C.O.T.W Chapter 12: The Bloodmoon Rises

  • Inigo, Moonman and Quinchal walked past Jorrvaskr, down the steps near the gildergreen, past Arcadia's cauldron, the

    lights were on, pushed open the gates of Whiterun and out iinto the fields that ran for as far as the eye could see near the whiterun

    stables.  After a long silence, Inigo and Moonman spoke,

    "Pardon my asking, but, where exactly are we headed?" They inquired

    "I docked my ship, The Crimson Fang, at the Windhelm docks," Quinchal told Inigo and moonman with a smile, he then walked near

    a rock that was jutting up out of the ground diagonally from the stables.

    "We can either get there by swimming, walking or...we can ask this guy if we can hire his carriage." He smirked, pointing at Bjorlam

    with his thumb.

    He looked in the direction where Quinchal's thumb was pointing, in a sort of hitch-hiking gesture, and nodded.

    "That is a good, idea, my friend, I shall ask." Inigo stated. He walked over to the carriage that stood by a large straw topped

    building with three horse stables.

    "Excuse me sir, but my friends and I need to get to Windhelm and we were wondering if we could hire your carriage." Inigo smiled

    what he thought was a warm and friendly smile. Bjorlam nodded and said the journey would cost him sixty gold pieces. The blue

    khajiit said that they would be paying seperately. Inigo reached into his trouser pocket and brought out a leather bag tied tightly

    with string, pulled the string and tipped twenty septims into Bjorlam's outstretched had. Inigo pointed to the golden skinned lizard

    sitting on the rock.

    "He also has to pay if he wants to go as well." Bjorlam said with a authoritative tone. Inigo called over to Quinchal who came over

    and pulled his coin purse out and gave the driver twenty septims for his journey to Windhelm. Moonman did the same as his

    friends.Bjorlam smiled broadly whle clapping his hands together.

    "Okay, the gold is paid, now, get in back of the carriage and we'll be on our way." 

    Quinchal, Moonman and Inigo clambered in back of the carriage and took their seats upon the wooden benches, Inigo sat next to

    Moonman while Quinchal took the bench opposite. When they were seated, they gave Bjorlam the thumbs up and he sped off into

    the night.

    The wheels of the carriage cruched over the cobblestones. While the carriage was in motion, Quinchal looked at Inigo.

    "My friend, are you okay?" He asked, a little worried

    Quinchal nodded, "Yes, I'm ok Inigo," He pasued and took a deep breath and tented his fingers in front of his face trying to find the

    best way to ask his inquiry, I wanted to asked you a question Inigo." He sighed, He silently hoped the khajiit would not get mad.

    how did you get your fur as dark as the night sky?" 

    Inigo let out a small chuckle, "That is not an insulting question, you are just curious, my friend, very well, I will tell you." Inigo

    recalled the story as if he had told it a million times before.

    "I got what you call "fur the color as the night sky' because where I live. He pointed to himself to emphasize the point, "in

    Elsweyr, a small town by the name of Riverhold, a blue furred khajiit is seen as a bad moon omen. Inigo sighed, "do you understand

    what that means, my friend?" Quinchal shook his head.

    Inigo pressed on with his tale, "Fearing that the gaurds would sentence me to death, my mom, Atala, spirited me and my brother,

    Fergus, away to a local orphanage in Elsweyr called Running Sands orphanage. There I was told to wait for my new loving foster

    parents." Quinchal waved his hand in a 'go on' gesture. He did not want the story to end, he was enjoying Inigo's tale. Inigo smiled.

    "I am pleased to hear you enjoy my story, my friend."


    Quinchal shifted in his seat, "you're welcome Inigo, was Fergus as darkly furred as you?" He asked, one eyebrow raised.

    "No, my brother Fergus was born on a bright sunny day, my mom used to called us sun and moon because of how our fur color was

    derived from the lunar activities that perspired during our conception." Inigo chuckled a little at his own joke. As the

    carriage rumbled past roadsigns, over bridges and splaashed through rivers, Inigo told Quinchal about how he and Fergus were

    finally adopted from the orphanage after three days by a pair of assassins named Leia and Da Vinci. The khajiit told the tsaesci of

    how his parents brought them to their new home and wanted to train them to be assassins like his parents, but he and Fergus

    eventually found their own paths in life. He joined a bandit troupe and was successful at it until one job gone south landed him in

    Riften jail.

    "What about Ferguus? where did his path lead?" Quinchal asked Inigo

    "I am not entirely sure, after my parents let me and Fergus roam free in the world, I only know where my path took me." He

    lowered his head and shook it slowly, "I am not sure where Fergus ended up." Inigo said, sadly. Quinchal thought he had

    overstepped an invisible boundaries, so he switched topics. 

    Quinchal prodded Inigo's mind, "Inigo, mind if I ask you something?" 

    The khajiit nodded, seemingly coming out of the funk he was in when he talked about his lost brother,

    "Sure, my friend, what is it?" the indigo khajiit asked

    "In akavir, I was turned by Hasir into something I didn't want to become and I am still thinking about finding the cure.

    "My kind are not supposed to be werewolves, we were made as Molag Bal's children, not Hircine's." He

    told the khajiit, he then asked Inigo the same question he had been mulling over since Akavir. 

    "Do I want to be a werewolf?" Inigo said, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. "well, it's better than living life as a filthy

    member of the undead." He looked over and heard a loud, disgruntly huffing noise come from Quinchal's lips, He quickly apologized

    to him, Quinchal thanked him. "My frame would look crooked as a werewolf, and I prefer my frame to be properly aligned." 

    To this, Quinchal's face screwed up in confusion. Inigo apologized, saying that is the way he speaks, in a kind of poetic way. As the

    carriage was passing high snowcapped mountains, Inigo told Quinchal that where he comes from, Elsweyr, lycanthropy is unheard

    of. and furhurmore he cannot see himself as a 'bottom sniffing fur licker.'

    Within minutes, the carriage arrived at windhelm. It took the road in front of the bridge and turned right to travel down a slope.

    Qunchal told Bjorlam to stop as his ship came into view. It seemed, at least to Quinchal, that it had been years since he had

    last piloted the crimson fang.

    "Okay, here we are, Windhelm, please be careful about getting out." Bjorlan said

    The tsaesci, the nord and the khajiit got out, waved goodbye to Bjorlam and headed for the ship.

    Quinchal waded into the icy water with Inigo and moonman close behind. They got to the bow of the ship. Quinchal knocked on the

    ship's portside and ropes came tumbling down from nowhere, or at least to Inigo, it seemed that way. Unseen by Inigo, the ropes

    were attached to the mast of the ship and were tripped by a motion sensor tied to the ship's portside. The pair scrambled up to rope

    ladder and Inigo went through a door to the lower deck of the ship where he and Moonman took their seats on the third bench of

    ten benches, five on each size of the central pole that fixed the lower half of the ship to the upper half of the boat.Quinchal pulled

    the throttle towards hiim, making the ship's engine come to life. He turned the wheel so that the ship's bow was pointed east

    towards Akavir, he dialed in Zhoushin pass into the ship's compass.

    "Inigo, moonman, ready to find two more of Hircine's artifacts?" Quinchal said over the speaker's situated on each side of the door

    to the upper deck. The pair press a red buutton that was wired to the speaker and said they were.

    Quinchal sped the board towards Akavir. Inigo and moonman laid back and closed his eyes as the gentle rocking of the boat lulled

    both of them to sleep. The waters were calm for a time, the ship cut through the waves like a knife through butter, then, the wave

    got rough and started battering the ship like a ram would headbutt another ram for dominance. Inigo was almost knocked off

    balance as a particularly large wave banged into the sides of the ship. "Quinchal, what's going on?" The blue cat said through the


    Picking up the reciever, Quinchal told them that he wasn't sure, lo he hung up the reciever on the hook by the wheel, looked at the

    water with his eyes wide, something reddish-orange and round was reflecting in the water's surface. He then looked up into the sky

    with that same freightened expression etched into his face.

    "Gods preserve us! It is a bloodmoon."

    Inigo asked what a bloodmoon was, which Quinchal had to strain his ears to discern what the khajiit was saying both because

    he was seated far away from Quinchal, at least five benches away, and because it was hard to hear over the bombardment of the

    five foot high waves as they crashed iinto the ship, ssplling water over the ship like a toddler would spill milk on a counter. 

    "Inigo, the bloodmoon is often seen as a bad omen, meaning bad things are about to happen, either that or someone has angered

    Hircine in some way."

     Inigo got up from his seat, walked past the rows of wooden benches and walked up the steps that lead to the front of the ship.

    Inigo looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary. 

    Maybe the bloodmoon is not as powerful as everyone thinks, He thought.

    That particular thought entered his mind a little too latebecause at the front of the room, among the flickering lights on the various

    bits of silver machinery was Quinchal. His body had turned translucent. His clothes fell off of him and he rose up into the sky, looking

    like he was in some trance or suspended animation.  

    While he was in that state of suspended animation, he looked like a puppet being contolled by an invisible puppeteer. Inigo had to

    shield his eyes with one blue paw as he squinted to see Quinchal glowing with a yellow light. The light started from his toes and

    went all the way to his head, it looked like he had a yellow aura surrounding him. 

    Inigo gasped as the yellow aura seemed too retreat in Quinchal's body, transforming him into a wolf. Once transformed, the light left

    Quinchal's, or rather, Langshen's, body. The black, tan and white wolf floated down to lay on the control room floor, unconscious. 

    Why haven't I changed? The smart blue cat thought, Oh, right, it is because of the bad moon omen, and, if I dd change, my fleas

    would yell at me for it.

    A few minutes passed and Langshen awoke, looking at himself and wondered how long he was to remain a wolf. Inigo walked up to

    him, bent down and began to pet him. 

    "Do not worry, my little wolf friend, I will be able to speak on your behalf. How did you come to be like this anyway?" The Khajiit

    asked. He then looked up into the sky and immediately understood. 

    "Great," he said, sitting against the ship's port side railing with his head in his hands, now what am I to do? I have no idea how long

    the bloodmoon is up for, and on top of that, my friend is in wolf form and is incapable of piloting the ship in this state." 

    Seeing no other option, Inigo curled up into a ball and went to sleep.

    The sun peaked over the bow of the ship, Inigo yawned and started cleaning himself when he heard a noise coming from where

    Quinchal lay, no longer a wolf.

    "By the nines, Ingio. Can you at least turn away from when you clean your unmentionnables?" Inigo blsuhed a deep crimson

    and apologized to the tseasci.

    Quinchal got up slowly, as though every bone in his body was on fire, which was, in fact, the case, and walked over to where the

    khajiit sat just inches from him. He found a chair on the upper deck of the ship near the khajiit and sat in it, he turned and faced

    Inigo, "Also, another thing," Inigo llifted his head.

    "Yes, what is it? I am always here if you want to talk."

    Inigo," Quinchal sighed, "Why did you dream about chasing you tail last night?" Inigo went bright red.

    "Um, erm...sorry, I did not mean for you to hear that." He mumbled under his breath. Quinchal asked Inigo why he did not change

    under the influence of the blood moon. Inigo shrugged,

    "As I told you, I was already influenced by an unsual lunar ocurrence, remember?" Quinchal nodded. He then asked the khajiit if he

    felt anything odd when Hasir's wolf, frost, had scratched him. Inigo said he felt a little gassy but other than that, he did not notice

    any weird changes. He reminded Quinchal that the khajiit do not contract lycanthropy that easily. Qiunchal nodded and dismissed


    The khajiit returned to his seat below deck and noticed Moonman went through the same thing that the tsaesci went through.

    He knelt down and offered to helped his friend up, Moonman took his hand and stood up. They heard the engines return to full

    power and they were off for Akavir once more.



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