C.O.T.W Chapter 9: Broken Fang

  • Regardless of whether or not it was a trap set up by Vajhira, both of the wolves went in. Once inside they found themselves in the

    antechamber, the main room.  When Acallia entered the cave, She noticed that the entry looked like half cave and half stately

    manor. She emerged from the small entryway onto a firm rock platform that had stairs extending downwards from the far right side

    that were made of the same stones as the cavern. She saw her prey beneath her, she growled menacingly. She had more cause than

    frost to tear him to pieces because of what he and his organization did to her parents. He was patrolling by a hastily made fire near

    huge rock that looked out of place, next to a gray stone pillar that had its top removed a long time ago. Utilizing her strong legs,

    she caught the silver hand member by surprise. He turned around to see what that growling was, but it was too late, he was already

    on his back.


    Accalia growled once more. Claws ripped through flesh as she wanted to do to the man what he had done to her. He took her

    parents from her so she would repay in kind by taking his life. She bit down hard on his chest, breaking his ribs with her teeth. He

    screamed bloody murder as he felt his ribs break. She blank the lungs, they weren't of any use to a werrewolf anyway and went to

    liberate the heart from the chest cavity. She twisted herre he this way and that, trying to dislodge the heart. At long last, the vena

    cava began to fall away from the atria and the heart came away in her mouth. She laid down with the heart still in her mouth as she

    chewed and ripped the heart to pieces then finally shalllowing them. As she watched the silver hand member died of severe blood

    loss, she began to howl.


    As she prowled through the cave past more gray stone colums and rubble, She spotted a coffin lid that stood open, she passed

    through it into a small corridor with walls of gray stone and a dirt floor. After passing though this, the first thing she saw was a huge

    brown cage, two brown support beams attaching the ceiling to the wooden floor and two tables, on the second table was a silver jug

    and two silver plates, one of them had a dinner roll on it. At this table sat two silver hand members having dinner. Their dinner was

    interrupted by a huge silver wolf leaping at them. They stood up upon seeing her, drew their swords, preparing for a fight, but it

    was over before any fighting happened. She slashed the first silver hand in his stomach and ripped his head off with a jerking motion

    of her head. When she was done with him; she did the same with his comrade. Their swords fell, unused, from their limp hands.

    Blood was  trickling down their necks onto their standard issuee imperial armor, which foolish silver hands think will protect them

    from werewolves. 

    While Accalia focused on the silver hands, Frost sniffed around the caverns for any clue of where the four totems of Hircine were. He

    padded through the open coffin lid door, though in the opposite direction of the open one Accalia went through. In this corridor, he

    saw rock walls surrounding a dirt path, the chamber was skiiny enough for a wolf to pass by safely. At the end of the corridor he saw

    a chamber that had a bed nestled in the north western corner and an arcane enchanter in a concealed corner of the room, he

    blanked this because, how can a wolf use an arcane enchanter? Beside the enchanter was a chest of drawers wiith a silver

    candlestick on top. What frost was after, though, was a black and bronze chest covered in nordic carvings. The wolf could smell that

    this chest had items of value inside, but, for the life of him, he could not open it. He tried biting the lock, clawing at the lock and

    even bashing his head into the chest, nothing worked.


    Frost did not notice the sun coming up, but it did. With it, Hasir could feel the wolf loosen its grip on his mind; Hasir was his reptilian

    self again. Hasir wondered what he was doing on the floor, and went to stand up, but, noticed some prints on the floor. Did my wolf

    decide to run full pelt into the chest? He thought, He wondered what could have caused him to do this. Hasir stood up, dusted  

    himself off and reached into his leather shoulder bag, rummaged in it and pulled out two items: one curved at a right angle and the

    other a long, thin gray stick.


    Hasir then positioned the pick and probe into the chests' keyhole. He used the probe to hold the tumblers down while he rotated

    the lock pick trying to find that sweet spot. After several minutes of trail and error, a faint 'click' sounded. He lifted the lid to reveal

    five hundred gold, a few pieces of armor. Je blanked the armor and, his eyes went wide with shock. Beneath the pieces of armor

    were: a gold drum, a gold bone wand, a golden wolf skull and the spear of bitter mercy. Hasir wondered what in Oblivion the silver

    hand would want with the totems of Hircine? I have got find Rakel and tell hear the good, but unsettling, news.


    He got up and walked to the entrance to the winding hall, only to find it would not budge when he put all of his weight against it. 

    "What's going on?" He asked confused and a bit scared. Black smoke began to fill the room, robbing it of light.


    "What's wrong Frost? you aren't slowing down from age are you?" The disembodied voice said, laughing

    Hasir fell onto his hands and knees as though an invisible vice tightened around his chest and forcing him to the ground. "W-who are

    you?" He said through grunts of pain. "Show yourself!" He yelled.

    The lizad's mouth began movie again, "I am inside your head, Iam every negation emotion you've everr thought...given form."

    Hasir struggled against the weeight of his negative emotions,  "Why Have you done this? I...have never heard or seen you before."

    The wolf sighed,

    Tut, tut, now Hasir is that anyway to speak to your supeior?

    Hasir shrugged, which was hard for him beacuse of the strain on his mind.

    "Very well, I will humor you and materialize." 

    Black smoke issued out of the argonian's nose and mouth, this action caused Hasir great pain as he rolled on the floor groaning. The

    smoke pool in the center of the room and up from the pool rose a jet black wolf with yellow eyes.


    "There, do you see me now? Good, now we can talk muzzle to, uh, face, you have strong emotions that I have never encountered

    before, I can feed off of them and never go hungry."


    Hasir screamed in pain as the wolf seemed to pull on his mind,

    "AARGH! Bloodfang, why are you doing this?" He panted through waves of pain.


    The black wolf stared at Hasir for a long while before speaking, he padded around Hasir, one big circle,

    "I was once part of the shadow wolves, a faction of rogue wolves dedicated to hatch Molag Bal's master plan." His face became

    solemn and full of sorrow, He stopped pacing at sat inches away from the argonian, "but, sadly therre is a new master leading them

    and all he cares about is 'culliing the weak' as he calls it. Only the purest shadoww wolves willl work for his plan. So, he kicks me

    and some others out for being too impure." He looked at Hasir, who saw tears welling up in thee wolves eyes. 


    "I choose to be your negative emotions because they are really strong, I have only known the strong side. Like I said, I feed on

    negativity, on doubt and misery, don't ask me why, for even I do not know. There a sometimg==ngs in this worldd we are not

    supposed to know. Will you let me travel with you for now? At least until I can find a more permenant solution?" He looked at Hasir

    sorrowfully, the lizard nodded. Bloodfang brightened, "Thank you lizard, you won't regret this, and sorry about the painful

    transformation and splitting your soul and all that." Hasir smiled warmly as if to say 'it''s okay, I can learn to live with it' Bloodfang

    turned into a mist and flowed into Hasir's brain.


    A figure lurked in the shadows. Hasir grabbed his katana and spun around,

    "Hello, who's there? Show yourself damnit. He shouted into the darkness. 


    After a long pause, someone answered him in a deep manly voice,

    "Hasir I was exoecting you. Hasir stared into the high elf's face, "you don't know me do you? My name is Adrian Aldmeris, I am sure

    you know my mother, queen Arryen?" Hasir shook his head. "Well, she is of no concern to me now. I now have a new master and he

    has  decreed for every last lycanthrope on Tamriel to die." After he said this, he pulled out a long silver blade and swung at Hasir.

    The aargonian blocked in while his own silver weapon. Adrian turned into mist and sped toward the argonian knocking him to the



    Laughter eminated from the mist, it reformed into a paler version of the high elf,

    "Do you think you can possibly defeat a servant of Molag Bal?" He ran at blinding speed towards Hasir. He lowered the blad e to the

    argonian's neck. "now, time to kill the first werewolf under Bal's decree. Even though the silver never touched him the argonian

    thrashed about wildly, after several painful seconds, a black wolf and a white wolf stood where Hasir sttood mere minutes before.


    Adrian smirked evily,

    "Now this is more like it, two for the price of one. Odds I can get behind. He started slashing his weapon wildly at the two wolves.

    The weapon was fast, but the wolves easily outran it. He chased them around the room with his sword madly slashing at air.

    Maddened, he tossed the sword so it thudded into the cavern wall and brought out a silver crossboww, he loaded the silver bolt

    onto the crossbow, waited for the wolves to line up with his crossbow sight and pulled the trigger.


    Two bolt whizzed through the air slicing through both wolves' left hind legs. The wolves yelped and collided with the cavern wall. Too

    weak to get up because of the blood oozing from their wound, the wolves lay there waiting for the inevitable as the silver sword

    hung over them, ready to deliver the killing blow. The wolves transformed back into the argonian who lay there holding his

    leg. He tried to stand up, to fight the intruder, but couldn't his broken leg stuck out at an odd angle.


    Sensing his job was complete, Adrian transformed into a black wolf and exited the cavern altogether, Hasir tried to lift his head to

    see what was happening, but the pain was too great. He looked down at his leg, the tibia was broken in three places thanks to the

    lousy shooting by the high elf. He tried to stand, but was met with the same stabbing pain as his first attempt and fell back against

    the cavern wall. 


    He gritted his teeth and held his broken leg,

     Aargh! Son of a bitch, this hurts! He exclaimed through waves of pain. He felt extremely light-headed and then passed out from the



    Rakel transformed back and she backtracked through the room back to the cavern. She passed the rubble, the columns and the

    coffins until she came to a door that was locked tight. She pushed on it with her weight. It did not budge, instead, it stayed solid.

    She looked around in the hopes of finding something to break down the door with. Her eyes locked onto a barrel full of mining tool in

    the corner adjacent to were she was. Rakel went over, picked up a pickaxe and returned to the wall. The demolition took

    five minutes but it was worth it. She stepped through the hole she created and spotted Hasir lying unconscious near the right rear

    wall of the cavern, his left leg bent at a odd angle. Rakel reached into her leather bag for smelling salts which he waved under

    Hasir's nose. The argonian weakly opened his eyes,


    "Rakel, W-what are you doing here, where's Adrian?" He croaked weakly. 

    Rakel signalled for him to be quiet and save his strength. Rakel could see an expression of pain on his face, beads of sweat danced

    upon his forehead.


    Rakel entered the room. What happened here?" She asked as her eyes went from the broken bit of machinery in the center of the

    room to the argonian. She ran to Hasir's side, "Hasir, what happened? Why are you sweating so heavily, is it that hot in here? Rakel

    tore her eyes from his face, traced his body and stopped as she eyed his left leg, which was bent outwards at an odd angle "Hasir,

    you leg!" She gasped, trying to prevent herself from being sick, "How did this happen?" Hasir struggled to his feet. Rakel shook her

    head, he sunk back to the floor. "I was fighting a high elf named Adrian Aldmeris, I transformed in both my wolf forms when Adrian

    fired a sivler bolt that caught my wolves in the hind left leg and...well, here is the result." He said gesturing to his leg. He tried to

    finish, but he was getting horribly light-headed. She held her hand out like a stop signal in front of him. "That's ok, you rest while I

    find something to use as splint."

    she scanned the immediate area for anything to make a makeshift splint that will keep the three fractured sections of bone

    together, unitl she can find a professional who knows what they are doing. that will help facilitate Hasir's journey back to Whiterun.

    She had an idea, she pulled a length of rope from her bag, ripped up a plank from the floor and carefully placed the board behind

    Hasir's knee she cut the string into two pieces with her teeth. She tied a bit of string around Hasir's knee, securing the board, but

    trying not to cut of Hasir's bloodflow. She repeated the process to the end of the board, tying the string around his ankle. She told

    Hasir to stay right there. Hasir laughed and said that he did not have any choice in the matter. She walked over to the chest, opened

    it and rummaged though its contents until she found the four totems, she put them into her bag.


    She returned to Hasir and assisted him to a standing position. Rakel told him to grip her left shoulder with his right hand so as to

    keep weight off of his left leg. She then escorted him out of the room, down the stairs and out of the cave. Rakel acted like a seeing

    eye dog of sorts, walking beside Hasir as he hobbled along behind her. He hobbled as far as Riverwood and, not being able to handle

    the pain any longer, he passed out yet again.



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