C.O.T.W Chapter 4: Daring Rescue

  • Rakel and Moonman saw the events that unfolded after they had heard the introductory conversation between Inigo and Hasir. 

    They stepped out from behind the pillar that stood five feet from Inigo's cell, approached the cell and were about to open the

    cell door when the cell door exploded outwards. With the cell door came an argonian body that, Rakel saw, had a boot mark

    on his chest. They winced when they heard a loud 'CRASH' when the scaled body along with the iron bars hit the brick wall

    that stood across from the cell in which the argonian and khajiit stood.

    Where there was a pristine brick wall before was now a brick wall with an argonian sized dent in it. Rakel and Moonman

    stared at the crumpled form of the argonian for a second longer than was needed. They snapped their eyes over to the bed

    and saw a horrible sight, a white-furred khajiit laying on the bed that Hasir occupied minutes before with her eyes closed. Her

    labored breathing gave Moonman goose bumps. The two nords stepped through the hole that once held the cell door that was

    now face down in the dirt several feet away. They approached the bed. They saw a purplish-blue khajiit sleeping on the bed by

    the khajiit's head, stroking her white fur. Moonma found another chair that was pushed in to the table which contained the

    dragonfly and brought it over to the bed and sat down.  Rakel turned away from the bed and saw a green argonian laying on the dirt

    floor, she walked around the lizard to see that his eyes were staring blankly in front of him. Rakel returned to the bed and tapped 

    tapped the khajiit on the shoulder. The khajiit stirred from a deep slumber.

    "Huh? Waappened?" He stammered

    As the khajiit's eyes began to focus after hours of his eyes being unused, he saw an outline of a woman standing over him.

    When they did focus he saw a beautiful nord standing inches away from him. He saw that the woman was smiling and extending

    her hand in friendship.

    "My name is Rakel." She said. "May I ask yours?"

    "I-Inigo," He stammered, pleasure to meet you."

    Rakel's brow furrowed, "What happened...if I may ask...I hope I am not intruding on anything."

    Inigo smiled and shook his head, "it is no intrusion, come sit and I will tell you."

    After ten minutes of recanting the events of what led to this unfortunate turn of events, Rakel held up her hand signalling that

    she heard plenty. She pointed to the green skinned argonian who lay unconscious by the bed. Inigo's eye followed her finger He 

    shook his head, indicating he had no clue how he came to be in that predicament. Hasir never told him of his involvement with

    Molag Bal. Inigo only knew his partnership with Hircine, the god of wolves.

    Rakel told Inigo that she had a crush on Hasir ever since she first laid eyes on him. She said that he was like a reptilian cupid

    whose slime-filled arrows penetrated her tough armor and found her soft heart. She stopped talking and thought for a moment

    before asking Inigo something.

    "Inigo, What force of nature or malevolence is doing this?"

    Inigo said he had no idea, but, he hoped they would snap out of their hypnotic-like states soon. Just then an idea struck him.

    He called over to Quinchal. The golden-skinned lizard came over.

    "Yes, what is it furred one?" He inquired

    "Quinchal, can you enter the minds of your victims?" Inigo asked. Quinchal nodded and said that is how they

    feed, or at least it was until he was turned in a hybrid

    "Well, can you enter Ma'kara's mind to find out who or what we are dealing with?"

    Quinchal nodded and snapped his fingers and transformed into gold mist and drifted near Ma'kara and up her nose into her

    brain. After a few minutes of drifting though gray matter. he found the section of the brain he was seeking and entered the folds

    of information. He fell through darkness and eventually found himself on a blue foor interlaced with gray dirt. He transformed

    out of his mist form and into his gray and black wolf form. He sniffed the air, it smelled of sweat, fear and a hint of wet cat. He

    padded across the blue and gray floor, his nose to the floor, following the scent until he came to a wrought iron cage with huge

    spikes jutting out of it.

    He had a strong sense of smell and the smell of wet cat becoming overwhelmingly strong as he sniffed the cage. Where he

    expected to find a khajiit he instead found a red wolf with black and white marking set into her fur. He frantically pawed at the

    door, trying to open it. He huffed in anger when he realized that his paws had no posable thumbs. He instead backed up

    several feet before running head first into the cage. To his amazement, the cage buckled and fell onto its side with a crash.

    The red wolf iicked the gray wolf's face in thanks. They transformed back into their humanoid forms.

    "Any idea how to get out of here?" Quinchal asked Ma'kara

    Ma'kara said she saw little when the guards dragged her body in her. She, however, did tell Quinchal of a path she saw in her

    drug-induced state. "by inhaling bluish-purple dust?"

    Ma'kara's train of thought got derailed, "What?"

    "Did you reach this place by ingesting bluish-purple dust, after eating which, you fell unconscious?"

    Ma'kara nodded as they approached the door, lockpicked it and stepped outside.

    Quinchal's heart sank. He had never been in a place as depressing as this before. In fact, he had never been to Oblivion

    before, either in his dreams or while awake. If he had thought he would find dagon's deadlands to be cheery when comparing 

    it to coldharbour, which is what this place was known as, he would be right.

    Ma'kara went over to the door perpendicular to them and started tapping on the door. When Quinchal went over and asked

    what she was doing, she responded that she was testing for weak spots. After a short while, Quinchal joined and together

    they found a weak spot in the metal. Quinchal spouted fire from his mhands and the weak spot crumpled, leaving an exit large

    enough for both of them to fit into. They entered the tunnel.

    "Remind me again...why are we doing this?" Quinchal asked

    "In order to find the exit from this place. When one of Molag Bal's goons dragged me into that cell." she pointed four miles

    behind her. He mentionedd something about a light in a small hut that is connected with my cell. Oh, He also did say a 'great

    shadow' only he can control is guarding the portal.

    After hours of traversing the tunnel, They could see a small house coming into view.After fifteen feet, they were free from the

    claustrophobic tunnel. Just in front of the portal was a formless black mist that attacked them as soon as it saw them. It flowed

    up their noses and into their brains. It gathered information from the two heroes and exited their nasal passages. Once

    outside, it transformed into a huge black wolf.

    "Obviously it was scanning us for weaknesses," Ma'kara thought.

    The two heroes rushed at the black wolf, swords raised, poised to strike. The wolf easily dodged their attacks.

    "Hahaha! Fools, you cannot hurt the element of shadow, I am beyond your skill."

    Ma'kara and Quinchal both yelled for the wolf to get out of their heads.

    "Why would I leave now? I was just getting started, Ma'kara, is that fear I smell? HAHAHA, delicious."

    Ma'kara clutched at her head, tears in her eyes. She pleaded for bloodfang to get out of her head. The wolf, however, did not

    listen to her cries for help. Quinchal's eyes went wide as he turned and saw Ma'kara coming straight at him, in her left hand was

    a sharp, deadly axe that she, or rather, Bloodfang had picked up from the many weapon racks that lined the shack. Ma'kara

    swiped at Quichal but he dodged out of the way, grabbing a steel sword from a rack.

    "Ma'kara, your mind in not your own. There is a demon controlling you, listen to me!" With every word he spoke, he dodged

    swings from the crazed khajiit's battleaxe. When Ma'kara was a foot away from him, he brought his left foot behind him quickly

    in a circular motion, causing Ma''kara to be blasted into a nearby pillar, which exploded.

    "Hmm, impressive, but, watch this!" Ma'kara brought up her left leg and kicked outwards with her heel, expecting to hit Quinchal,

    but, instead, her momentum sent her flying past him to get her foot stuck in a plank of wood. She wrenched her foot free and 

    redoubled her efforts. The tsaesci beat her to the punch. He summoned Akaviri winds in his hands and flung them at 

    the khajiit. This attack caught her offguard and, to Quinchal's amazement, the demon was exorcized. Both of them made for the 

    the portal and they were about to enter it when a shadowy mass rose up behind Ma'kara and shot a beam of dark energy through

    her heart with deadly precision.

    Her heart exploded, spewing guts everywhere, painting the walls with her blood. The khajiit fell to the floor, dead. 

    "NO! How dare you, you bastard! You will not get away with this." Qunchal warned 

    He then, out of anger, shot in quick succession three fire bolts at shadowfang, the formless shape dodged the attack

    effortlessly. Quinchal said next time he will not be so lucky. He stepped through the portal.

    Quinchal did not intend to return to Riften, instead, he teleported to the halls of torment, where he knew Molag Bal held Hasir

    prisoner. What he would soon fall to realize, however, was that Hasir wanted to enter Coldharbour.



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