D.K.R Year 7 Elder Part 7 Change of Plans

  • The dunmer dropped their Argonian baggage with loud thumps at there feel. Hasir felt Nerethi hold him over his head and slammed

    him a bit too hard on the deck of the ship. He let out a great yelp of pain as his rear end bounced painfully off of the wooden surface.

    The dunmer captor did not so much as lend help to the poor Argonian at his feet; as a matter of fact, he seemed to be relishing it. 


    Hasir looked up and hissed irritably as he rubbed his bruised backside,

    "Hsss! What was that for?" he asked, narrowing his eyes rather dangerously at the dunmer,, "You fucking moron, do you have it in

    for me or something?"


    Nerethi did not answer but sniggered to himself as he walked past him; not bothering to loosen or even cut Hasir free of his leathery

    cage. Hasir cast around him to see the sates of his comrades; they faired little better than he did. Hasir sat still as a statue as

    Nerethi walked back towards him wielding his sliver blade again. Hasir heard Nerethi's voice flow from inside the captain's quarters,

    which lay within a few inches where the Argonians lay. He could hear him stop and talking to a figure hidden by a thick oak door.

    Hasir tried to position himself so as to listen to this conversation more easily; to his dismay, however, the ropes holding

    him restricted his movement so he just lay there listening.


    Nerethi did a quick salute to the hidden figure,

    "What brings you here sir? I was told to bring the slaves here sir." He surveyed the man's eyes, which remained resolute


    He shook his head as though he thought up something Nerethi was not privy to,

    "No, we have too many slaves here at the moment," He encircled Nerethi while eying him with purpose, "My brother, Duke Vedam

    Dren of Ebonheart informed me that the surplus slaves, " He gestured toward the four bound Argonians in answer to Nerethi's vacant

    expression. "are to be sent to work in a diamond mine just outside of Caldera called Abaelun Diamond Mine."


    The dunmer slaver squealed in fright. The second voice asked him what was the matter. He said that the slaves that got sent there

    seldomed returned; they were ravaged by continuous disease and in fighting among the slaves. He then asked the second occupant

    of the cabin about the ministry of truth. The second gravely voice told Nerethi that they had stopped sending slaves to the floating

    'moon' over Vivec city because of their constant bids of escapes and increased riots that happened there. 


    Hasir did not listen any further to the two way conversation. He strained against his bonds as he tried to cut the netting around him. 

    After two hours of many futile attempts and many angry hisses and curses, he finally managed to cut a large enough hole in the

    thick chitin chords to scamper through. Hasir struggled to his feet, clearing the scent of woodgrain from his nostrils and started

    cutting the other nets holding the teenaged Argonian and Hasir's aunt and uncle. 


    The door to the captian's quarters flew open and a dunmer who Hasir did not recognize stood shoulder to shoulder with the person

    who, Hasir had no idea why, had an extreme level of hatred for him. Hasir looked loathingly back and uttered a low, soft growl.



    Nerethi lunged at Hasir and clamped his gnarled grey hands around his scaly snout,

    "Don't you growl at me you worthless dog." He said, kicking Hasir hard in his stomach; causing the Argonian to groan and crumple

    to the ground grasping his bruised stomach 


    Hasir looked at Nerethi indignantly,

    "Why do you hate me more than the other slaves?" He coughed, spitting up blood, trying his best to aim for Nerethi's shoes.


    Nerethi shrieked, leapt out of the way and smacked Hasir hard on the cheek forcing him to hiss again. Nerethi knelt down and

    pressed the silver dagger into his neck, forcing Hasir to yell even more as he could feel the silver burning his flesh. Hasir pleaded for

    Nerethi to stop; the dunmer did not stop, however, quite the opposite in fact as he seemed to increase the pressure on Hasir's neck

    causing Hasir to scream and kick out in agony.


    Nerethi smirked evilly to himself,

    "Does the dog need a healer?" He waved his hand dismissively, "Well, tough sit, now get down into the hold with the rest of your

    Argonian filth or I shall use the silver dagger again?" He said, gesturing to the door with his finger, "Now go and don't you think of

    escaping, at least not until we reach Caldera harbor."  


    Hasir screwed his face up at this,

    "Why? What's there?" He asked incredulously


    Nerethi raised the dagger in the air as if he were going to stab Hasir again, the Argoonian did not so much a flinch,

    "How dare you speak out of turn lizard." He threatened, running at the Argonian, silver dagger raised in the air


    Hasir saw this coming a split second before it actually happened and sidestepped out of the way causing Nerethi to crash into the

    ship's mast. Hasir smiled to himself as he knew his uncle would be proud if he were up here instead of in a cage down in the ship's

    hold cold and alone. He thought more on this and realized that Argonians were warm blooded reptile folk so he would not be cold

    and the fact that Drujeeta was in the same cage would mean he most certainly would not be alone. His one worry was that if the

    dunmer who had captured them were down there then they would most likely be cowering before the weapons of the dunmer. Hasir

    knew what he has to do, approached the trapdoor and passed through it.


    Once back in the ship's hold, Hasir saw drujeeta and Jullen somehow had suffered two black eyes between them and several cuts on

    their green faces. Hasir tore hihis eyes from this grotesque sight and was relieved to see that Khash was unharmed. He failed to

    survey the whole hold, however as four figures crouched in the shadowy corner by the hay pile were the prisoners had hidden two of

    the guards hours before and lunged, eyes red and teeth bared, hungry for some reptilian flesh. Sensing this, Hasir stepped sideways

    and the four dunmer flew passed him and skidding to a halt; their fingernails digging into the wood floor. 


    Hasir looked up and saw, through the minute cracks on the wall of the ship light from a signle, solitary silver eye in the sky suffuse

    the ship; filling ever crevice of it and flooding Hasir's senses. He fell to all fours unable to fight the moon's influence and let out a

    scream of pain that quick turned into a yelp as his body underwent the transformation from Argoian to wolf. Hasir's soul split into

    two equally angry werewolf: one white and one black. Long, thin sttands of saliva drripped from the wolves' bared fang as they

    uttered a deep growl as the dunmer got up to their full height. The werewolves ran at the dumer and began biting and slashing

    every bit of flesh they could reach. the Argonians looked on; totally clueless that the two wolves in the hold with them, the ones

    fighting the dunmer, was Hasir.


    One dunmer told the otherrs to split up and that that would make it a more 'even' fight. The dunmer broken off, sparing against their

    new enemy. Frost and Bloofang were about to swipe at the dunmer, knocking them unconscious when the dunm'ers' teeth grew into

    lang and pointed fangs and the finger nail became longer, more claw-like. The dunmer facing off against the black wolf slashed at his

    fur, this wound healed instantaneously as the wolf lunged at them hoping to slash one of their stomach's open but the vampire saw

    this and bit hard into the wolf's neck, hoping to sever his main artery and kill him. Bloodfang yelped and wrenched himself free of

    the vampire's vice-like grip.


    It was then that he saw it, a silver dagger laying on the ground a few feet from him. Bloodfang padded over to it and swiped at the

    daggerr with his paw. The dagger became airbone instantly flying through the air like a missle catching the vampire and his unaware

    'blood brother' in their hearts and continued momentum until it slammed hard in the wooden wall next to Juleen's cage, pinning the

    vampires in place. They tried to move but soon found their flesh to be burning from the inside out. They screamed and writhed in

    agony as the silver did its job. After minutes of fruitless attempts to get free and many screams of agony, the vampires disintegrated

    into ash and crumpled to the floor.


    Bloodfang's tail stopped wagging in triumphant joy as he heard the painful yelps of his other whiter half; he growled to himself in

    consignmet; hating himself for it and wishing to Hircine that frost grew a thicker pelt and dispatched his attackers in a similar

    manner as Bloodfang had done. Bloodfang barked a warning to the white wolf but he did not seem to hear him. Tail tucked tightly

    between her legs and ears flattened tightly against its head, he backed into the corner between the cages and the neatly done up

    piles of boxes stacked one on top of the other. The two vamipres closed in upon him; Bloodfang shook his furry head, growling to

    himself, ran to the wall where the silver dagger's blade stuck into the wood boards as if they were a stuck pig. Bloddfang sprang into

    the air, grabbed the dagger, pulled it sharp out of the wooden boards and whip around letting the dagger fly through the air.


    The dagger tore through the imperial armor of the two vampires as if it were mere scrap metal. The dagger's momentum carried the

    screaming undead beings through the air and impaled one of the boxes, puncturing the containers within; what they were, no one

    knew. Like the other vampires, lon since turned to ash, these vampires struggled and screamed as the silver metal burnt their very



    Bloodfang looked up and his tail thumped happily on the wooden floor, The sun is coming up, if the silver does not do them in then

    the sun will deal them a swift death He thought. The wolf looked joyfully from the vampires struggling like pigs on a spit to the wood

    planks making up the wall opposite. golden fingers began feeling their way through the cracks to where the vampires still struggled.

    Bloodfang padded over to the vampries, placed his teeth on the silver blade and tugged. The blade came free with little effort and

    clattered to the floor. Bloodfang and Frrost both collapsed to the ground and yelped in pain while writhing on the floor. 


    After seven minutes, Hasir's eyes fluttered open and wiped his sweaty forehead with a shaky hand. Hasir stood up rather unsteadily

    and looked at the vampires from where he slumped against one of the boxes. Hiasr glanced at the wall opposite the vampires and

    smirked; his tail coiled and uncoiled joyfully behind him. Hasir turned his head just as thin wisps of smoke rose from the stuck pair

    of undead creatures as if they were sauteeing on a stove; bits of their bodies turned black as ash and fell to the floor.


    Slowly, the rest of the undead bodies followed the ashen body parts that have fallen off seconds before. After an hour of body part

    disintegrating, Hasir found there was nothing left of the vampires; the only evidence there were only ever vampire there at all were

    stilll smoking bit of ash strewn across the floor. Hasir staggered over to Juleen's cage next to her aunt's cage and across the room

    from Khash's.  


    Hasir was about to explain the fact that the dumner slavers were actually vampires but upon opening the door, he passed out in

    Juleen's arms and fell asleep.