C.O.T.W Chapter 19: An Unexpected Surprise

  • Hasir and Ceralyne stepped out into the crisp evening air, by the position of the moon, he know that it was around eight o'clock. He

    had an hour to pay a vist to Aracadia's and have her teach him the different plants in her shop and their abilites, train him how to

    mix a potion for both him and Ceralyne and get back in time of the nightly service. Hasir's head lowered as he focused on the task at

    hand. He and Ceralyne both went oveer to Arcadia's Cauldron and Hasir apped on the door with his knuckles. no Answer, he tried

    again with the same result. 


    Hasir swore under his breath. This made Ceralyne concerned. She looked up and saw a light come on in an upstairs window. That

    must be Arcadia''s bedroom she tought.


    She turned to Hasir,

    Hasir, that's her window up there. How are we going to get her attention from down here?"


    Hasir's face brightened,

    "Hey Arcadia, you have clients down here, get your ass out of bed!" He yelled at the top of his lungs.


    Hearing this, the potions mistress got up, went downstairs and unlocked the door. The argonian smirked at the elf, who looked

    unamused by this. The lizard and the elf double--teeamed the door. The argonian and high elf both gasped as they beheld the fully

    stocked interior. There were shelves of potions next to the door and a desk near the rear wall of the shop and an alchemy table

    tucked in the corner of the shop. Behind the desk, Hasir saw was the Imperial woman, he and the elf approached her.

    Arcadia smiled,

    "What are you looking for? we have various kinds of potions and poisons." She said, giving off an air of a professional saleswoman.

    Pick your poison, ahem, please pardon the pun. I just couldn't help myself." She said laughing, 


    Hasir took out a coin purse from his leather bag that was attached to his armor and placed it on the counter,

    "My friend and I were wondering if you could teach uss how to craft our own potionss." He said, a trifle nervously, smiling at her,

    Arcadia was unsre if that was a genuine smile or a menacing snarl.


    Arcadia nodded and directed them over to the alchemy table, the went over to it. The Imperial plucked a few leaves from some

    plants laying around her shop. She ground them up using the alchemy station. When she was finished, she grabbed two empty vials

    from the shelf next to the alchemy table. She poured the potion into the vials and handed Hasir and Ceralyne the vials and told them

    to drink it. The argonian and elf did as Arcadia asked. Immediately they could feel a strange warmth course through his body.


    Arcadia smiled at them,

    "The potion you just drank is called restore health. It can be quite handy if you are injured or tired."


    Now that you saw how a potion is made, I now ask you to craft some for yourselves. Hasir set to work on the alchemy table and

    grabbed some blue mountain flower and butterfly wing, mix them up and poured the resulting red liguid in some vials he found on a

    shelf next to the alchemy table. He put the vials into his leather bag. He also made some restore and regenerate magicka and

    regenerate health potions  He also put those into his leather bag. He decided he will split the potions once he exited the shop.

    Unseen by either the argonian, elf or imperial, a nord was standing in the shadows of the shop with her back against a pillar, arms

    crossed, Hasir went into the back rooom of the shop to grab more ingredients when a nord hand came out of nowhere and 

     made contact with his nose. The argonian yelped in pain, vigorously rubbing his bruised nose. The firuge steeped out the shadows

    and Hasir coulld seee a look of both frustration and anger etched on Rakel's face.


    Rakel looked like a ripe beet,

    "Hasir, you are a fucking dumbass." She said as she picked up a basket and threw it at him.


    He put his hands over his head to shield himself,

    "Hey, dammit Rakel, say it don't thorw it."


    She advanced on the argonian, forcing him into a wall, effectively cutting off his retreat,

    "When I entered Whiterun a few hours ago, I saw you with another woman."


    Hasir eyed her nervously,

    Rakel, it isn't what it looks like, She and I are just friends, nothing more, I only have eyes for you; you know that." He said,

    half smiling at her.


    Rakel crossed her arms once more, joined by a rapid tapping of her foot,

    "Oh? Does this 'she' have a name?"


    Hasir told Rakel of how he met a beautiful Altmer female that hailed from the Summerset Isles and how they instantly hit it off as

    friends. He said her name was Ceralyne. He also said he would never replace Rakel as she is the most beautiful nord in all of

    Tamriel. Rakel seemed to have lost some of her edge, which had softened somewhat as she heard Hasir clarify that he and Ceralyne

    were just friends. Rakel said she still had her doubts but she helped him up and went over to a table that sat in the corner. She

    helped Hasir in the seat after putting his crutches against the wall.


    In return, Rakel told the argonian about how she and the members of the circle traveled to Windhelm to greet the tsaesci and the

    blue khajiit, about Moonman's death and about their retrieval of the last two totems of Hircine. Hasir's forehead creased as he tried

    to ponder on why Moonman had died along with how he died. The nord told him that he died because of Quinchal's foolhardy desire

    to regain the vampire blood and regain favor with his ancestors.


    Hasir told her about Adrian, Ceralyne's brother, his pact with Molag Bal and the daedric lord's plan to wipe out all lycanthropes from

    Tamriel. He could see a look of growing concern on her face. 


    She turned to face him,

    "Hounds of Hircine, that's terrible news, the Frostmoon pack and the companions will be in really grave danger if what you say is



    Hasir laughed at her,

    "It is true, you dim-witted nord." He pushed her ever so slightly, enough that she had to flail her arms to try and keep her balance.



     Rakel looked at the clock Arcadia had hung on the wall,

    "By Hircine, it is almost nine o'clock, Hasir, we should get a move on."


    She and Hasir vacated their stools. Hasir grabbed his crutches, positioning each under his arm and they started to walk out of the

    store when Arcadia called out to them. She plucked two plants for the wall behind her and tossed one to each of them.When they

    asked what it was, Arcadia told them it was blue moutain flower. She said it is supposed to heal broken bones.


    Hasir crutched up to Arcadia, 

    Um, Aracadia, how do I use this?" He asked as he held the flower by its stem, "I am only a novice in alchemy."


    Arcadia sighed,

    "Hasir, do I have to show you everything?" She handed him a sheet of paper. The argonian's forehead creased as he worked out

    what was on the sheet of paper and why she would give it to him.


    She tented her fingers on the countertop as she eyed the argonian,

    This," she said, pointing to the parchment, "is alchemical instructions on what to do with the blue mountain flower. What you need to

    do," She jabbed Hasir in the chest with her finger, "Is take the flower and the instructions over to that alchemy table and follow the

    instruction to make a potion that will suit your needs."

    Hasir walked over to the alchemy table, closely followed by Rakel and Ceralyne. Once he got to the table loade with mortor pestals

    and other instruments, he lifted his leather bag from his shoulder and dropped his bag on the floor and unfurled the sheet that

    Arcadia had given him. the list read as follows:

    Potion of Mending

    1 blue mountain flower, finely ground

    2 bonemeal, finely ground

    1 mora tapinella mushroom, finely ground

    1 blisterwort, finely ground

    1 bunch juniper berries, for masking horrible taste

    Hasir had to double take, because he had no idea that a simple potion could contain so many ingredients. He looked around the

    shop, pulling ingredients off of shelves and those he didn't find, he bought from Arcadia because he knew she would carry the

    hard to find ingredients. With all ingredients in hand, Hasir went back over to the alchemy table and set to work. He reach into his

    bag and extract every ingredient but the jupier berrie and placed them in the mortar. He picked up the masther, or pestle as

    alchemists call it, and began mashing the ingredients. He used both stirring motions and mashing motions to work the ingredients

    and a sculture would work stone or clay, to get the desires result.

    Once he mashed the ingredients into the prefered graneolar thickness, he added water that he had in his pack and the ingredients

    mixed with the water so that a red liquid fill the mortar. He then grabbed two vials from the shelf above the allchemy station and

    ppoured the solution into each, he top the off with one juniper berry each, which dissolved into the mixture. Satisfied, he smiled to

    himself as he placed corks atop each bottle. He placed the bottles into his leather bag. He, Rakel and Ceralyne left the shop and

    headed for the underforge for the upcoming service.




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