C.O.T.W Chapter 39: Bring Out Your Injured

  • Neesh brought the unconscious Milsha over to the table and sat her down gingerly in a chair her head flopped, like a dead fish, onto

    the table. Hasir smelled that something was wrong before he could see it; he walked over to the concerned Argonian and asked what

    happened. He gestured to his egg sister and said, head bowed in shame, that he shot her.


    Hasir's eyes were a flame in a second,

    "You shot her? Why in Oblivion? What posessed you to do such a thing?" He asked in shock. He groaned heavily, "Don't tell me...this

    is about Tulen isn't it? Did he tell you to do this?" He said, shooting daggers at his brother.


    Neesh tried to shrink back from his angry egg brother,

    "Y-Yes he did, h-he want to eliminate you...and everyone else who gets in the way, please don't hurt me." He whimpered as he

    corner in the corner by the kitchenette.


    Hasir took a few deep breaths to try and calm down. He walked over to Neesh,

    "So why exactly did Tulen set a vendetta up against me?" He asked, looking kindly into Neesh's eyes


    Neesh's body uncoiled from it's fearful position, grabbing the counter as he stood up. He stared at his brother dumbfounded,

    "Hasir, Tulen wants to wipe out every lycanthrope on Tamriel to spite Hircine, the god you chose to worship."

    Hasir shot a scathing glance at his brother,

    "Excuse me, what's wrong with my god?" Hasir asked, defensively


    Neesh held up his hands, He looked at Hasir like a dog who just got his favorite toy taken away,

    "Hey, don't get mad at me, I do not pick sides, that dishonor lays strictly on Tulen's scales, not mine."


    Hasir was about to yell at his brother, tried to contain his anger and failed,

    "Will you please stop with Tulen? for howling out loud, If you want to base your whole world around him fine, but please leave me

    out of it." He shot back. He then shot the nastiet cursed word that only the Saxhleel know and fired straight at Neesh's heart.


    Inigo turned his head and his face screwed up in terror, his eyes bulging as he saw the two brothers prepared for a cat, well lizard

    fight. He rushed to their aid, well more Hasir's aid since he did not know Tulen all that well. He tried to play the peace keeper-the

    role he was born to play-between the two lizards.

    "My friend, stop this nonsense, your quarrel is with Tulen and, by extension Molag Bal, leave this poor lizard out of it." He said,

    trying to hold Hasir against the table with both hands, which were beginning to sweat because of the strain


    Seeing an oppurtunity, Neesh rushed forward to strike Hasir but Aela sprang from their seats and held the other argonian again the

    counter. They were having more luck restaining their prisoner than Inigo was having with his. Inigo, Aela informed their hostages

    that shhe will release them on the count of three so they can hug and apologize for the mean exchange of words. It had to be three

    because she wanted time for both Hasir and Tulen to be adult lizards about this and handle it as such and also for them to maintain

    a level head and not go about tearing each other apart.

    "Ok, Hasir, ready, now you be a grownup lizar=er, I mean Argonain about all of this, if you need to take a few deep breaths as that

    always calm me down when I get flustered." He look over his left should at Tulen who was not doubt being giving the same pep talk

    from Aela. Both the khajiit and nord 'fredd the beast' so to speak and both argonian's tail dragged on the floor collecting dust as

    they walked towards each other and apologized. Aela and Inigo sighed with relief from the kitchen counter sighing.

    "Thank goodness that's over." They said in unison


    They then turned to face each other and it dawn on Inigo that he had not properly introduced himself to her,

    "Aela, we have not formally been introduced, my name is Inigo, but my friend call me Inigo the kind-hearted." He said, giving her a

    sweet smile. As he said this, he felt a uncomfortable sensation in his trousers.


    He looked down and cursed.

    "Gah, what is happening?


     Aela reached out a handd slid it across the brown countertop and grasped his hand firmly,

    "Please pay it no mind Inigo, it just means you are aroused."


    Inigo shrugged this thought off,

    "What me, no, I am not aroused, maybe smashing spiders will get me aroused, but not love. No, my friend, love is a disgustting act

    of primal nature. Defiling another person for pleasure?" He scoffed at Aela, "I am sorry but that...count me out of it please." He

    turned away from her and felt his head sag onto the countertop. He felt the beast calm between his legs. He did like her, he was

    horrible at admitting it probably because he though she would explode on him or something. He was equally terrible at speaking to

    girls, ones he like especially. He would always either say something inappropriate, get tongue-tied or act like a complete idiot around



    Inigo looked sideways at the nord and figured out how to break the news that he was 'into' her. He decided to play hard to get and

    be a bastard about it. He then glanced at Aela and growled at her,

    "Hey Aela is that smoke coming out of your ears? Best not overthink then, else you will combust spontaneously" He craddled his

    head on his folded arms, tilting it slightly in Aela's direction. "I have an idea, stop being she a twat and have common sense once in

    your damn life instead of just being needlessly hot-headed, will you?" He rolled his eyes at her, simultaneously throwing up his

    hands, "Divines save us, geez!" The beast between his legs went limp once more. He lent over and kissed her on the cheek, that

    made her livid with fury, only to add to her already red hot temper.


    The stool moved away from the counter with a squeal of wood on wood and tail hanging limp, went into the nearest bedroom and

    flopped onto a furred bed, groaning as his body made contact with the particularly soft wollf fur. As an afterthought, he shifted his

    weight around, got up and shut the door to the room, albeit harder than he wanted because he could hear the people still in the

    kitchen jump in fright. 


    Kodlak got up and looked at the door the khajiit had so rudely shut. He saw that one of the hinges broke free from its housing and

    just hung there. Kodlak got up, almost upending his meal and walked cautiously over to the room adjacent to Hasir's room and

    rapped on the door with his knuckles,


    "Everything ok in there son? May I come in?" The harbinger asked, Inigo's muffled voiice bade him come in. The door opened, Inigo

    heard the harbinger walking towards him,

    "What do you want? can't you see I'm in pain here? leave me be." Inigo said angrily from his face down position


    The harbinger stopped, considered the cat's request for a minutes and decided it was best that he had a talk with him. He walked

    over to where Inigo sat or rather lay and sat down next to him. The bed springs creaked a bit for his bulk. The harbinger put his

    hand on Inigo's shoulder and begged him to get up and listen to his words. Inigo begrudginly rolled over on his back and shimmiedd

    to the edge of the bed and got to a more comfortable sitting position. Kodlak smiled warmly as the khajiit turned his head towards

    him, etched with a slightly scared expression,

    "Ermm, Kodlak, forgive me for my surly attitude a couple of seconds ago, but I am ashamed of myself." He said as his eyes fell to

    the floor


    Kodlak craned his head to look at the khajiit,

    "Why are you ashamed, my feline friend?" He asked Inigo, confusion creasing his pristine face


    Inigo looked into Kodlak's grey eyes,

    Ermm, would you hate me if I told you that Aela made me feel things I never felt before?" His eyes fell again "Not only that, but I

    am ashamed to be a reformed shadow wolf. What will Hasir think of me?" He said, a tear sliding down his scarred nose.


    Kodlak chuckled and thumped Inigo on the back,

    "Well, in my rxpert opinion, you have a crush." Inigo looked up, his cheeks turning crimson. "Do not fret, romantic attraction is

    normal, I myself had such a relationship with my daughter, Katria, Aela's mother. Not a romantic one mind, but a relationship

    nonetheless." Inigo turned to the harbinger and smiled.


    Inigo reached a furry arm over and patted the harbinger on the shoulder, Kodlak held it there for a few seconds before letting go. 

    Kodlak thanked the khajiit and said he was glad to have such a kind soul on his side,

    "No problem, I am always hear for support." Inigo replied, smiling "Now about Aela's mother, er, how did she die?" He asked


    The harbinger said that Katria was searching for the four aetherium shards that her and her husband, Wulf Wild-Blood were

    told would unlock an aetherium forge that they had only heard about. They had various notes of the shards and the forge in their

    home at Dawnstar. He said they even had the layout of the dwemer ruin, Irkngthand, mapped out to an exact science, denoting

    where the traps where, the solutions to solve them and the safest path through the ruins. They even, he said, transcripted the notes

    in a journal that Katria kept with her at all times.


    Tears welled up in his eyes just thinking about her,

    "Katria...my poor daughter, got to the dwemer ruin that was said to house the first piece of the forge key, but...she fell to her death

    attempting to figure out a tonal puzzle guarding the way to the shard." He put his head into his hand and sobbed. "I never got to

    say goodbye." Inigo moved close to the distraught harbinger and pulled him into a bear hug. "It's ok, I lost someone too, tears are a

    great stress reliever, let them flow."

    The Harbinger wiped his eyes  with a cloth Inigo gave him. He released himself from the bear hug and gave the tear soaked rag

    back to to the sweet, caring khajiit, who pocketed it. Inigo tilted his head to the side as the harbinger asked him whom he had lost.

    Inigo shook his head telling the harbinger not to think on it now and nor should he. Still, the harbinger insisted, forcing Inigo to sigh

    and divulge the tale of that whom he had lost.


    Inigo got off the bed and moved close to the harbinger, while doing so, he thrust his hands into the leather pouch around his waist

    and pulled out a grubby picture of a yellow khajiit identical to him in looks minus the scars as well as the feline in the picture

    being a bit rounder than him. He noticed the harbinger squinting to try and pinpoint exactly who's picture that was. Inigo chuckled

    as he noticed that only he could see the picture. He positioned it so they both could see the small photograph.


    Kodlak's face screwed up in confusion,

    "So, erm, how did he die exactly?" He asked


    Inigo sat back down on the bed, still holding the picture. He told Kodlak that his brother Fergus died while attempting to save his

    native Elsweyrians from the invading Imperials of Cyrodiil. The khajiit again hung his head,

    "Fergus and I fought bravely alongside my parents, but their weapons as well as my bow along will his sword was not enough to

    stem the tides of water threatening to overtake the continent of Elsweyr." He started to sob, "I not only lost my parents on that

    fateful day, I also lost a brother." Kodlak embraced the khajiit in a similar way that he himself had been conforted.


    He released Inigo,

    "Wow, quite a thread you weave my feline friend, er, forgive me but your parents are?"


    Inigo chuckled again, though he did not feel in the least bit mirthful,

    "Ermm, sorry, their names were Davinci and Leah, they were...an odd couple."

     Kodlak's head tilted sideways as if put on a mechanical winch,

    "Really, and how exactly were they an odd couple?" He asked, fixing Inigo with an bewildered look


    Inigo shifted in his seat and reached behind him in his leather bag and pulled out a leather bound book. He shifted his position again

    so he was facing the harbinger. He handed him the book, er, journal and told him told open it. the first page told of Inigo's parent's

    retiring form their jobs as trained assassins. He turned the page and on the left handside was a male argonian wearing a tan miner's

    shirt and matching trousers next to a female khajiit beautiful and radiant wearing a red and white wedding dress. The pair looked

    absolutely smitten with each other, so exhuberant and full of life. He read on, chuckled at the picture of Leah holding baby Inigo in

    her arms while fergus was trying to climb her chest as if it were a tree.


    Kodlak read the pages and couldn't help but smiling at each and every heartfelt moment the parents and their two kittens shared

    together. His heart dropped like a stone when he finally came to the conflict between Fergus, Leah, Da Vinci and the imperial

    soldiers. The journal said they found bravely but ultimately met their end when an imperial platoon barraged in their house and

    killed them and Fergus, who was trying to protect them. All because of how the emperor wanted to expand his place and was

    pushing all savages off of 'his' land. Before their deaths, they sent Inigo to live at an orphanage in Elsweyr. 


    Inigo started hacking, it started out low and then began to grow in intensity and loudness causing the harbinger to look up

    suspiciously from the journal,

    "Ermm, Inigo, is everything ok?" he asked, squinting his eyes in concern 


    Inigo smiled and waved a dismissive hand toward him, 

    "I'm okay, it's a hairball, I get them occasionally when I clean my fur."


    Kodlak's face screwed up in disgust as a large ball of damp blue fur flew out of the khajiit's mouth and fell onto the furred bed.

    Kodlak almost jumped from them bed, cursing all the while. Inigo held up his hands and told the harbinger not to panic, just

    because something looks disgusting does not mean there is a beauty of a gem lying beneath the surface. Kodlak fought the urge

    not to throw up because that was definitely not Kodlak's view. He just wanted to gross 'thing' to get of the bed as it was spreading

    its stink to the fur beneath it and the waves of stink were also making Kodlak sick as he pinched his nose shut to prevent being



    Inigo sighed wearily and proceeded to pick the ball up,

    "Ok, Ok, geez, I will throw it outside or something, calm down." 


    He went to the small window at the end of the long wooden room, opened it and threw the ball outside. He closed the window and

    turn back to the harbinge, half smiling, half snarling,

    "There, happy? I disposed of it." He sat back down on the bed, There, now can you stop making that face? It looks like you are

    holding in a fart!" He said, chuckling a little.


    Inigo was about to confess something to Kodlak when the door burst open and Aela stormed into the room. She punched Inigo in

    the arm,

    "You bastard, you could've just told me you liked me before bolting off like that, I would've gotten the hint." Inigo's face became

    etched with question marks and he tried to comprehend what she was saying,


    Her expression changed to one of joyous affection and she and he locked eyes and her fingers caressed his dark blue furred head,

    his hands in turned became tangled in her fiery red hair as the world fell away and it was just them together, as one. Kodlak, feeling

    awkward, slowly and silently stepped out of the room and closed the door. When he closed the door, he thought to himself

    Aela always was an odd one. Still it makes sense, her wolf wants what her wolf wants I guess.


    A knock sounded on the door, which they promptly ignored because they were too interested in each other to care. Inigo groaned as

    Aela told him to stop being a stick in the mud and answer it. He opened the door to find Hasir standing there, shocked, he pointed a

    clawed finger at Aela, 

    "Are you and Aela doing what I think you are doing?" Inigo shook his head, cursed then resigned himself to his fate.


    He told Hasir that they were just kissing nothing else. He then asked Hasir why he is bothering them. Hasir told them that Kodlak

    asked him to check up on them. Kodlak told Hasir that his granddaughter was being attacked by some wild animal,

    "I guess it is the other way around because he told me he see Aela as a wild animal." He said, roaring with laughter at Aela's

    expense. He face relaxed a bit, "That was not the reason I came in though, I thought we were going to Whiterun to find a way to

    extract the bit of silver still in me, not only that but Milsha needs medical help, she's looking a little green in the scales." He chuckled

    but Inigo scowled at him, shaaking his head and closed the door for some privacy. "So, ten minutes you'd best be ready or else we

    will leave without you." He shouted to a closed door.


    Ten minutes later, Inigo and Aela came out of the room fully clothed and packed for the journey. Before they went outside, They

    helped Hasir  with Milsha, who was sitting next to one on the bar stool looking as he said 'green in the scales.' He gestured for her to

    grab onto his shoulder and helped her outside. He walked her to the stables and mounted her up on Hashire. Kodlak, the elf and the

    nord female were waitng for them by the stables, their horses all saddled. Hasir, Aela and Inigo emerged from the house and met

    them at the stables, the elf and the two nords were starring at the newcomers and waiting angrily for them to mount up.

    Hasir mounted his horse, Hashire, outfitted with resplendent Imperial armor. Inigo and Aela mounted their black horse named



    Kodlak's horse led the others as they all spurred their horses toward Whiterun. about halfway to the city, Hasir started complaining

    about the bit of silver inside him and trying to get it out with a dagger he had unsheathed. Inigo rode up next to him and put a

    reassuring hand on his,

    "Don't, leave it to the professionals my friend." 


    Just as he said this, the two moons began their ascent in the night sky. Aela, Ceralyne and Rakel had to scurry off their horses

    before they got crush under the weight of one hundred and fifty pound wolves. Everyone had a smoooth transition from human or

    elf to wolf, everyone except for Hasir, who was thrashing about wildly trying to transform but could not completely change because

    the silver that was still in him. His screams were so loud and frantic that Inigo got off of Hasir's horse and quickly ran to his aid. His

    eyes went wide with shock as he saw the poor reptilian creature was foaming at the mouth and thrashing about like a fish out of

    water, as an afterthought he felt Hasir's scales, they felt warm to the touch. Inigo did not know about Argonian physiology but he

    was sure their scales werre supposed the be wet and slippery: not dry and cracked.


    Inigo went over to Milsha, lifted her and placed her on Luna back.  He picked Hasir up, the lizard's head thrashed about on his back,

    he looked over his shoulder and saw that his eyes were half lidded with only the whites of his eyes showing. He slid him off of his

    blue furry back and onto Reed. He positioned Hasir's hands so they held the scruff of her neck for needed support. Then he went

    over and did the same with Milsha, who was easier to manage than the foaming lizard, he told her to grab Red's waist with her legs

    and grab Hasir's waist with both hands to ensure he doesn't collapse. 


    He turned toward Milsha and said he would be right behind them on Rakel.

    "Hey, look at me I'm 'riding' Rakel. That's what she said, hehe." He had to grab Accalia's scruff in order to prevent himself from

    toppling over in his spontaneous fits of laughter. 


    Milsha glared at him through Red's crimson fur at him and shook her head in disdain,

    "You need to grow up and stop being a fucking kitten."


    The comment made Inigo roar with laughter, causing the giant beast below him to growl in annoyance. Inigo wacked her in the nose

    in response to her rudeness. Red turned around and swiped at him with a massive paw outfitted with sharp claws; each one

    being the same length and sharpness as a daedric dagger and twice as thick. Inigo sideways jumped off of Accalia to avoid Red's

    claw. Her claw accidentally cut into Accalia's black nose. She howled and pain and growled at the attacker. Red sounded like a

    motorcyle as she growled back at Accalia, who backed away slightly with her ears down and her tail tucked between her legs.


    Milsha looked back and Inigo as the wolf's feet started drumming steadily toward the city,

    "Ermmm, Inigo, why is Hasir convulsing so? I thought that only silver bullets had the power to prevent a werewolf's transformation

    and cause them pain, but what is stuck in him is no silver bullet, but a dagger made of silver. My question is this, is the werewolf

    lore wrong? Can silver weapons act like silver bullets? Is the 'silver bullet' angle all bullshit?" She extended her hand, "Oh, how

    foolish of me, I failed to introduce myself, my name is Milsha by the way. 


    Inigo reached out, almost falling out his wolf mount in the process,

    "Please to meet you Milsha, I am Inigo." He said, smiling slyly at her.


    He knew he liked her more than a friend but he could not cheat on Aela, she would not allow that. He also liked Rakel and the beast

    between his legs woke up again from riding Accalia because it was not only Rakel's and Aela's nordic form he fell madly in love

    with, it was also their wolf forms as well. What can he say, he is quite a lady's cat. Like all cats he chose who he hit on, who he

    became friends with and ran away from those he was wary of-whether it be the person or their intentions. 


    He gasped as he saw Red and Luna running at full speed alongside one another fifteen feet in front of him and dug his furry-heeled

    boots into Rakel's side, her wolf form sped up, much to her annoyance of the blue furred idiot riding her. The khajiit spurred his

    wolfish mount on faster and faster until he was neck and neck with the other wolves. He glanced over at the occupants riding the

    red wolf and said Hasir was losing color in his scales, causing them to turn white. The poison is working faster that I hoped, He

    thought. He then diverted his brain done a seperate path, I mean, er, oh no, Hasir is in trouble, who will help us? The voice in his

    head said that this was a better thought path than the first.


    He could see the stables coming into view and he was still keeping time with the other wolves. He called over to Milsha, whose

    knuckles were turning purple from the force she exerted on the still thrashing Argonian,

    "Milsha, So what exactly happens when a werewolves, a normal one I mean, not an argonian wolf, comes in contact with silver?"


    Milsha shook her head. She tried fumbling for some words to placate the wondrous khajiit,

    "I've honestly no idea, I as well as my brothers and parents, Bal rest their souls, are vampires, and as such I know nothing of

    werewolf lore, sorry." She looked at Inigo with a sheepish grin, though it did not justify how sorry she really was. 


    Inigo punched Rakel, aiming for her soft fur but struck her hard skull on accident,

    "Damn, well you are no help." He said, folding his arms and sticking his tongue out at her.

    Rakel yelped in pain and instinctively lashed out with her razor sharp teeth and bit into Inigo's leg like it was some piece of meat.

    He screamed bloody murder as he felt warm sanguine liquid suffusing his bluish-purple fur. He felt light headed from the agregious

    amount of blood loss he had suffered in a span of a few seconds. He fainted with his bloodied leg still in Accalia's maw. Milsha saw

    this and rushed to the khajiit's aid, placing Hasir down on some straw in the stable before she got down to help. She tried prising the

    frenzied wolf's teeth away from Inigo's leg-which now looked more like a mangled piece of meat rather than an actual leg-but the

    stubborn wolf would not ease up on her meal, instead she increased her grip on the poor khajiit's leg, causing him to drift further

    into unconsciousness. 


    Milsha frantically looked around for something to help and lying against the back wall of the stable was plank of wood which she

    grabbed and tried prying Inigo's leg free with. After three failed attempts, she summoned the strength of three Milshas to finally free

    Inigo's leg from the jaws of death. As an added measure she beat Accalia sharply over the nose with the plank, causing her to yelp

    and lick her nose to try and lessen the pain. The wolves padded over to the stable where Milsha lay Inigo down on the bed of

    straw and she was examining his leg for signs of infection, to her surprise, she could not find any. As a matter of fact, his leg 

    leg seemed to heal on its own. She knew he had to get to the temple, but for now they all needed rest because they were exhausted

    from their long journey. She, the wolves and the two unconscious beings stretched out on the hay and fell asleep almost



    The next day, they awoke feeling refreshed and ready to take whatever obstacle the gods placed in their way. Milsha rolled over on

    her haybale, eying Hasir who was still stiff as a crooked board and Inigo who was still lying on blood red straw; his leg stuck out at

    an odd angle, looking as mangled as ever. She walked over to the idiot khajiit, her tail swaying like a metronome as she walked, and

    knelt down in the hay to inspect his leg at close range.


    Inigo yelped as pain shot up his leg at the slightest touch,

    "Ow, careful you blasted reptile!" He snarled. His eyes then seemed to gloss over, "Milsha, erm, will I die? My leg...it is pretty bad,

    will they have to amputate it, what I mean is, is it beyond saving?" He asked weakly, rolled his head in her direction.


    Milsha told Inigo to lay still, she cast her eyes in Rakel's direction and called to her. She vacated her post near the rear wall of the

    stable and walked over to the khajiit and knelt down so he was between her and the female argonian. Rakel looked down in disgust

    at the mangled mess of fur that assaulted her eyes,

    "Oh Hircine, Inigo, I am so sorry, I felt something land on my head very hard. I did not know you were the one behind the blunt

    force. When we turn into wolves our minds are far more one track minded than our brains in human form so as such, I

    couldn't have known what was on the other end. I...I saw a piece of flesh, er, meat and I lunged for it. I have absolutely no idea it

    was your leg, oh gods, what have I done?" She broke down on the hay which Inigo lay and began to sob.

    Inigo patted her weakly on the head,

    "Hey, hey, It'll all be ok, you will see." He said, lifting his head off of the hay and smiling at her, "You have nothing to be ashamed of,

    it was a fluke, a mistake, nothing more." After he said this, he fell unconscious once more because of the exhorbanent loss of blood.

    Rakel motioned to Aela and pointed to Inigo then Hasir and then to the direction of the city gates signalling they have to get both

    him and Hasir up to the temple somehow.


    Aela looked for something to use to carry the khajiit and argonian into the city and there, among the hay at the rear of the stable

    was a wooden push cart, She barked her orders to the two nords,

    "Rakel, I need you to grab Inigo and put him on the back of the cart and I will grab Hasir and do the same then we can bring them

    to the city and by extension the temple to get them fixed up." Rakel nodded and they each set to their tasks.


    Rakel took on the task of lifting the khajiit, who was remarkably light for his size and dumped him onto the rear of the cart. Aela did

    the same with the Argonian. Aela and Rakel both pulled the cart under the arch, over the cobblestones and into the city. The guards

    who normally patrolled the guard towers were mysteriously absent and all so they were absent at the oaken door as well. They

    wondered where they were. When they went inside, a scene of utter chaos met their eyes. Bodies of guards were strewn across the

    street. Aela and Rakel wheeled the cart alongside the guards, inspecting the bodies as they passed by. Aela leaned over the cart

    body and covered her mouth with two fingers to stifle a scream. Claw marks stretched across their chests and they each had

    chunks of flesh missing from their necks and dried blood congealed on their deathly white skin.


    Aela resumed her position as co-cart puller and pulled the injured khajiit and argonian past houses whose shutters were shut and

    interiors dark, up the steps and set it down beside a flower pot that rested near the temple door. Milsha rapped her claw-like finger

    on the door.


    Seconds later, the door creaked open and Danica greeted the Argonian who stood with the two nords and the cart off to the side,

    "Yes, how can I help you Argonian?" She asked, smiling at Milsha.


    Milsha looked from Danica to the cart at the side of the temple and back,

    "Pleased to meet you, er, my brother and his friend are in need of fixing up and we, I, was wondering if we could come in."


    Aela moved from the cart, causing it to bow down on one side, and wacked Milsha on the back of the head,

    "You dope, we are trying to heal them, not trying to check into a four star hotel. Mind your scales, lizard, geez." She said, groaning



    Milsha sat down on a nearby bench massaging the back of her head with her hand to find some scales burned from the sharp blow

    she had received. She also did not like being called 'lizard' as she thought it derogatory and rude to her people. She knew Argonians

    did not get treated well in most parts of Tamriel, perhaps a little better than khajiit but for most people and royalty of Tamriel they

    were seen close to the bottom rung of the social ladder. Milsha hoped one day the public's behavior toward them and khajiit would

    change and people would one day see them as equals and not just as reformed slaves. What's even worse is that female

    counterparts of the so-called 'lesser races' were worse for wear than the Argonian and khajiit males.


    Rakel went over to comfort Milsha while Aela talked with Danica, which included her gesturing to Danica, then to herself and finally

    to the unconscious duo on the cart. Rakel sat beside Milsha and hugged her while the female Argonian sobbed into a rag Rakel had

    offered her while her tail wrapped around the nord's leg as a sign of thankfulness and love. 


    Back at the temple, Aela was asking Danica if she could heal silver poisoning and possible lycanthropy. the female Imperial tilted

    her head in thought,

    "Ermmm, well, being here in Whiterun, I had a great number of patients in here with unusual ailments. That being said sayiny, erm,

    am well versed in curing silver weapon ailemtns, but for the impending possibility of lycanthropy." She held up her hands and

    screwed up her face, "Sorry, I can't help you with that. You can either let the disease run its course," She pointed down the stairs to

    Arcadia's shop, "if you require a more bonefied cure than I can provide, check and she if she has any cure disease potions."


    Saying that, she gestured for Aela to grab Hasir and bringing him inside while she pointed Rakel toward the potions shop.