B.O.T.B Frostmoon Crag Blues: Wolfborn

  • The deer's eyes went wide and he turned to run but the wolf was upon it in seconds ripping it to pieces, He torn the skin and bones

    from the meat. He abandoned the skin and bones and went to work at the meat. He tore greedily into the meat and ate until he

    was  satisfied. The sun poked its head above the trees, the fiery light lit up the forest floor which was littered with leaves and pine

    needles atop a bed of freshly fallen snow. Sunshine howled as he transformed back. Ruurgud stood up from his position in the

    ground. He removed the bag from his shoulder and placed his bag on the ground. He removed some arrows along with a wooden

    bow from the leather bag placed on the ground.


    Rugrud crouched down and nocked an arrow to the drawstring. He exhaled fully as he pulled the drawstring back with two fingers

    placed gently on the drawstring. He pulled the string back until it was taut, found his target, a small faun and loosed the arrow, it

    whizzed through the air, he heard a dull 'thud' as the arrow found its mark. The arrow stuck out of the faun's heart and it made a

    sound and fell sideways, dead. Rugrud ealked, crouched over, to a nearby tree, he leaned out from behind it and looked left and

    right to make sure there was no additional prey or predators. Seeing the coast was clear, he knelt down and extracted the arrow

    from the young deer carcass and picked up the pelt he had skinned from the faun plus the one from the adult deer and placed them

    inside his dark brown leather bag..


    He slung the carcassrd of the two deer longways over his shoulder. He walked back to camp, over the snowy hills, trees and rocks.

    He made it back to camp. Looking over his shoulder, his eyes grew as big as marbles as he saw a clearly defined trail of thick

    crimson liquid through the snow starting from where he shot the faun. He snapped his head back to the task at hand. He saw Sigried

    teaching Majni how to shoot a bow. 


    He came up behind her and covered her eyes with his hand,

    "Guess who?" He asked her in a singsong voice.


    Sigried could've heard him come from a mile away, knew those heavy footfalls,

    "Hmmmm...let me guess, Rugrud back from kill two deer with food," She sniffed the air, "smells like venison if my nose is correct."


    Rugrud remove his hand, put it on her shoudler and turned her around,

    "You are correct, and you prize is a night alone with me, no kids, we ccan do whatever you want."


    Sigried suddenly looked concerned,

    "Who will look after the kids? Rakel isn't old enough to be left alone." She said, her forehead creased.


    Rugrrud Dropped the rolled up deer pelts from his hunt and placed them on the ground, and unfurled them in front of the fire.


    Her husband already thought ahead,

    "We can have Majni look after her," She gave him a worried look, "Give Majni a chance, I bet he will do fine, besides, if he needs us,

    he can always give a howl."


    Sigried's worried look stayed,

    "I-I don't know, he is still a kid himself." She said, sitting on one of the deer pelts next to the fire.


    At this, Rugrud rolled his eyes,

    "Honey, they will be fine, now. I wager you have not eaten in a while." 


    She turned her head in his direction,

    "What? me? no, no, I had a big lunch earlier, I'm fine."


    He groaned, moved his hand slowly down his face, as if annoyed,

    "Not you, your wolf, Sky, she needs to feed in order to keep her strength in order to participate in any future hunts that Hircine has."


    Sigried looked down towards the snowy floor,

    Um...yeah, about that, I don't know if Hircine made a mistaken in choosing me for his gift."


    Rugrud looked at her frowning,

    "What do you mean?"


    Sigried told him about how Hircine only chooses strong wolves for his pack, about how she is not sure she is strong because she just

    gave birth to Rakel two days ago. She also told Rugrud about how Rakel needs caring for and if she goes out hunting every night,

    than Rakel will have no parental guidance. The fire crackled between them, the fire cast shadows over the camp under the overhang,

    giving it an almost surreal feeling. Like the flames, sigried's feeling about her wolf rose and fell, unlike her husband, who was proud

    to be a werewolf, she had her doubts about it.


    Rugrud remebered something and went over to his leather bag that lay a short distance away from the fire, leaning against their

    tent, which in turn was set up three feet away from the shrine of Hircine, which was what the werewolves built their camp around,

    rummaged in it and extrack two skinned deer carcasses.


    He came back, ripped of a chuck of venison and gave it to Siegrid. He then istructed her to give Majni and Rakel small pieces of

    venison. She went to their tent and gave Majni a small piece of vension, he eyed it curiosly and started eating it. When Sigried was

    satisfied that he was all set, she went over to the fur cocoon lying in the corner, ripped of small pieces of vension and gave them

    one by one to Rakel. Tiny hands protruded from the furs and grabbed at the meat. She then brought the meat to her mouth and

    started sucking on it. Sigriend smiled and cuddled next to her little wolf and drifted off to sleep.