B.O.T.B A New Pack The Great Argonian Hunt

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    Gjalund raised the gangway once everyone was onboard and made way for Skyrim in pursuit of the Argonian. The ship tore through

    the water at breakneck speed. The water threatened to overturned the ship multiple times and Gjalund had a hard time keeping her

    straight. When he did get the ship under control they were almost to Windhelm. 


    Majni yelled up to Rakel, "So what's the plan? We use our wolf forms to sniff this lizard out or what?"


    Rakel considered this, but dismissed it with a shake of her head. She abandoned her post by the ship's bow and strode over to her

    brother, which was a hard task in and of itself because of the waves that banged visciously agaisnt the sides of the boat. He who

    was sitting next to Akar and Hjordis just two rows from the stern of the ship. She sat next to him on the wooden bench and laid her

    hand on his shoulder, to her surprise he did not shake it off as he often did when she offered him solace or weighed in on a



    "Majni, you and I both now that we can't just track this argonian with our wolf forms. Argonians have adapted to black marsh's

    harsh climate. So we can't just track him normally, we have too be as cunning and crafty as he is. We need to outwit him.


    Gjalund yelled from the bow that are aprroaching the dock at twenty five knots. When they finally reached the dock, Gjalund was

    the first to disembark, he retreived the gangway, which was nothing more than a three feet wide wooden plank, from the center of

    the ship. The passengers got up frm their seats and disenbarked in an orderly fashion. Gjalund walked off last and found his familiar

    ship, the northern maiden, waiting for him, he boarder it and waved goodbye to the nords. The nord returned the gesture and

    proceeded to the stables, where they would find a carriage driver to drive them to whatever destination they wish to go.


    After a few minutes of walking on the stone pathway, swimming through the water and traversing the snowy hill that lay on the

    southern bank, they reached the windhelm stables. Once there, Rakel asked her question.


    "Excuse me." She said, tapping the man on his shoulder, "I was wondering if my brothers, sister and I could hire your carriage."


    The said he would be delighted to ferry them along to wherever they were headed, introduced himelf as Alfarinn and said the cost

    varied based on the destination.  


    "Where would you like to go?" He asked the nords with a wide, beaming smile.


    Rakel was unsure of where exactly the Argonian was headed, but she had to trust her gut, as it was telling her to head south.


    "Would there be any chance that one of your destinations lay in the south of Skyrim?" She asked


    Alfarinn thought about this for a minute before ansering.


    "Well, there's Riften, a small town that lay at the foot of a moutain range that borders Skyrim and nortern Cyrodiil. The road leading

    there, however, is dangerous as there have been rumors of bandits and theives that rob or kil any travelers foolish enough to travel

    that road unarmed." Afarinn looked down and scanned Rakel. He could see she was wearing armor made out of iron armor

    smothered in leaves or various kinds which looked like it was held together by tree sap. He looked to her left hip, Fastened on it was

    a leather bound scabbard within which was a steel sword with a wolf's head situated in the middle of the guard. He guessed she

    would do fine.


    "Climb in back and we will be off." The nords started to go to the back of the cart. Rakel stopped and asked Alfarinn how much it

    would be. He told her it would be 150 septimms for four passengers. She pulled a leather pack out of her pocket and throw it at

    Alfariin, who caught it, counted the cons,, and, once he was satisfied that it was all there, pocketed the coin purse. Rakel joined the

    oother nords in the back of the carriage, which was just big enoough to fit all of them.


    Rakel heard sounds of hooves as Alfarinn whipped his horses too life, there were of to Riten. They reached Riften at around one

    o''clock in the afternoon. The nords got out thanked Alfarin and they walked to the town gate. A guard confronted them, but Rakel

    just blanked him and proceeded inside.


    Riften was not a big town, the local guild seemed to run this place because the few guards that were stationed here just turned

    blind eye to crimes that went on here. I guess you could say the thieves guild was Riften's police force. Rakel did not stop at any of

    the shops that lay in front of her, nor did she stop in the local pub, The Bee and Barb, instead her destination was a huge stone

    building situated near the south end of Riften. As the nords walked, their heavy footfalls echoed on the cobblestone.


    When the nords reached a magnificently decorated structure known by the local as Mistveil Keep, Rakel told her brothers and sister

    to stay back. She  walked up the meticlulousy placed steps, but instead of enter the ornate wooden door that was in front of her, she

    entered a smaller wooden side door. Once inside, she descended the small wooden staircase and saw an empty room with naught

    but a table, upon with lay a candle and a note, There were also rooms situated to the left and right oof this one with stair leading to

    the upper level of the prison. She walked past the table and saw a multilevel room with cells on either side with black wrought iron

    gates with a gated door in the middle of each.


    Rakel stopped when she heard talking in the cell to her left.


    "A letter told you to come here? But why?" A voice asked


    "Inigo, the khajiit who sent to letter, Infinite, He is dead, His last wish was for me to find you so I can relay his message." Answered

    a second voice.


    Rakel moved closer to the cell and saw a bed in the northeast corner, a table with a few notes, a dragonfly in a jar, and two books on

    it. In the center was a chair with a bluish-purple khajiit on it. He was talking to a figure sitting on the bed. Rakel raised her torch to

    see that the figure had dark green scales that covered his body, along with a tail that hung over the side of the bed. She walked a

    few feet from her position and saw the lizard had three scars that adorned the left side of hiis face, dulling his otherwise brilliant

    blue eye She looked to the foot of the bed and saw black fur armor resting against the foot board that had gold chain like rivets

    running the length of the chest piece along with a gold wolfshead jutting out of the armor six inches from the shoulder. A brown satchel was set into the black fur of the armor..On the floor next to the armor were a black

    fur hood and matching gloves, greaves and boots. "That must be his traveling gear," She thought.


    "I thank you, my friend, for delivering this message." The khajiit told the lizard. "By the way, was is your name?”

    "You may call me Hasir." Said the argonian "I finally caught up with you, slippery serpent." Rakel thought. "Now I can recruit

    you and return to my home in Solstheim."





  • Hasir
    Hasir   ·  May 2, 2020
    Delta these pieces will be rearranged to make more sense, So I will be adding new pieces to the story so that it is not all over the place, which the case was when I started the Ache of the Wolf section of the story.
  • Delta
    Delta   ·  May 2, 2020
    A bit odd reading the extended prologue with the missing parts but pretty good data nonetheless. Buckling for the Call.