C.O.T.W. Chapter 10: Lame Wolf

  • Rakel looked around for a way to lift the unconscious argonian and get him somewhere to get fixed up. She called for anyone who

    would listen to come and help. The local blacksmith spotted them as he was preparing to smith an iron cuirass, he put down his

    hammer on the workbench and ran to help. 


    "Sir, my friend is hurt. He suffered a broken bone." Rakel said frantically.



    Alvar turned his head and called for his wife, Sigrid, who was hanging fresh clothes on a clothesline. As she was putting the final

    clothespin into place, she shot his a look that sent shivers down Alvar's spine.


    "What is it?" She yelled, clearly not happy about him interrupting her morning chores.


    "Someone is hurt, I-I don't know his name, but we have to help." He stopped and thought, a light bulb went off in his head, "go get

    Bjorlam, tell him we need to borrow his carriage."


    Silgrid nodded her head and ran to Whiterun, which is actually closer than most outsiders think. It is actually the next town over

    from the small settlement of Riverwood.

    What seemed like hours later, Alvar's wife, Sigrid came back to Riverwood riding shotgun in Bjorlam's carriage. "Whoa there."

    Bjorlam pulled the reins hard to make the horse stop. When the horse came a full stop, both he and Sigrid stepped down to find two

    people surrounding a shadowy figure. Upon further inspection, they could see what the people were kneeling next to was an

    argonian with a makeshift brace on its left leg.

    Bjorlam spoke after reaching the unconscious lizard's form. 


    "How did he come to be like this?" He asked, shocked.


    "Sir, this man's wife literally sprinted to get you because, you see my friend here," She motioned towards the argonian, "he suffered

    a broken leg and he fell unconscious while we were walking back for Broken Fang cave."

    Bjorlam nodded as if he understood, "Can you lift him onto my carriage so you and I can transport him to Whiterun?" He asked.



    Rakel nodded firmly,

    "Yes, I can do that." Bjorlam grabbed the Argonian's arms and Rakel grabbed his legs, careful not to put pressure on his broken leg. 

    "Here we go, ready? 1...2...3!"



    Rakel and Bjorlam lifted Hasir onto the back of the cart, lying him against one of the seats' wooden backrests. They positioned his

    legs so that one leg was bent at the knee with his foot on the floor of the carriage while the injured leg was propped on the bench he

    sat, or laid upon. He then took a  plant out of his bag that he picked earlier, he moved it back and forth under the argonian's nose.

    Rakel furrowed her eyebrows. "What are you doing?" Rakel asked, eyeing the carriage driver suspiciously.

    "I am attempting to wake him using lavender. Its sweet smelling aroma is known to penetrate the unconscious mind of anyone

    caught in the cruel snare of the not-so-permanent sleep. Its working, he's coming around."

    "Hey sleepy head. How are you feeling?" Rakel said, climbing onto the bench across from him.

    "I feel ok, the pain has subsided for now, thanks to your quick thinking." He smiled at her.

    She smiled back. Hasir looked over to Rakel; "'I probably would have been dead if it wasn't for you rescuing me back there."

    He smiled. He continued, "I am glad the priestess of the church of the wild hunt decided to send someone with me and I'm glad it

    was you. He shrugged "you know, I wouldn't have met you if we hadn't crossed paths that day in Riften." He was definitely glad to

    have met her, he started to like her.


    Bjorlam climbed into the driver's seat and spurred the horse to life. They galloped past streams, open fields and waterfalls. As they

    crossed the stone bridge that was situated five feet from the main gate of Whiterun. He parked his carriage in the stables near the

    city, Rakel thanked him for his hospitality. She reached into her leather bag and pulled out an orange leather coin purse and handed

    it to him, he shook his head, handing it back to her. “you keep it. I did my good deed for the day, free of charge”, he gave her a

    warm smile. 


    "Now you go and get your friend fixed up," He turned from her to the argonian, "I hope you feel better." The argonian smiled and

    thanked him. He then put his left hand on Rakel's shoulder as she helped him out of the carriage. The argonian extended his

    hand, "By the way, my name's Hasir, nice to meet you." Bjorlam shook it and said it was nice to meet him. The argonian hobbled,

    with the help of Rakel, to the main gate of Whiterun, she pushed the doors open. 

    Once inside, Rakel asked Adrienne, the co-owner of the local armory, warmaidens, where she could find a temple where her

    friend could be healed. Adrienne put her hammer down next to the forge and walked over to Rakel and the argonian that Rakel

    was supporting. "You're in luck, we do have a temple where your friend can be healed." A tad annoyed, she added, "His name is

    Hasir, by the way." Rakel sighed, "Where are my manners? I'm Rakel." Hasir, meanwhile was fighting to stay conscious. He would

    momentarily lapse into brief periods of unconsciousness. 


    She closely inspected Hasir, she creased her forehead when she saw he only had weight on his right foot. 

    "What happened exactly?" She asked, out of curiousity.


    "We were in a cave fighting silver hands when he caught a sword just below the knee, seperating the patella and the tibial plateau."

    She lied, not wanting to reveal the real reason, lest Adrienne thought she was mad. Adrienne looked at the ground, ashamed.

    "I...had no idea, that must've hurt."  Rakel said that Hasir was and still is in alot of pain, even though he tries not to show

    it. Adrienne said Rakel had better hurry to the temple to help fix Hasir right away.


    Rakel did as Adrienne instructed her to do, she walked Hasir, who had his left leg half raised off of the ground because he had all of

    his weight on the right leg to take away some of the pain, to the temple as if they were in a three-legged race and were taking their

    time with no worries about what place they came in. After several minutes, they reached the front door of the temple. She did

    not stop to admire the lavender plants growing outside, or notice how intricately carved the door was, she was on a mission,  and

    she would see it completed. Once inside, she saw three tan stone beds spread out along the perimeter of the room, each bed had

    two pillars around them that were used to support the building. Rakel saw Daniica Purespring, the owner of the temple of kynareth

    and the head healer there. She walked up to Danica, while supporting Hasir.

    "Lay him down one one of the beds over there, I will be with you shortly." Danica said, as though she did this song and dance

    before, which she did. Rakel could see Danica was tending to two other patients. She had a full plate.

    Rakel laid Hasir on the stone bed closest to the exit door of the temple, which was on the left side. When she had free time, Danica

    walked over to where Hasir lay. 


    "So, what is he in for, hmm?" Danica inquired. Rakel said he broke his leg while they were fighting the silver hand.


    Danica gasped, "Better watch out for them. They and the companions are at odds because the silver hand freely murder their kind.

    the silver hand are werewolf hunters and the companions are-"


    Rakel finished her sentence, "Werewolves, I know," Danica looked shocked by how she new this.


    "Now, what were you doing fighting the silver hand?" She asked.


    Rakel shrugged, "Well, I just wanted revenge." 


    Danica had a confused look on her face, "revenge for what?"

    Rakel told Danica that when she first encountered the silver hand, she discovered that they ran an illegal fur trading operation.

    Danica gasped. Rakel told her that was not the worst of it. She told her that the pelts of her parents' wolves were among the furs

    traded and that is why she sees it as her mission to destroy every last silver hand member on Skyrim.


    Danica eyed her cautiously,

    "So, if I am to guess correctly, your parents are werewolves?"


    Rakel nodded and stated that the night her parents were killed, the silver hand sent werebears in to their camp while Rakel was

    asleep and used them to kill her parents, while they put up quite a fight, the werebears won in the end. The Silver Hand then snuck

    in and skinned her parents with her watching.  "I am sorry for your loss." Danica told her. Rakel thanked her and said that means



    Danica's forced her mind to think about her duties,"I need you to leave so I can operate on...?" 

    "His name is Hasir." Rakel said, "I don't do well with blood and surgery, so I'll wait in the room at the back of the temple." She left

    Danica to practice her craft.

    Rakel sat on a chair that was facing a bed at the rear of the temple. While Rakel's body was calm and collected, her mind wasn't.

    She would constantly think of Hasir and she would wonder if he would be ok. She had to remind herself that Danica knows what she

    is doing, she is the finest healer in Whiterun.


    Meanwhile, in the temple's main room, Danica was busy measuring wisp wrappings that she had taken from her cart that was

    wheeled up next to Hasir's bed. It had various types of salves, wisp wrapping, and linen wraps that a doctor who commonally

    use to join two broken halves of bone together to facilitate the healing process. She firmly pressed the patella and tibial plateau

    together of Hasir's leg together, made sure the bone was joined together and then she submerged the wisp wrappings into

    water from a basin that was perched on the medical cart. She then applied the wet wisp wrappings onto Hasir's left leg, unwrapping

    it very methodically; she would wrap the wrapping around his foot in a crisscross pattern and stop an inch above the patella. Next,

    she would take another, thicker linen wrap and wrap that around the inner gauze and wait for it to harden; once it did harden,

    she waved lavender under the reptile's nose; his eyelids fluttered open. She washed her hands and wheeled the cart to the back

    room when Rakel was sitting as this was where she stored all her medical instruments. 


    "Okay, you can see him now." Danica said as she turned to Rakel. 


    Rakel entered the main room of the temple and, seeing Hasir awake, ran over to him.


    "Hi," She smiled at him, he returned the smile, "how are you feeling?"


    "A bit groggy, but otherwise fine." He told her and then he pointed to his cast. "like my cast?"


    Rakel said it looked nice on him. Rakel offered him her shoulder.


    "Hasir, put your hand on me, I will help you stand ok?"

    "I am just glad you are ok." Rakel told him.


    Hasir smiled, "I missed you too." Hasir shivered, "The moon will be up soon, plus it's cold out, let's go inside somewhere warm." 


    "Why?" Rakel inquired. 


    Hasir laughed, "Do you really want me to be seen as a 'lame wolf' by the rest of the pack?" Rakel laughed at this; Hasir shot her a

    nasty look, "It's not funny, I meant it." She wiped a tear from her eye, "I'm sorry for laughing, but the way you said it was hilarious.

    He scowled at her. On a side note, Rakel said that there is a mead hall across the way that they can relax in.


    Rakel and Hasir made for Jorrvaskr, once there, thery went inside and saw at least fifteen chairs surrounding a horseshoe table that

    was surrounding a still burning fire. Rakel pulled three of them out, one for Hasir, one that he could rest his leg on that she turned it

    so the chair was facing the other chair. The last chair she pulled out was for herself which she place beside Hasir. She looked for a

    pillow for a bit, then not seeing any, sat in her chair. Hasir was really tired after a long day, especially after what had happened, he

    said he was going to sleep. Rakel said good night to Hasir and closed her eyes. Hasir's head rolled sideways to rest on Rakel's

    shoulder. It was an action that he was unaware of in his sleep.


    Early the next morning, Hasir woke to the hall bustling with life around him; the three large tables were set with mugs of mead and

    various meats, not only that but once Hasir opened his eye wider, he could see twelve people sitting around the outside edge of the

    table in twelve wooden chairs. Hasir got up as far as his broken leg would allow and saw that they each were sitting by those that

    they had something in common with: some were huddled around an aged nord who sat at the far left end of the table, some,

    obviously lower rank than those clad in what the Argonian guessed to be steel armor sat the far left of the table and the two people,

    nords by the looks of them as Hasir turned his head to his immediate left and right one of whom Hasir recognised right away, were

    either wearing farm clothes with boots or a long dress of somekind.


    Hasir tried to stand up but gave a yelp of pain and sat back onto his chair, The old lady to his right, smiled and inquired about his


    "By the nines, how did you end up like this? You poor thing." Said the lady while she patted the 'poor thing' on his shoulder. She got

    up and went to get some blankets of him as she surmissed he must be freezing, well she did not now about Argonians' she did not

    get out and explore much as she olny had ever seen the walls of Jorrvaskr and the city outside. 


    Hasir called out to her and told her not to bother with the blankets. She turned and asked him if he would at least like extra cushions

    for his leg and his back. Again, he politely turned her down; dejected, she sat back down on her chair looking sullen. Hasir looked

    around to see everyone eating their meat with great zeal except the nords around the old man who were tearing chunks off of theirs

    with their teeth. When everyone was fed and drank their fill, they departed the main hall, some headed for the undercroft while

    others headed for the wooden doors opposite of the ones Hasir and Aela had entered.


    The maid and the nord on Hasir right turned to him and smiled weakly,

    "We've met before, haven't we?" Hasir nodded.



    She smiled and thought it was time to offer a proper introduction,

    "I thought as much, I am Tilma, the maid of this mead hall."


    She gestured to the nord man, who grinned and gave a cheery wave of his hand,

    "May I introduce my partner in crime Bril; Brill this is the Argonian I met earlier."


    She tore her gaze away from Brill and fixed upon the laid up Argonian again,

    "May I ask what your name is dear?" She asked sweetly


    Hasir told her his name; she beamed broadly at him and Brill smiled as well; They were always glad to see new faces,

    "Great." She said, clapping her hands together, "Now that we know each other, Allow me to introduce you to the other members of



    She helped Hasir get up while she told Brill to get the Argonian's crutches; Brill did so, scuttling away to retrieve them. With a

    uneasy grin, Brill handed the crutches to Hasir who placed them under each arm and followed Tilma outside to the mead hall's

    porch. Hasir did not expect the mead hall to have a training ground, but he knew it was a warrior's guild.


    Tilma gestured to the empty training ground and told the Argonian who had eased himself into a chair oon the left side of the door

    that lead into the mead hall. Turning to him, she smiled and told him that every morning after breakfast the members of the circle

    would come out here to practice their sword play and footwork; she told Hasir the companions were insde the underforge. Before she

    could coax the Argonian to stand up, however, the rock below the ramp leading to the Skyforge slid back to reveal the members of

    the circle.


    Hasir begrudgingly got to his feet as Tilma beckoned him to follow her; he retrieved his crutches and followed her down the steps to

    the training area where the companions were talking animatedly. Tilma cleared her throat so she could introduce the Argonian to the

    circle members, but they kept jabbering away without any sign of having heard her. Tilma brandished her broom at them,

    "Aela, Farkas, Vilkas can you stop flapping your gums for one measely minute? I have someone to introduce to you." 


    At once they all quieted down and gave her their undivided attention,

    "That's better, now, may I introduce the newest member of the mead hall, Hasir," She sad. As she sad this, Hasir's tail slipped

    between his legs and wore a bashful expression on his face. Timla prodded him in the back with her broom handle, ushering the shy

    Argonian forward so he could have a proper meet and greet. 


    Farkas and Vilkas looked at each other and laughed,

    "This reptile is the newest addition to our guild? He looks like he barely can hold a sword let alone fight with one. He looks like he is

    better suited for being a slave to some rich dunmer."


    Hasir cast Tilma a worried look. Tilma was upon the brothers like wolves on a deer, pleting them with the business end of her


    "Farkas and Vilkas where are your manners? You might've hurt Hasir's feeling, saying things like that...shame on you." She turned to

    see Hasir, tail tucked tightly between his legs now, turned toward the far wall of the training ground with tears in his eyes. "By the

    way, I seem to remember you were no different than Hasir, you were once whelps yourselves so why make his first time a jaunt

    through Oblivion? Maybe you should think before you speak next time, hmm?"

    Both nords male apologized and extended their hands so the Argonian who wioed his eye free of tears, turned around, walked over

    to them and shook their hand, one by one. Hasir could feel a massive wieght lift off his shoulders as he, as Valijra said, shed his fear

    like an unwanted second skin and dove in head first to the sea of uncertainty. 


    Aela was next to be introduced as Tilma did the same thing as she had done with the two brothers,

    "Aela, this is the newest whelp in training, Hasir."


    Aela did not smile but instead looked at Hasir with a look of pity and scorn,

    "Tilma, why do you keep sending these rats to infest our hall? Warriors who cannot fight and who lack even the proper equipment

    have no place in Jorrvaskr." She said, scoffing as she turned away from Hasir.


    Tilma looked outraged and was about to sat something when Hasir cut across her,

    "Weren;t you the one I saw battling that giant not too far out of town?" Aela made no notice of this but remained facing the

    underforge door frowning, "It is you I sensed it in my scales, my name is Hasir, pleased to meet-" He started but convulsions tore

    through his body and he was unable to finish.


    Several painful minutes later, two wolves; one black, one white, stood on either side of the cross looking nord female. She turned

    around and roared with laughter,

    "What is this, even your werewolf form is pathetic, I mean, two wolves? How in Oblivion did he obtain lycanthropy? I thought only

    the circle had the beastblood?" She walked around the two wolves standing feet from the training dummies, "Sounds like someone

    has been stealing companion secrets and selling them to outsiders, but who I wonder and at what price?"


    Tilma scowled at her, whacking her over her fiery red-haired head with her broom,

    "No one has been stealing secrets, you idiot. There are other ways to become infected with lycantropy; as such, the secret is not

    confined only to Jorrvaskr, we are not the sole owners of the beastblood."

    Frost and Bloodfang did not hear this retort as they were two busy snarling at the impertinent nord for her sheer obliviousness. She

    had been raised her all her life so who can blame her for being a little pig-headed and not know of the different ways one can

    contract Lycanthropy?


    The clouds obscured the two moons, Massar and Secunda, and Hasir was in his reptilian form again. He, once again, extended his

    hand to the female nord who made to smack the reptile's hand away from her, but upon seeing Tilma's creased forhead, she


    "Nice to meet you." She said, halfheartedlly and shook Hasir's hand as if it were a dead fish she wanted to rid herself of as fast as

    poosible. "What Tilma said is true, you did see me along with my two bone-headed brothers battling the giant, shame you didn't

    help." She said, laughing


    Hasir gestured to his broken leg,

    "I couldn't, I got injured, I couldn't go over to the giant and whack him with my crutch." He said, laughing to himself as he imagined

    the giant with a crutch mark on his ugly face.


    Aela was about to say something but Tilma spoke for her,

    "I must apologize for her rather harsh exterior. Aela is skeptical of anyone who isn't a nord who she thinks is 'joining the Companion'

    because, in her mind, the Companions are a nord only faction. Tilma shot a ditry look in her direction, "she knows that anyone can

    join the Companions, isn't that right Aela?" She asked her


    At that moment, the mead hall doors swung open to reveal an old nord wearing wolf armor. Hasir guessed him to be the old nord he

    had seen sitting at the table earlier. The nord descended the steps and stood beside Aela,

    "Yes, that is correct, anyone can join if they wish, the Companions take all races and all types of people, not just warriors. We will

    however, require them to have at least held a sword before they decide to join, if that is what they wish."


    He turned to Aela who stood tall despite how small she felt inside,

    "Young lady, I never want you to go flaunting your views of outsiders and nord purity around here anymore, do you understand me?"

    He asked her. Aela nodded glumly

    Kodlak ushered Aela and Tilma inside; he asked Aela to set a place for Hasir to sleep as it was getting late  He told Tilma that she

    had some duties to see to in the hall. Almost to the door, she turned and asked him what he will do. Kodlak smiled,

    "Tilma don't worry about me, I will be in in due time, I just need some time alone with Hasir. With that, she left them alone and

    disappeared inside the hall after Aela.


    With them gone, he turned to Hasir and rested his hand on the Argonian's shoulder,

    "So I hear you obtained beastblood through other means?" Hasir eyed him and nodded


    Kodlak asked him how he got infected. The Argonian recounted the events before during and after his infection with the disease,

    "Scratched by a wolf? That must've hurt like Oblivion." He mused


    Hasir nodded and said it did and then he went into telling how his wolf forms split in half. Kodlak looked thoughtful at this. Haisr and

    the harbinger went up to the small table of the porch; the old Nord sat down and tented his fingers, eying the Argonian opposite him

    with great interest,

    "So is that why you don't have a single wolf form like the rest of us?" Hasir nodded, "Interesting." Kodlak thought, scratching his

    grey beard. 


    Hasir lent back in his chair as he eyed the harbinger's lined face,

    "So, do you know who or what stole our true bipedal werewolf forms from us?" He asked him


    Kodlak looked at the Argonian with wide eyes. He did not know how the Argonian knew about his shameful secret,

    ""Hasir, who told you?" He asked, shocked.


    Hasir eyed him, a bit out of the loop. He had no idea what he was talking about. Kodlak shook his head as if he was ridding himself

    of a rather troublesome thought. He looked at him like a wolf who was considering a piece of meat,

    "I don't think we have been properly introduced, I am Kodlak, harbinger of Jorrvaskr." He said, smiling toothily at the Argonian who

    returned the sentiment.

    Hasir leaned on his elbows which were propped on the table and asked Kodlak why he sounded shocked a bit earlier; Kodlak told him

    not to worry about it. Hasir insisted; the harbinger sighed and told his of his shameful secret he had hoped would remained hidden,

    "Every in the circle of Jorrvaskr is infected with lycanthropy and even relish it, some, Aela especially think of it as a blessing. I,

    however, wanted to purify my soul for Sovngarde and I feel this lycanthropy is holding me back."


    Hasir cocked his head in both wonder and confusion,

    "Why do you want to cure your lycanthropy? It is a blessing, not a curse as you might suggest." 


    Kodlak raised his hands in frustration. He had sensed Hasir wore his lycanthropy proudly like a king would wear a crown; he

    somehow knew this up first meeting him. What Hasir did not understand was why Kodlak wanted to cure his lycanthropy. Kodlak told

    him that werewolves hunt for all enternity in Hircine's hunting grounds when they die. Kodlak frowned and told him that he wanted a

    better afterlife which he had told him was the ideal nordic afterlife. 


    Kodlak got up and told Hasir that they had better go back into the mead hall. Hasir crossed the threshold and saw Rakel sleeping in a

    chair behind the chair he had just vacated. He moved slowly and quietly into the mead hall and eased into the chair with the pillow

    for his back and propped his leg and the adjoined chair. He felt exhausted after meeting the majority of Jorrvaskr, he struggled to

    stay awake but sleep finally overtook him.



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