C.O.T.W Chapter 29: Cabin In The Woods

  • Hasir looked up to see the moon apeear above some trees off in the distance, he groaned and cursed Hircine as he did not want to

    change here, not now. It was too late as he fell to the ground and contorted, becoming more wolfish than reptilian. His mind had

    zoned out about halfway through his transformation. He lay unconscious in the fields that surrounded Whiterun.


    Twilight got up and shook his body to try to get some ffeeling back in his head, body, arms and legs. When all was in working over

    he sped off across the field in a direction only he was aware of. He got to the location when the morning sun had finished his ascent.

    The wolf dropped to the grass in front off the estate and began convulsing uncontrollably, even after his soul 'became one.' At the

    end of several painful minutes, he lay in the grass, sweat glistening on his face and suffusing his already muddy furred chestpiece. 


    He got slowly to his felt, he felt a pang of pain travel up his left leg that he thought was healed, he was sure it was, but why was he

    still experiencing 'reminded pain'? The painful twinge almost forced him to  the ground again. He got to the door of the manor with

    his hand on his left leg, though he had had no more twinges of pain, at least not now. His eyes went wide and he beheld a note fixed

    to the door.

    Hasir ripped the note off the door and read it:

    "To the future owner of this estate, whether it be relative or otherwise,

    This house was once home to a devotee to both Hircine and Kynerath as I'm sure you are well aware of the vines adorning the house's facade. As for the wolflord, well...there is an altar to him in the basement. You might be curious about food store and I assure you, there is plenty of storage for that purpose in the manor. All other needs that the new owner might have may be met as this house has blacksmith and alchemical stations and you will see the reagents and ingots are sufficiently stocked. Everything else? Hmm...well you'll find what you need, hopefully. May this manor fulfill your wildest dreams, Terrfyg 

    Hasir stared wide-eyed at the letter, followed by the sender's name. A smile suffused his reptilian face. He had no idea that this was

    Terrfyg's estate. He had been wanting to find out more about his grandfather and his connection to the companions and also his role

    in them recieving the lycanthropic belssing. He had guessed the the esate would most definitely house books about his past before

    he contracted Hircine's blessing. He Wondered how he would get in, the double oaken doors were locked. He consulted the letter

    once more to see if it had left any clue as to where the key was. 


    Hasir nearly dropped the letter because his hands were shaking with excitement. He did a quicke once over of the letter, not seeing

    anything of particular import he sighed and disturbed the grass with his foot kicking up overturned earth. He bent down, letter

    clutched in his left hand, to place the earth down into the empty spot with his right, uttering his forgiveness to Kynareth in the



    His mind formed a single thought while he was getting up,

    Look at the lettter again, my hound, you might have missed something.

    He did as Hircine ordered. He did see that he overlooked something. It was after the signature, his eyes fell to that section of the

    letter and read as his eyes darted from line to line,

    "I thought you would wonder about the key, I shall impart this to you in a riddle: I am where hoses recharge their batteries. Within

    me is a square made of straw and what you seek lay within." Hasir folded the letter up and put it in his small brown pouch on his

    armor and set to figuring out the riddle.


    Hasir lent against the nearby tree, head to his chest and reasoned the riddle out,

    "Hmmm...I am where horses recharge their batteries. This is a tough one," She said scratching his chin with a clawed finger,

    Horses do not have batteries, but they do need water and feed to feel one hundred percent," He thought on this for a minute, "The

    only logical place would be a stable." 


    His back retracted from the bark as he stood up straighter. He walked over to the stable that was close by the tree. Once he got in,

    he thought on the second half of the riddle. He did not need to look at the letter, he had an exceptional memory. Within me is a

    square of straw and what you seek lay within. Hasir paced around the stables scratching his chin, racking his brain for an answer to

    this second half. 


    After a good fifteen minutes of pacing, he stopped and began to reason the second part out,

    "Within me is a square of straw....straw...hmmm..." He immediately snapped his fingers, "Got it, straw bale, this riddle is a piece of



    Hasir strode over to the sole straw bale that lay on a bench in the corner of the stable. The argonian thrust his hand inside the straw

    bale, his sharp claws cut the bonds of twine as it plunged downward. Hasir noticed the 'twang' noise too late as the pieces of twine

    shuddered and scattered to the four winds. The straw, finally free of the binds that held, them fell of the bench and some even made

    it through the miniscule cracks in the wooden planks that made up the bench. Hasir yelped in fright and bent on his hands and

    knees scuttering about the stables like a bug that tries to escape from getting crushed.

    He muttered to himself as he hastily sorted through the sea of straw looking for whatever he was supposed to look for. After nine

    minutes of hasty searching, he found the key. He picked it up, got to his feet and walked past the tree that he occupied minutes

    before and onto the cobblestone path to the front door of the estate. He prayed to Hircine that the key works, he inserted it into the

    keyhole. He turned it and he heard a heartwarming 'click,' he pushed open the door and stepped inside.


    The estate's interior was twice the size of the exterior. A wooden table lay against the right wall, sitting atop it was a spare key along

    with a book that detailed the highlights of the house. Hasir moved further, not a sound could be heard except his footfalls on the

    wooden floor. He exited out into the main room of the house, a small kitchenette that housed a a teepee looking assortment of sticks

    with bits of straw at the bottom, suspended above the fire was a cast iron bracket with holes in the bottom, various pots and pans

    and another much larger fire to his right with a large cast iron bracket similar to the bracket he saw earlier. Hasir guessed this one

    was used for a much larger pot. and a small rectangular table with four chairs surrounding it to his right.


    He moved down the hallway that adjoined the kichen-dining room combo, the bedroom, which was to his left, and the bathing room,

    which was to his right and saw an enchanter along with an alchemical station sitting against the rear wall. Hasir walked past the

    enchanter and alchemy station and proceeded down the wooden stairs. At the bottom step, he emerged into a dimly lit basement

    with a furry bedroll as well as a raw food storage and a cooked food storage agaisnt the right wall. In the middle of all that was a

    stone altar dedicated to the wolflord Hircine. Above the altar with a stone effigy of a wolf's head. On the left wall a bit further down

    was an extended armory with plenty of storage to hold every unique weapon, aedric and daedric artifacts in Skyrim.  


    Hasir raised he head and sniffed the air. It smelled of charcoal and wood and Hasir guessed the former inhabitant had lit a fire and

    forgot to put it out a while ago. Hasir lowered his head and went back up where he had come. He emerged back into the small

    kitchenette area and sniffed the air again. A scent of ink, dust and something else, a smell different to anyone who smelled it. To

    normal un-wolfish denizens of Skyrim, it smelled of chocolate, but to werewolves it smelled different. He sniffed the scent, allowing

    it to fill his nostrils. The smell reminded him of home, of Blackmarsh.

    He followed his nose into a room that had a bunch of cubby holes that stood behind a desk, a bed lay against the opposite side of

    the cubby holes. Hasir turned around so that his back was to the desk. His tail curled upon itself in excitemtn, there they were, the

    source of his nose euphoria. Hasir's eyes went wide as he beheld four tall bookshelves, two on the left wall three shelves high and

    the same on the right wall. He moved over to one of the twin bookshelves and saw that they were rife with books. One bare spot

    could be seen. He reached into his leather pouch on his armor and extracted the letter, unfolded it and placed it into the empty spot.


    He looked in awe at his handiwork. Then his face scrunched up in thought,

    "Hmmm...one book is missing," A lightbulb turned on inside his brain, "I know just the book." 


    He reached into his larger leather bag and after minutes of rummaging, he extracted the black book with the emerald eyed silver

    wolf head that lay on his bedside table back on Solstheim and placed it into the empty slot of the bookshelf.


    He just then noticed small drips of mud pool on the floor where he knelt so he went outside via the conviently placed door in the

    corner of the bedroom and too off his clothes and washed them in a stream closeby. He carefully and methodically cleaned every

    piece or armor as they smell horribly rank. He let them soak in the water for a while, prodding them with a stick that he had found

    laying near the stream. He stirred them around in the water, trying to make them as clean as possible. When they were all

    sufficiently wet and the mud was gone for the armor, he picked them up and put them on a clothesline that hung beteween to tress

    to dry.


    He returned inside au natrural and walked over to the dresser that was near the fire at the foot of the bed, opened it and picked out

    a tanish shirt and some brown trousers andd put them on, as an afterthought, he ripped a small hole in the fabric for his tail to poke

    through with a well placed jab from his clawed finger. He found a chair next to the fire, sank itnto it and fell asleep. The journey

    from Whiterun to Elysium Estate had really tired him out.



    His sleep was interrupted by a knock on the door. Hasir's eye snapped open. He got up from the chair and strode into the

    small kitchen and dining area  Hasir grabbed the door and was about to pull them open when someone else pushed them open

    knocking Hasir on his backside and sending his sprawling across the floor to collide head first into the wall which had sprung up

    suddenly behind him. Hasir got up slowly to make sure his back wasn't bruise and all of sudden, there it wwas again that agonizing

    'reminder' pain' in his leg' He had to grit his teeth and utter a small cry of pain because though lesser than the initial massive waves

    of pain that rocketed to his brain before the break was repaired, these small waves of pain still hurt.

    Rakel, Ceralyne, Inigo and Rakel stood silhouetted against the setting sun. Hasir stood there impatiently, tapping his foot. The group

    took the hint a came in, The argonian invited them to take seat by the table in the kichenette and asked them if they were hungry.


    Inigo was the first to chime in,

    "Yes, my friend, I am famishes, so famished I could...erm...eat a spider, that is less satisfying than smashing spiders but whatever."


    Rakel spoke second,

    "I am starving, so thank you"


    Ceralyne just nodded her head. Ceralyne's stomach was positively growling. Hasir set to work cutting up some vegetables and

    tossing them into a pot with water and set that one the larger fire to cook. He then retrieved a nice, juicy venison that the former

    inhabitant left behind andbrought it over to three wooden planks that he had been using as a cutting board and chopped the venison

    into five equal size slabs,tail rasing up behind his and genlty floating down behind him while he did so, He was really happy at that

    moment, so happy in fact, that the rays of happiness seemed to push the clouds of self-doubt and anger from his mind. When he

    cooked,It was almost as if he was in his own little world, one where outside troubles just melted away.  


    Hasir put the venison chops in the skillet, brought it over to the fire and put the skillet on a black iron bracket that was suspended

    above the fire and moved the skillet about with his right hand, ensuring each chop was cooked evenly, when he smelled that the

    chops were done on one side, he flipped each one over so they could cook on the raw side. As he did this he hummed to himself,

    nothing in particular, like a tune or anything. His tail soon joined in and swayed side to side with the 'tune' he was humming.

    He went back to the pot where the vegetables were cooking, he smelled the pot. Satisfied that it was done, he placed it aside and

    went back to his venison chops, tail swaying side to side as he walked in a sort of dance step to music no one but he could hear. He

    eyed the chops lifting one side of the chop to ensure little to no raw meat remained. He smiled to himself, never ceasing his

    humming or tail movement and got five plates down from one of the shelves near where he stood and placed each chop of each of

    the five plated. He then waltzed over to the pot that sat on the makeshift cutting board, took the wooden ladle that resided next to

    the pot, placed it into the water and placed two spoonfuls of cabbage, carrots and onions onto the plate and as a finishing touch, he

    drizzled some sauce he had made out of crushed jazberries and juniper berries over the vegetables.


    Satified with the fruits or his labor, he grabbed one plate, brought it to the table and repeated the process with the other plates until

    one was sitting in front of everyone. Hasir smiled to himself and took his place at the head of the table, Inigo and Rakel were in the

    chairs on his left and Ceralyne and Aela on his right. He told everyone to dig in, they did so with great zeal, not caring for

    conversation. Everyone mercilessly attacked their meal. 


     In front of each plate was a mug of hot fresh mead that Hasir had generously poured from a flagon that stood on one of the

    shelves. Everyone ate the meat first and visciously ripped into the meat, chewed it hungrily and swallowed it bones and all, well all

    except for Inigo who ate his more like a gentleman, not like the animals that surrounded him. Everyone ate their vegetables second.

    stabbing at them and then chewing like mad men. When they all had their fill of venison and vegetables, they finally drank the

    mead, it was more of a desert beverage anyway. The honey scented acohol-laced refresher started of so harsh that everyone at the

    table coughed but it's finish was nice and sweet as the honey that is so commonly added to it.


    They all sat back in their chairs and sighed. Inigo was the first to congratulate the argonian on a well cooked meal. He then belched

    loudly and said he was full. Aela, Rakel and ceralyne return the gesture, without burping because it is not appropriate for ladies to

    partake is such disgusting acts. These women, however, were not proper ladies as they frowned on such things. So, they all joined in

    with a good belch, ever Hasir himself joined in. His belche, however was weaker than the others. If it was a contest, Aela would've

    won with her nirn-shatter belch, she would've even gotten an award for the loudest belch, if there was a sort of thing. Sadly, there

    wasn't and this was not a contest.

     Hasir pushed his chair pack from the table and sternly stared at his guests,

    "I don't know about you but," He stood up, his tail flopped down onto the floor, "I want to find out more about these bandits and

    what they have to do with Molag Bal." He paused in half turn, casting a smartassed smile at his guests. "Oh and I also want to find

    out how to remove this curse Bal so 'graciously' placed upon me and my kind." 


    He waved his fingers at them and disappeared around a corner and pulled the lone chair in front of the bookcase. I wonder if Terrfyg

    has any books on daedric curses and about petty daedric wars. He started rifling through books, ripping them out of the bookshelf

    and threw them on to floor. As the minutes wore on, the pile became steadily larger. When the pile had threatened to fall inward

    upon Hasir had he found the books he was looking for. He smiled satisfactorily, grabbed the books, got to his feet and went in the



    The air was thick with conversation, Hasir strode over to the table and placed the books, in a neat stack, down on the table. He

    perhaps put them down a bit too hard because the coversation died immediately and the khajiit, elf and the twwo nords stared at

    him, anger clearly evident in their faces because of him so brazenly interrupting their conversational flow. 


    Hasir gave them a sheepish grin,

    "Erm...sorry about that," He sat down and tenting his fingers on the table. He then gestured to the stack of books, I...er...procured

    various books to aid us in our mission." 


    He picked up the books one by one and slid each one so that they skittered across the table until they rested before each member in

    the group, all except Hasir because he already had a book in front of him. He told them to each read the book he had assigned

    them. They all looked at him as if to say 'do I really need to do this?' He stare back as if to say 'yes, now get to it.' They all groaned

    in anger and set to reading their books, or rather skim through them, the only one reading his was Hasir.


    After several minutes of dead, well almost dead, silence, everyone closed their books and looked up. Hasir looked at each of them

    and repeated thhe same question,

    "Well, What did you find?"


    Aela was the first to stand,

    The book I was given was No Love Between Daedra, and I discovered that a passage that said every few years Molag Bal picks a

    fight, or has a disagreement with, a different daedra." When she had finished, she smiled at Hasir hoping he would return the kind

    gesture, he did not, he just sat there seemingly deep in thought. Aela gingerly sat back down in her chair.


    Rakel was the next to stand,

    "Upon reading my book enntitled Daedra: A Disastrous Deal and in said book, I found an interesting passage about how bandits and

    their ilk like to worship or even follow the person...or in this case daedra...with the most power as become their worshippers." 


    Hasir peered over at Rakel and applauded,

    "Good summary Rakel, well done."

    Aela's eyes lit up with the fires of Oblivion, she stood up so fast that her chair flew into the wall, cracking some of the wood in the

    wall. Hasir heard this and whipped his head around to face her, His lips pulled back from his teeth,

    "Yes Aela, what's the problem?" He growled, his eyes seems to bore into hers.


    Aela looked positively livid,

    "How dare you, you fucking loathesome reptile! How dare you not acknowledge my story but you are quick to congratulate Rakel?"

    She pointed a long finger at the argonian menacingly, "You reptiles are all the same, ignoring those with good or juicing intel for

    someone's body." She then immated Hasir in a mocking tone, "My name's Hasir and I don't care if someone has a good idea as long

    as there is a beautiful body that I can fuck." She then looked around the table and raised her voice, never losing the sarcastic egde

    of her voice, "That's right, Hasir is fucking Rakel." She threw her hands up in the air in frustration, "Oh, come on, don't pretend you

    don't wonder where he disappear too?" She looked back into Hasir's eye and snarled. "That's right, his mind is mush and all he cares

    about is fucking his lover." 


    When the people around the table said nothing, Aela sighed in defeat and sat down again. Everyone looked at Hasir, whose face was

    as red as a supergiant on the verge of eploding, which he would shortly do. He tried to calm himself by taking deep breath, but that

    did not work.


    Hasir blew up on Aela,

    "You know what? I am not fucking Rakel, I don't know if I am ready for that yet but I do know this." He raised a clawed finger and

    pointed it at the nord across the table. "If you even insult Rakel, me or my mind again, we will have problems, that is something you

    can count on!"


    Aela was already a third of the way across the table ready to tear into Hasir with or without her wolf when Inigo stood up, grabbing

    each of them by the collars,

    "Enough, both of you. You are acting like children. Why don't we all came the fuck down and take a few deep breaths instead of

    going at each other like animals fighting over territory. Can't we just all get along?"

    Aela snarled at the khajiit,

    "Stay out of this you...you hippie! I prefer to settle my disputes with a bit of bloodshed not by waving a fucking olive branch."


    Suddenly feeling weak-kneed Inigo sat down Hasir dismissed the group, everyone went to grab their respective plates, silverware

    and mug but Hasir, still anger with Aela for wounding his pride, told everyone to just leave them and go to their rooms. The only one

    to vacate tthe table was Rakel. The others stayed in there seats.


    Hasir eyed them like a wolf who his meal before killing it,

    "Well, what are you sitting around for? Shift yourselves! Can't you see how cross I am?"

    The feline, elf and nord just looked at each other and then back at Hasir and all stood up. Hasir just looked at them with the utmost


    "Fine if you will not do that Iask," He sighed heavily, "What exactly do you want?"


    They all bicked in hushed voices who should go first,

    "Ceralyne, you or Inigo talk first, I already pitched my idea." Rakel said


    Inigo shook his head, making his mane wave about like a grass that caught a particularly strong wind,

    "No, my friend, the elf should go, since she has a better idea than I do." He said while extending his hand in her direction.


    Rakel nodded,

    "Then, it's decided, Ceralyne, pitch your idea."


    The high elf stood up and put her long fingered, golden hands on the table,

    "You dismissed us without hearing what mine or Inigo's books are about." She then made a tut tut noise while waggling her finger at

    the argonian. "That's bad manners, not accomodating your guests."


    Hasir sat back in his chair and lazily extended his hand, giving her permission to speak. "Thank you, anyway, my book was entitled

    Mysterious Creatures of Tamriel. She tossed her head back and forth, letting her brown hair whirl around her like a snake would

    encircle a tree limb.


    "I found out that among the supernatural creatures we already know exist are creatures called shadow wolves,"


    She paced back and forth between her chair and Hasir's, "Not much is known about them," She held up a finger, "except that they

    have forsaken pack life some time ago and as such live in shadowy places like caves, ruins, that sort of thing." She stopped pacing,

    and looked directly into Hasir's eyes. 


    "I also found out in the book that some shadow wolves broke free of the other mutts and are trying to blend into the civilized world,

    even though there are still certain," She gave a heavy sigh, "stigmas that surround our kind that make that kind of assimilation

    near impossbile for any wolf not accustomed to the tamrielic customs."

    Hasir clapped slowly,

    "Well, that was really imformative, it will certainly help in our hunt for the shadow wolves."


    He turned to Inigo and he flinched as if his stare was a white-hot poker. Hasir looked towardss his leather soles,

    "Inigo, I'm sorry, Erm, did you, er, find anything in the book I gave you?"


    Inigo nodded,

    I did, my friend."


    Hasir stared at him impatiently,

    "Well, care to tell us, oh and say the name of your book too."


    Inigo stood up and looked toward Hasir,

    "My book was entitled Silly Squishy Spider."


    Hasir looked at him, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Inigo laughed aloud, Hasir scowled at him,

    "Nah, sorry, I couldn't resist. My book is actually entitled Shadow Wolves: Myth or Reality?, in the book, I discovered that these

    wolves of shadow are actually sleeper agents for Molag Bal which he uses to carry out his master plan."


    Inigo drew a deep breath,

    "He sends them to distract werewolves while their leader, Adrian can round them up and dispose of them, and in doing so hopefully

     bring Hircine to his knees so that he shall bow to him and renounce his creations."

     Hasir pushed his chair back, causing it to scrap across the wood floor. He stood up and clapped enthusiastically to everyone who

    shared in this haphazard book club that he had put together, perhaps 'book club' was too strong a word. It was actually more of

    reading a book that a slimy reptile had given them and them reciting what they had found back at him. Inigo strode over to Hasir

    and put a paw on his shoulder. The argonian stopped clapping and turned towards the khajiit, he smiled but adjusted this into a

    frown when he saw Inigo's stone faced expression. 


    Hasir gave him a questioning look,

    "Inigo, whatss wrong?" He asked, left eyebrow raised


    Inigo smiled sheepishly,

    "Can we...erm...talk about this elsewhere? like downstairs?" He gave Hasir his best 'kitten eyes.'


    Hasir nodded and they both exited the kitchen and headed for the stairs that led down to the basement. Rakel followed after them,

    leaving the nord and high elf behind. Twelve steps later, the argonian, khajiit, and trying to be discreet, the nord entered the

    cavernous basement. Rakel went around back and crouched behind the ladder that led to the outside world. For whatever reason,

    she did not want to be discovered.


    She saw the argonian and khajiit walking towards her, She pressed against the wall to make herself as small as possible, they

    stopped approaching her and turned toward the altar of Hircine and walked towards it, their tails swaying as they walked.They sat

    down on the pile of furs that lay in front of the altar and started talking, about what Rakel did not know. She strained her ears to

    catch any strand of helpful information. 


    Hasir stood up and moved in front of where Rakel crouched, she tried to see around him. Alas, she could not,

    "So, Inigo, what is this about? Why have you dragged me down here?" He asked, in an impatient tone.


    Inigo bowed his head,

    "I am ready to tell you about why I fear the undead. He paused, drew a long, hard breath and continued, "The reason I fear the

    undead is because I had lost my brother, father and mother to draugr."


    Hasir's tail thumped weakly on the ground,

    "I am so sorry Ingio, but this does not explain WHY you hate undead."


    Ingio stood up abruptly, the fires of Oblivion afire in his orange eyes,

    "They died adventuring in a tomb near Whiterun called Bleak Falls Barrow, if I had been there..." He covered his face with his hands

    and began to crry.


    Hasir shook his head, laughing,

    "Is that all? That seems a pretty stupid reason to hate undead. Also, He turned toward the khajiit, "Stop being a pussy and grow a

    fucking backbone will you? By the hunting grounds, you really are pathetic."

    Inigo shot the argonian with a look that could've cut Hasir clean in two,

    "My parents and brother died, you moron, have some FUCKING SYMPATHY!" 


    Hasir raised his arms in defense,

    "Hey, take it easy, I'm sorry ok?" He asked as if that would help, it didn't.


    Inigo advanced on Hasir, eyes ablaze,

    "No, my friend, it is definitely not ok. You made fun of my family, you have crossed the line!" He snarled at the argonian.


    He lunged at Hasir. The argonian dodged this easily, causing Ingo to fly past him and collide with the wall. Rubble rained down upon

    the indigo colored khajiit. He got up, brushed the bits of rubble off of him and ran at Hasir, brandishing a silver dagger he had

    removed from his pocket. Bits of moonlight shone through a wiindow in the basement. Inigo and Rakel turned to stare, wide-eyed at

    the moonlit window. Inigo was so transfixed by the moon that he almost dropped the dagger...almost. His grip lessen somewhat but

    he still held the dagger in his fist.


    Unseen by either of them, Hasir smiled evily as he legs and arms began changing shape,

    "Bad idea, Inigo, now you will know my true strength." He said as his voice deepened. His speech was lost as he lifted his head and

    howled. Ingio heard this vocalization and turned around. He backed away and pressed himself against the wall, startled. The wolf

    lowered his head between his shoulder blades and growled at the terrified Khajiit. Twilight's long body completely blocked where

    Rakel started to change from nord to wolf. Twilight lunged at Inigo, teeth beared, ready to kill. Twilight was fast but Inigo was faster.

    he slashed out with the dagger, cutting a line from the top of the wolf's tibia to the bottom of the bone. White hot pain rippled

    outwards from the wound. The wolf yelped in pain.


    The black and white wolf lunged again at Inigo, lips pulled back and teeth bared. Inigo dodged out of the way. Twilight slashed the

    air where, minutes before, the khajiit stood. Hasir was running on pure adrenaline, he started to feel lightheaded but he shook it off.

    Rakel, or rather Accalia got to her feet and rapidly shook her brown head, padded out from behind the ladder and ran to position

    herself between Inigo and Hasir. The two wolves encircled each other, growling. Twilight toyed with Accalia, biting at her front paws.

    He growled at her again, trying to make her move so he could get to the khajiit. Accalia denied that request, she finally got so fed

    up with Hasir's toying with her and slashed at him with a huge front paw. Her blow cut his skin but he healed at an unusually high

    rate, so the skin and hair grew back in a heartbeat. 


    She looked at him, perplexed. She had no idea about how he could heal that fast. Sure, werewolves heal at a faster rate the normal

    men, mer and beast races, but not THAT fast. Twilight swiped at Rakel with a paw the same size as hers, she ragdolled through the

    air and slammed against the wall next to the shrine. Her brown fur became speckled with grey as she became covered in rubble,

    she stood up with effort. let out a loud yelp as pain shot through her right front paw. held it off the ground, fearing it was broken.

    Accalia limped over to twilight and put her head on this unkown wolf's shoulder, begging him to see reason and cease this violence.

    Twilight had to squint to see her properly as his vision was starting to get blurry.


    His body felt weak, he did not have the strength anymore to stand and fight, all the desire to fight seeped out of him like the poison

    was doiing, except in the opposite direction. He walked hunched over and panting to Accalia's side and with one last, pitiful whine,

    he collapsed right near her. Accalia licked his face, his head lolled to one side and his body lay still.