B.O.T.B Bloodmoon Solstheim Set Free


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    Rakel reached into her bag, pulled out the black book and opened it and began to read. Rakel shrieked in horror. The words in

    the book transformed into a long greenish-black tentacle that wraped itself around the nord, she struggled hard against the

    tentacles as she was pulled closer to the parchement. Rakel expected her face to break into pieces. The tentacle slowly disappered

    into the quicksand that the book had turned into. Rakel continued to scream as the quicksand swallowed her whole. 


    She saw darkness then a green realm made of books and words materialized right before her eyes. In front for her was a poisonous

    green lake with green tentacle that were just itching to grab unwary trevellers to drag them to their deaths. behind Rakel was a

    black gate, beside the gate was a lever that when pulled, it lowered the gate to form a bridge. She traversed the bridge, she

    suddenly stopped and she two seekers. The seekers slowly advanced on Rakel and assaulted her with a green ball of energy that

    flew towards her and quickly drained her health. The spell they assualted her with was named 'seeker drain.'


    Both seekers were fring the spells rapidly at Rakel. Rakel dodged the spells with lightning fast speed. zshe grabbed a nearby plate

    and held it up as a shield. The spells hit the shield and rebounded back onto the attackers. The seekers dissipated into nothingness

    when the spells hit them. Unfortunately, the seeker did not have the resistance they needed for their own spells. Rakel passed their

    lifeless orms that lay on the black bridge the lay in the middle of the path surrounded by lakes of green poison. At the end of the

    long hallway was a lcoked black gate. Rakel ra's han to the gate, which was not an easy task because as soon as she moved

    the poisonous water started to rise. She managed to reach the end of the hall before the water was waist high.


    Rakel's hand reached out and touched the gate that was marked with intricate designs cut into the metal. She closed her eyes and

    thought back to when her father taught her about lockpicking when she was younger. Ok, sweetie, visualize the lock, see its

    tumblers and pins. Place your probe and lockpick in the keyhole, rotate the prob to point the lockpick where you want it go. He

    would then guide her hand through the lockpicking process, Now, Rakel, you must then insert your lockpick and  feel the tumbers

    click under the pick's pressure.


    Rakel snapped out of her memory and stared at the black gate. Her eyes fell upon the lcok, the pick she had pulled from her bag

    was inserted into it, followed by the probe, she grabbed the pick in one hand and the probe with the other and moved them around

    in a circle until she heard a 'click.' She opened the door to find herself back outside. A few feet in front of her was a wall that held

    the last word of the bend will shout. Beyond that was a huge chasm filled a third of the way with poison-green water filled with

    writhing tentacles. In the middle of the chasm was a round stone plaform.  


    Rakel could hear the otherworldly chanting that resonated form the wall, she walked towards the wall. When she was a foot from

    the faint blue glow, a huge blue tail appeared out of nowhere and slammed down destroying half the wall in the process, thankfully,

    Rakel was already glowing as the threads of the word enveloped her. The owner of the gigantic tail spotted Rakel and fire breath

    erupted from the creature's mouth. The word wall burst into flames. Rakel scrambled to an unburnt cornor for cover. The dragon

    seeing no sight of his prey cirled around the wall, its wing talons grabbed at the stone, destorying it as the dragon came closer to

    her position. Bits of stone fell away as both the dragon and the fire did irreperable damage to the wall. Within minutes, it was

    nothing more than a pile of rubble. 


    The dragon took flight, Rakel reaided her bow and equiped a quiver of arrows, notch an arrow and fired it straight at the dragon's

    chest. It tore throught flesh and bone, the beast roared in pain. Rakel followed this up wiith a dual cast firball, it smashed into the

    dragon with impressive force. Rakel noticed tthe creature was weakening, so she uttered the words "Gol Hah Dov." 


    Upon hearing those three words, no creature can escape from the invisible bond the shout creates. It dominates the mind, so the

    creature can only think of one thing, service. The unfortunate creature is brought over to the caster's side involuntarily and is under

    her spell until the shout has run its course, the creature then resumes its natural and sometimes, destruction behavior. The dragon

    was no different, it landed on the cliff and beckoned the nord to climb on. Rakel did so and they rose high in the sky, all while Rakel

    ordered the dragon to destroying any who would blast her out of the sky. 


    The dragon neared the circular platform on which the final battle for the fate of solstheim would take place. Rakel forced the dragon

    to attack, the dragon shot a blast of fire at the dragonpriest, he dodged it, rolling out of the way. Rakel gasped as the nord climbed

    onto an ancient dragon and took to the sky.  Rakel's dragon chased down Miraak, all the while shoting ice and fire bursts from its



    Miraak would occasionally slow his dragon down so he could turn it around to meet Rakel's dragons' attacks with some of his own.

    Fire and ice burst flew from both dragons' mouth and collided in mid air. The result was that when the two streams of magic

    collided, it looked like the sky was on fire and the only hope of extinquishing the flames were the poison that was excreted from

    the tentacles that rose out of the poison green water. Miraak's dragon took a nosedive towards the center stone platform because

    his tail was caught aflame.


    Rakel's dragon followed suit. They continued the fight on foot. "MUL GAH DIV," Blue, orage and yellow spectral mist enveloped 

    and the spectral mist transformed in dragonbone armor. Rakel unsheated her bow and arrows and fired one after another at the

    dragonpriest but he effortlessly avoided them. He took a deep breath. YOL TOR SHUL, A long, thin stream of fire exited his mouth

    and headed for the nord female. She negated this attack with own of her own, FUS RO, the sheer force of her shout hit Mirrak in the

    chest causing him to stumble backwards. Rakel kept pummeling him with the shout until he was left vulnerable. She pulled out her

    steel sword and stabbed the dragonpriest in the back. The priest stumbled into a pool at the circle's center and turned intangible, to

    Rakel's amazement, he healed completely.


    Renewed, the dragonpriest pulled out all the stops to try to kill the intruder. He summoned his spectral dragon armor again, only

    this time, a spectral dragonpriest came to his aid. aww crap, how will I defeat this guy? Just then an idea struck Rakel and her

    irises began to take on an blue color. She was forced down onto her knees and moments before when there was a nord woman

    standing there, now there was a six foot tall silver, blue eyed wolf. She ran at Miraak and swung a massive claw at his chest, he tried

    to protect himself, but the attack was too fierce. Miraak's chest was torn wide open from the savage attack. Rakel bore down on the

    now weakened dragonpriest, clamping her fangs around his heart and started jerking her head back and forth until the heart was

    ripped clean from the chest cavity.


    Rakel munched on the heart, tearing it to pieces. A blackish-green eyeball filled with many tiny eyes appeard in front of Rakel. Rakel

    transformed back into her human form. The eyeball spoke.


    "Congratulations mor...." Just then a giant grey wolf head appeared. "You have performed well, my hound, I grant you this boon,

    now your fur is as hard as the toughest armor. The wolf head swiveled to face the gigantic blob of writhing eyes. "What are you

    doing here Hermaeus? She is mine, now leave us!" He took a deep breath and blew the writhing mass of eyes to the four winds,

    destroying it. The wolf head looked down at Rakel and howled a long, high pitched howl. Rakel felt the realm fading; as her eyes

    refocused, she was on solstheim once more.


    A man with a very hairy chest and goat antlers stood before Rakel. "Hound, your journey has but one step left before you can find

    the peace your desperately require. Your task is to round up a new pack as much of your old pack was destroyed by Miraak and his

    mind tricks." Rakel said her pack was fine and uninjured, Hircine shook his head because he knew the truth. He bent closer to Rakel,

    "Rakel, your original pack has, somehow, rode out the devastation wrought by Miraak and his minions, but, you might need two

    members to add to your pack's strength."