see how Khash was doing. He smlled happily as the young

    Argonian seemed to be holding her own, she even had the proper footwork required for her preferred fighting style. She was cutting

    down dumer left and right as if the were trees that had offended her in some way.


    Hasir ran over to his aunt and uncle who were drawing raspy breaths with half-lidded eyes,

    "Drujeeta, Juleen, I will avenge the dunmer for what they did to you. Erm, anychance you will get new bodies?" He asked, Drujeeta

    and Juleen shook their heads. Saying that if the dunmer follow through with their plan than there will be no Hist trees of their souls

    to return to, and, by entension, no hope of further reincarnations. They also said there is no way the hist can reapir them, they are

    too broken. And with that final would, their souls returned to the planet.


    Hasir bellowed out in rage as he approached Nerethi who felt the Argonians hot breath on his face,

    "Curse you to Oblivion, you bastard. If you hadn't called for backup or had this stupid plan to appease your ancestors, which by the

    way fuck them, my aunt and uncle would be alive and you would not have their deaths on your conscious." The dumner was about to

    say he did not call for backup; that Vedam dren knows all of the goings on in Vvardenfell when Hasir blatantly cut him off,

    "I don't give a damn what your fucking duke says, this superiority complex that your people have is causing too much pain." He said

    through angry tears


    Hasir kicked Nerethi so hard in the side that he hit the mine floor with a dull thud. He checked on Khash again. She was grinning

    broadly before a heap of dead gray skins that she had dispatched. Hasir whipped around to face Nerethi again,

    "Get the fuck out of my sight before I lose my shit.. Now get out and never darken the doorstep of any Argonian again with your

    dunmer filth." He said, eyes boring into the dunmers; Nerethi nodded, got up and ran out of the diamond mine entrance. 


    Hasir walked over to Khash smiled and asked if she was ready to leave this pitiful place. She nodded but then thought of something,

    Hasir looked over to see what she was doing, realization came crashing over him that she was going to give his aunt and uncle the

    burial they desrved. Hasir helped her as they both hoisted the two dead Argonians on each of their shoulders and walked out of the

    mine ready to start a new chapter in Tamrielic history that did not include their race being slaves to anyone.


    When they got to the Caldera harbor, Hasir told Khash that he had something he had to do and would not be able to go with Kash to

    wherrever she was thinking of going. Khash told him that that was ok and she would book passage to Skyrim via one of the ships in

    the harbor. She told Hasir that she would meet up with him at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. The two Argonians shook hands

    and went their seperate ways.