B.O.T.B Frostmoon Crag Blues A Curse Reborn

  • To some, the blood of the werewolf is a curse. To a young pregnant nord woman, lycanthropy is a blessing sent from above. She

    was walking along a snowy path just south of Raven Rock in their homeland, a land called solstheim with her husband, a muscular

    nord with blue eyes and brown hair and a patch of dark brown stubble on his chin. The woman was thin and had brilliant brown

    eyes, ruby red lips and long black hair. The woman's name was Sigried and the man's was Rugrud. They were not just out for a

    stroll, they were house searching, or crag searching as it were. Sigreid's eyes spotted a beautiful crag just north of Raven Rock

    where they could call their home and raise their two children, Majni and Akar, with one on the way.


    She turned to her husband, "Rugrud, how about we raise our little cubs here, it is in a perfect location with plenty of game to

    hunt and if we choose to go shopping, we can just go to the settlement nearby." Rugrud nodded indicating that the particular

    crag would be perfect.


    The two nords looked under the huge slab of rock the jutted outwards and spotted an alcove just big enough for five beds, two

    tents and a fire, it also had a shrine to Hircine, who they worshipped religously. Sigreid set up camp, placing things methodically in

    the carved out alcove under the rock outcropping.


    One night, Sigried felt severe muscle cramps in her stomach area. She turned to Rugrud concerned.


    "Rugrud, oh Hircine, the baby is coming. if I don't make it though this..." She started to sweat profusely


    "Sigried, don't talk like that, you will be fine." He reassured her as he took hold of he hand


    Sigried could feel a great jolt of pain rocketing through her body as though she had been stabbed with fifty needles. She howled in

    pain as she could feel the baby rip at her insides. She gave one last howl of pain and then a miracle happened. The baby

    crowned and then the rest of its body followed.


    "Rugrud, isn't she beautiful?" She leaned close to the baby in her arms. "I will call you Rakel, it means daughter of Hircine in ancient

    nordic. Rugrud nodded in affirmation. "Rakel it is then." She found a bundle of furs on a nearby rock and wrapped her baby in them.


    She placed the bundle of furs containing the baby in a tent that lay five feet from the fire that Rugrud made up the night before he

    found out Sigried was pregnant. Sigried and Rugrud sat in their tent, she picked up the furs and placed them close to her chest.

    When she prepared to breastfeed her, she raked her finger against a sliver of wood that stuck out of the tent structure like a

    toothpick stuck out of some person's mouth. She moved her bruised finger up so it was eyelevel. Her eyes went wide as she saw

    a cut that stared at her like an angry red eye, out of which dribbled deep crimson liquid. An idea formed in her mind and she

    dangled the cut finger above the baby's open maw. Majni, age five, was playing in the corner of the tent with a stick, which he

    pretended was a longsword.


    Sigried looked done at Rakel,

    "I have something to soothe your thirst, little one." 


    The sanguine liquid slid hung off her finger, like a vine hanging from the ceiling of some unused temple. The sanguine liquid dripped

    into Rakel's mouth. She had gorged herself until she had had her fill. Sigried lifted her head up and saw that the wound had clotted

    and the angry eye had closed for good. 


    She turned to her husband,

    "Honey, will you go out and round something up for diinner for us and Majni?" Rugrud nodded and exited the tent.


    Rugrud howled and turned into a wolf, not a phony man-beast but a true wereolf, one with sharp claws, sharp teeth and paws the

    size of human hands. His fur was the color of the sun and his eyes were the color of blue skies, Sunshine was the wolf's name.

    Sunshine sniffed the grounds near the Frostmoon camp and picked up a scent of some wildlife that was five yards from the camp.

    He padded in the direction of the scents origin, he passed trees and rocks as his paws sunk deep into the snow with every step he



    Sunshine could feel the snow on his fur, which was equally matted with snow. He raised his head and used his ears as a radar,

    searching for sounds of windlife. For thirty seconds, therre were sounds of trees and wind. He heard the sound of prey, HIS prey. He

    padded further into the wintery wonderland. He finally came to Hirstaag forest where he knew the scent originated from. A deer was

    grazing in the distance, it was completely unaware that a wolf stood five feet away, saliva dripping from his mouth. The wolf waited

    for three seconds before lunging forward. The wolf's bloodlust fueled his feet, which were running at full force through the forest

    towards his prey.



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  • Delta
    Delta   ·  April 30, 2020
    And I've cleared The Blood Ritual. Pretty interesting coming of age story in TES, will have fun sorting through my notes.
  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  August 18, 2018
    Was wondering if someone would do something about werebears. I myself haven't touched them a bit in Solstheim, so yeah. Qurious. :)
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  August 17, 2018
    call me dumb, what does AOTW mean?
    • Hasir
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      call me dumb, what does AOTW mean?
        ·  August 17, 2018
      It stands for Ache Of The Wolf, it is also on the table of contents.
      • The Long-Chapper
        The Long-Chapper
        It stands for Ache Of The Wolf, it is also on the table of contents.
          ·  August 17, 2018
        Ah, with the font you selected, it was really hard to read. My apologies. 
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  August 16, 2018
    Not a bad start. Werebears.... They need to learn their place.... Blasted flea riddled beasts!
    • Hasir
      Not a bad start. Werebears.... They need to learn their place.... Blasted flea riddled beasts!
        ·  August 17, 2018
      This story is based off of Rakel’s elder scrolls lore.