C.O.T.W Chapter 13: To Cure A Lycanthrope

  • Inigo got up from where he sat and started to go to his seat at the back of the boat when Quinchal's voice came over to intercom.

    "Inigo," Quinchal called, in a level-headed voice, "May I ask why you are so scared of the undead?" Inigo shook his head,

    "Sorry, my friend, in time, maybe, but right now, let's just get to finding those artifacts, okay?" Quinchal nodded.

    The ship made its way through the Padomaic ocean, speeding past lesser islands and bits of debris like bits of wood in the water.

    "How long until we get to Akavir?" Inigo and Moonman asked together over the intercom via the reciever hanging beside the


    Quinchal checked the compass, he chimed in over the intercom and told the cat and nord that they would reach their destination

    when the moon is above the ocean. 

    "Inigo, hold on to something, there is an obstruction of some kind about six knots in front of the bow." He shouted over the

    speaker system.

    Inigo and the nord did as the tsaesci instructed. He looked around for anything to hold onto, failing to find a sturdy handhold, he

    resigned to clutching the seat with his paw-like hands, he held on so tight that he started to felt his hands were going numb,

    giving him a 'pins and needles' sensation' that truly terrified him. 

    Moonman had more luck than Inigo and found a nearby pole which he wrapped his arms around. When the object came into view,

    the tsaesci saw that it was a five foot tall iceberg, well, it looked smaller because the majority of it was underwater. Quinchal

    swerved hard to portside to avoid it. The ship nearly toppled over when he did this maneuver and poor Inigo was starting to think

    his brain stopped sensing his hands because of how numb they had become. The ship passed by, unscathed.

    Quinchal told Inigo and Moonman that they can let go of what he was holding on to. Moonman let go of the pole he had clung onto.

    Inigo breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Well that is good, I am happy to have my hands wake up from their little nap," He said, flexing his fingers, He would have laughed

    at this, but, he did not feel amused at the moment. 

    Moonman got up from his seat and went to the upper deck.

    "Um, Quinchal, sorry to interrupt, but, are we there yet?"

    Turning to face him, Quinchal told him that the sun has set, and soon the moon will shine brightly upon the glass surface of the


    "Meaning what?" Moonman asked, a little confused.

    Quinchal sighed angrily, "Meaning we will be there soon." He said through gritted teeth. "Now go back below decek, take your seat

    and relay the information to Inigo would you?" Moonman did as he asked.

    The ship reached Akavir at nine o'clock in the evening. Quinchal knew he would not change into his wolf form here because of small

    trace amounts of silver dust that lay scattered about the water. 

    The people down below do not know this, I must tell them to avoid confusion or panic He thought. He picked up the brown receiver

    in his golden reptilian hands and pressed the button on the side of the device so that he could be hear.

    "Attention Inigo and Moonman, we have reached Akavir, it is night, not to worry though, you will not transform whilst we are in

    Akavir because the water has minute traces of silver particles dissolved in its water."

    Down below deck, Inigo got up from his seat, pushed the button on his receiver.

    "My friend is there anyone here who can cure the moon sickness? I ask this because I will be much happier as a normal tree-

    climbing, fur licker than a-," then he paused and thought about his next thought. "Never mind I already told you I-nevermind." He

    switched of the reciever and replaced it on the hook and went back to his seat. 

    "moonman, what about you, how do you feel about the idea of being a lycanthrope?" Quinchal's voice was like a cold knife that cut

    through the silence that was clearly evident below deck. MMoonman was dosing on the bench next to Inigo, the blue cat gave him a

    nudge with his elbow, but to no effect, Inigo kicked the nord, but he misjubehind the bench in front of him.dged his strength and the

    poor nord, still unconscious, slid off of the bench like a dead fish and fell in a heap on the floor. 

    The Nord yelped upon impact with the wooden floor, which caused him to wake up.

    He sat there, dazed for a minute or two until he heard Inigo's voice chiming loudly over his pounding head.

    "Moonman, you dumb nord, the tsaesci asked you a quuestion."

    "Huh what?" Moonman said, still a bit dazed from the bump on the head Inigo have inadvertently given him. "Oh, oh, right, sorry."

    He said as he got up and went to the front of the room where the speaker and receiver were.

    "Quinchal, can you repeat your question?" He said as he spoke into the woden device. When Quinchal repeated his question, it

    was burning with anger. The tsaesci did not know, however, that the nord had been asleep during him asking Moonman about his

    take on lycanthropy, whether or not he wanted to cure it.

    "I do not want to cure my lycanthropy, whether you and iniog and you do is on you guys, I like being a werewolf. It is not a curse

    like you may believe it is, it is a blessing that the wolflord has granted his chirldren and if you want to cure this so-called curse

    you go right ahead." He slammed the reciever down on the bench

    Inigo heard the explosive 'bang' as the reciever hit the bbench with eccesive force before he saw it. He turned around, his eyes went

    wide when he saw that Moonman had split the bench beside him right down the middle due to the force of the receiver being

    slammed down on it. the khajiit tore his eyes from the broken bench to look, concerned at Moonman, whose face was twisted into a

    malicious mask of rage. 

    Inigo invited Moonman to sit next to him so they can talk.The nord did just that, after denying a couple of times, saying he was


    "My friend, what has got you so angry? The khajiit asked as he faced the nord. "Better to talk abut your feelings than keep them

    bottled up inside." At least that is what my adoptive father told me He thought. The nord's protective wall began to come down, he

    also knew Inigo would keep this little talk between them. Moonman sighed, he thought it best when his emtions were on a level

    playing field,

    "Inigo, I know Quinchal wants to cure his lycanthropy," for emphasis, he pointed upstairs, the khajiit nodded in response. the thing

    is though," Moonman sat there, rubbing his hands together as though he felt a slight chill in the air, "He wants all of us to cure our

    because he thinks we are miserable with the 'curse' as he puts it, but we are not, we," He pointed to Inigo and himself, are happy,

    this is a blessing not a curse."

    While the nord was talking, the blue cat sat there with one leg slightly more extended than the one, listening intently, as his tail,

    which hung down from the bench, was swaying slowly from side to side. After the nord was done talking, he opened his mouth to


    "My friend, why don't you talk to Quinchal and explain how you feel about him speaking for you and saying that you want to cure

    your lycanthropy, which is not the case. Inigo turned to the nord, how about you try that, my friend? I am sure he will understand if

    you just explain your situation to him."

    Moonman got up and walked past the three rows of benches to the stairs that lead to the upper deck, ascended them and turned the

    doorknob. When he got outside, he sniffed the cold night air. There was an unsettling stink afloat in the air, he knew there was

    trouble ahead. He walked across the deck to yyet another flight of steps, he ascended these and stop at the top, not eight feet in

    front of him Quinchal standing behind the wheel of the ship with his claw-like hands clamped onto it.

    Moonman walked up behind him. 

    "So, Quinchal, I heard what you said about me."

    Quinchal spun around

    "What? I-I did not say-" Quinchal began, breathing heavily while beads on sweat danced on his forehead. He backed away from the

    nord, his nostrils flared and eyes darting every which way, closing the distance on the tsaesci, who felt for a handhold. finding one a

    last, he stood with his back to it shaking like a leaf, his usually red eyes now a cowardly shade of pink.

    Moonman encircled him like a wolf would its prey

    "Quinchal, I know what you did," He said again, "I don't appreciate it."

    He clamped his hands down on the tsaesci's yellow ones 

    "That was a downright fucking lie you told about me wanting to cure my lycanthropy." He hissed at Quinchal, leaning so close that

    Quinchal had to grasp the starboard railing for support. 

    "What do you have to say for yourself, I should throw you overboard for this, SPEAK!" A clear note of rage was heard in Moonman's

    voice, either it was rage or his wolf letting its presence become known. 

    Quinchal was too scared to say anything, but when it did come, his voice sounded shaky. 

    "Well, I-I thought that you want to cure your-, He swallowed hard, I mean to say that I thought you were unhappy with your wolf."

    Mooonman raised his hand, balled it into a fist and was about to hit Quinchal square in the face, Quinchal was expecting it to as he

    flinched, but, the nord took a deep breath and relaxed his hand and lowered it to his side, the tsaesci breathed a sigh of relief

    Moonman tried to level with Quinchal.

    "Look, Quinchal, you are a nice guy, but you just can't just assume someone is going to do something just because you want to.

    You need to focus on yourself, stop worrying about others. What they think, feel and do is nothing of your concern." He finished and

    heard Inigo come up the stairs, closed the door to the ship's lower deck and came up the second small flight of stairs to join them.

    Moonman, still looking at the cowering form of Quinchal, said,

    "Inigo, no need to play the sly cat, I know you're there." Moonman chuckled, but stayed where he was to prevent Quinchal's escape.

    Inigo cursed uunder his breath,

    "I thought no one would see me, I guess I am not as sneaky as I think I am. Anyway, that line you spouted, that...was one of

    mine, how dare you steal it without me knowing."

    Inigo smiled at the nord, not wanting to show anger or any other false emotions towards his friends. The cat turned to Quinchal.

    So, are you going to put what my friend here is saying into action?" He advanced on Quinchal, the blue cat's eye bore into the


     The Tsaesci nodded, nervously.

    "Good, see that you do." Inigo snarled.

    The blue khajiit stopped staring down the tsaesci and moved aside, letting Quinchal get back to his post. He and Moonman went

    back below deck to take their seats as Quinchal manuvered the ship through the akavirian waters to their destination.

    When they were seated properly Moonman asked Inigo about how he got those scar.

    "My friend, I do not think now is an opportunne time to tell this story as I want both you and the tsaesci present when I weave that

    impressive yarn."

    Inigo looked over and apologized to the nord.

    "Anything else you would like to know?"

    Moonman said he did have a few questions, Inigo told him not told hold back, to ffire away as the old saying goes, however, Inigo

    wondered if there was any fire involved as he had not heard this phrase before, yet his mouth had uttered it. The nord asked the

    khajiit where he was born and how he got his bluish fur color. Inigo sighed and told him that he had already answered that question

    when he was in the carriage.

    "Were you not paying attention my friend? Should I have shouted it so you could hear it? No,, you were there, you must've heard

    it." He looked corncernedly at Moonman, who was fidgeting with his shirt buttons so that Inigo could not see the look of

    embarrasement etched onto his face. Innigo and Moonman both yawned and bade their goodnight to each other and stretched out

    on the wooden benches, covered themselves with furs found under their benches and went to sleep



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