B.O.T.B Lupine Rakel's Nightmare

  • Rakel tried to get some sleep, but when her head hit the bedroll, it exploded into a scene of death and misery. Rakel could see her

    mom and dad being mauled by a werebear and then dying in the snow, one thing was different, Rakel was the werebear. Rakel's

    eyes snapped open, she screamed and also was covered head to to in sweat. Rakel composed herself and she spotted her brother

    Majni standing underneath the mouth of the rocky outcrop, looking out towards the horizon. Rakel went up to him.


    "Rakel, I could smell your scent. Why are you up this early? " He asked 


    He could feel Rakel's breath on the back of his neck, he waited for her answer.


    "Brother, I had a nightmare about mom and dad's death."


    "Is that all?" Majni said half turning towards her, his gaze still fixed on the horizon


    "No, there was something else, I was the werebear that killed mom and dad, I could clearly see the sanguine liquid running down


    my paws," Hastily, she added "in the dream I mean" so he did not think of her as a psycho. He however did think she was crazy


    Majni turned towards her, staring into those beautiful brown eyes


    "Rakel, why don't you go and get some sleep?" He smiled assuredly, giving her a hug


    Rakel did as Majni had requested and slept threw the night, she only had one dream. It was more of a night vision than an actual

    dream. In the vision she stood on a snowy tile floor inside a gigantic daedric ruin, she was with other werewolves. She craned her

    head to see who she was with, it was her parents and hircine was speaking to the three of them. When he finished, he leaned close

    to Rakel "I have a task for you young wolf. I need you to root out the hunters that call themselves the silver hand and

    stop them from destroying my children.


    Rakel waited for him to finished speaking, the she wolf asked him the question that has been burning in her mind.

    "My lord, how do I find out where the silverhand are?" Before she could get a response, he was gone. "Hircine? Hircine? My lord?"


    She said the same word and over again hoping he would come back but he didn't answer or come back. She awoke

    with a jolt.


    She had to find Majni, she found him standing at the mouth under the outcrop, where he was every morning as though he was

    scanning the horizon for something odd, Maybe he is scanning for attackers Rakel thought or more Werebears

    preparing for another round.


    "Majni, I received a message from Hircine, He said that there is a dangerous group of Individuals calling themselves the silver

    hand." Majni continued to look at the horizon lost in thought


    He face morphed from one to emotionlessness to a more saddened expresion.


    After several minutes he finally spoke, "Did you say the silver hand? I know them, they killed Susana. I will make those bastards

    pay for murdering my sister in cold blood." He had to muster all his strength to keep himself from losing control to the wolf within



    "Majni, do you know where we should start looking for them?" Rakel asked, she was unsure where to began.


    "Rakel, I too have received instructions for Hircine though a night vision. In the vision, he said to go to Fort Frostmouth. Hircine

    demanded us to take care of them."


    Majni and Rakel packed up anything that could be of use to them. Rakel gathered her bow, arrows that sat beside her pack under

    the overhang. She then walked over to her pack and pulled from it a few potions of magicka regen andhealing potions. She also

    withdrew potions to resist various elements and Majni did the same except he packed his nordic axe. The two werewolves

    set off for Fort Frostmoth to deal with this new threat, before she did that though, she extended her hand in a farewell gesture to

    the rest of the frostmoon pack.


    "Be sure to come back safe." Hjordis and Akar called in unison, in thruth,, though, the two nords were already twenty feet from the

    camp, so the call feel on deaf ears.  .



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