Skyrim RP series...Danifae (Chapter 19) Honey talks

  • The sound of knocking did nothing to ease the pain in Danifae's head. She groaned and turned round in the bed, when she heard voices outside the door. One was low and deep, the other was Zora's familiar cheerful tones. As Danifae tried to raise her head the voices stopped and Zora entered the room.

    'Ah the sleeper arises! Good morning!'

    'Yes, good morning Zora' Danifae muttered. 'What time is it? Who was that?'

    'It's midmorning. A nice day out actually. And that was Jorleif asking if you were ready yet'

    'Midmorning! Why didn't you wake me earlier?' Danifae cried, getting up out of bed. She stumbled around in her shift, looking for her furs. It seemed her clothes and boots were scattered all over the floor and it took a few minutes for Danifae to get suitably dressed for travelling. Whilst she was fumbling about, Zora said 'Because it looked like the mead had gotten to your head, and you looked so nice and peaceful asleep. I didn't have the heart to wake you'

    'Oh Zora, there are times when you care too much' said Danifae, with a smile.

    'Yes, from what I surmised last night it seemed like there was quite a bit of 'caring' going on with Ulfric' she teased

    The pillow, when it hit the wall near Zora's head, made a whumphing sound, but fortunately stayed intact and seemed none the worse for its unconventional use...

    The four companions were finally ready to leave Ulfric's palace. They'd all had their fill of warm soup and Danifae's headache had receded. Lydia had remarked that Danifae had looked a bit under the weather and she had replied that the mead in Windhelm was a bit stronger than she was used to. Zora gave her a knowing wink and Larkspur raised his eyebrows at this.
    With their packs full of the supplies they'd need, the plan was that Danifae would wrap a bandage round her missing socket and hide her face under her hood whilst it looked like they were being 'escorted' out of the city under the watchful eyes of some guards, who were in on the plan. Galmar told them that Ulfric was currently out of town, inspecting a nearby fort, but he had left a message wishing them good fortune. Just before they left the palace, Ralof popped in to bid them farewell. He was looking almost back at full strength due to the ministrations of Jora. He had been assigned as a lead scout and that meant he wouldn't be going into any more barrows and he was pleased by this. He still felt guilt over Gina's death but Danifae and Galmar assured him that Gina had died fighting with a smile on her face, as a true Nord. He felt a bit better at this and joined the escort down to the stables, where they all retrieved their horses. Danifae was pleased to be reunited with Frost again and finally the four of them left Windhelm behind them, for now.

    The weather turned to a thunderstorm as they neared Riften. They changed into leather armour and cloaks and finally entered Riften at midafternoon. They decided to stay at the Bee and Barb until the storm passed, so they booked rooms for the night and ordered food and drink in their rooms. One of the waitresses passed Danifae a note when she came to clear away the dishes. Danifae looked at the note and frowned.

    'What is it, Danifae?' asked Lydia

    She sighed and passed the note round. They all had a read at it then Zora quietly said 'Maven Blackbriar?'

    'Yes. What by the Divines does she want now? I thought I was done with her...'

    'Want us to come with you?' asked Larkspur

    'No. The note says 'Alone'. I don't think she'd be very pleased if I disobeyed her'

    'But it may be a trap!' cried Zora. 'We can't let you...'

    Danifae clutched her friend's hand. 'Look, she's only across the street. What do you think she'll do? If she wished me harm, she wouldn't do it in her own house. Remember, I can use a shout to attract attention if I need to. You three stay nearby and watch for trouble'

    So, Danifae went out of the Bee and Barb. Her friends wandered round the marketplace, pretending they were perusing the wares, but in reality they were keeping their eyes peeled for signs of any trouble.

    Danifae knocked on the door to Maven's Mansion. After a while, she heard footsteps and Maul appeared at the door. 'Yeah?'

    'I got this note from Maven. She wants to see me' she said, thrusting the note into Maul's face. He grabbed it and looked at her blankly.

    'Read what it says for proof' she said to him.

    'Err...I can't read. What does it say?'

    Danifae gave a big sigh. 'Look, do you really want to keep Maven waiting. The note says she wants to see me'

    'Hmm hmm...lemme go check' and he shut the door in her face. She heard his footsteps receding and after what felt like an eternity, but was really only a few minutes he came back.

    'Yeah. She'll see you. Follow me'

    'About damn time!' she muttered

    He led her upstairs. Whilst his back was turned, Danifae took a good look round and tried to note the layout. The Blackbriar's were amongst the richest people in Riften, if not the whole province, or so it seemed. Danifae had never seen so many ornaments and riches before, not even in the Jarl's own dwellings. They eventually came to a sitting room and he told her to wait there. There were several mead bottles on shelves. Noting the labels said 'Goldenglow Estate' Danifae raised her eyebrows. 'Seems she owns a meadery here too. Well, it can't be all bad'

    'Yes, quite a collection I have here, dont you think?' said a woman's voice, one Danifae recognised from her previous trip to Riften, when she managed to 'retrieve' Frost.
    Putting the bottle back, Danifae noted that Maven Blackbriar had strolled into the room. 'Please sit. We have something to discuss' she said, motioning to a table with four chairs. 'Would you care to try a bottle?'

    'As much as I like mead, Maven, I thought this wasn't a social call'

    'Oh come now! You don't need to act all hostile. I know you like mead. You've drunk plenty of it'

    'How do you know that? I haven't been here in a while'

    'My dear Danifae. Who do you think supplies a lot of the holds with their mead? I also have 'agents' out and about, for various business dealings'

    'Agents? Spies you mean?'

    'Well, they supply me with information. Very valuable information'

    Danifae didn't like the way this conversation was going. 'What do you want, Maven?'

    'Straight down to business. I like that. Now, seeing as you like mead so much, you may be what I need to solve a little...problem'

    'A problem? A mead problem?'

    'You could say that. Someone is interfering with my mead making business at Goldenglow Estate and I need someone to find out what's going on'

    'Really? You mean me? Why not send some of your own people?'

    'My dear, if I send one of my own people, it may scare off whoever is scamming me. I need someone who is independent. You're not exactly well known, especially after you got your 'face' changed. I was also impressed with how you dealt with the Frost situation'

    Danifae sat upright at this. 'You mean, you're not angry at the mercenaries that died?'

    'No, of course not. If they managed to let you in and 'retrieve' Frost so easily they weren't much good to begin with. Good riddance to bad rubbish'

    Danifae was stunned! For Maven to callously disregard the people she had hired...what would that spell for her...
    However, Maven seemed to have ways of getting information. Perhaps Danifae could make a deal with her.

    'So, if I find out what's happening in Goldenglow, what's in it for me?'

    Maven gave a little laugh. 'Yes, now I like that. An eye for an eye, as it were...'

    Danifae reached up to touch her bandaged face. That comment was too close to home. She said 'If you have so many 'agents' out and about, then surely they can find out some information for me. About a certain someone'

    'Information is power. That is something I can certainly agree on. So, who's the 'someone?'

    'A certain Thalmor'

    Maven actually looked at Danifae in surprise. 'Well now, that's interesting! I am acquainted with Ambassador Elenwen and...'

    'Elenwen isn't the one I'm looking for' said Danifae.

    Maven had an annoyed look on her face 'Do not interrupt me ever again! Do I make myself clear, girl!'

    Danifae was starting to get angry. She stood up and stared Maven down. 'Who do you think you are? You may control a lot of people here, but you don't control me! You have no idea what I've been through!' Just then, Maul dashed into the room. 'Maven, are you alright? I heard the shouting! Is she giving you a problem?' he said, getting out his greatsword.
    Just then, Maven started to laugh and Maul and Danifae looked at her in confusion. Maven finally stopped and told Maul that everything was alright and to go back to his guard duty. He went out and closed the door. Danifae was still on her feet, still confused. 'What's so funny, Maven?'

    'Oh I've not been spoken to like that in a long time. Oh you really are just the person to get to the bottom of Goldenglow. I'm beginning to like you' she said and smiled.

    Danifae let out a deep breath and said 'I'm sorry I yelled. It's just that with all that's happened, my anger sometimes gets the better of me. It worries me at times'

    'I can imagine. It seems to me that this person you're looking for has done something to you'

    Danifae sat down again 'I don't want to go into details right now, as I still find it difficult to talk about. But yes, he did'

    Maven thought for a moment. 'As I was going to say, even for me it's difficult to get to see Elenwen often, only when she hosts one of her receptions at the Embassy. But she's the best one to try and get information from. As Ambassador, she would know more about Thalmor agents than anyone else in Skyrim'

    'So what you're saying is that I'd need to get into the Embassy to see her?'

    'My dear, it's not so simple. You can't just walk in there. The only way you're likely to get in without raising the alarm is if you're invited to one of her receptions. Even they don't happen very often. However, I'll see if I can get my agents to find out anything about this person you're looking for. If you help me with Goldenglow'

    It didn't take very long for Danifae to agree. Together, Maven and Danifae went over the details of the estate and Maven gave her a map and a couple of keys. Maven told her one of the keys was for a nearby mead cellar where she could hide out if she needed to. It had a trapoor that opened behind the stables as well as a main door just behind Haelga's Bunkhouse. There was a false wall which led to a place where Danifae could store equipment. The other key was for a trapdoor into a sewer just near the shore of the lake at Goldenglow. It would be her best way into and out of the estate. Maven wanted her to try and talk some sense into Aringoth, the Bosmer who was in charge of running the place, but if not then he was to be 'dealt' with in whatever manner was deemed appropriate. As for the guards, Maven told her that her own guards had been run out and replaced with a mercenary group Aringoth had hired. Again, Danifae was to deal with them in any way she saw fit, but to be careful, as they didn't take prisoners. Lastly, she was to burn three of the hives but not them all. This could prove to be the tricky part as this would attract the attention of the guards, but if she left it to last, then Danifae could make her escape across the lake.

    Danifae knew this was going to be dangerous, but her friends knew that she was determined in her goals and they had strict instructions to get word to her parents in the Valenwood if she didn't ever return from her 'sorties'. Would she ever get a better chance? Ulfric was tied down with the war, despite his promises to help her get information. It would be harder for Stormcloaks to get into places where the Thalmor were. Maven was a powerful figure in her own right and apparently had connections to other powerful figures, which she mingled with.

    After Danifae had agreed to the job, and over some Blackbriar mead Maven said 'I'd prefer you to do this alone. The less people know about your activites there, the better. Now then, who's the person you want information on?'

    'His name is Ancano. He's the one I'm looking for' she said, an angry look on her face...



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    Nice to see you back into writing....  Here's to more.
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    Karver the Lorc   ·  July 17, 2018
    I think the fact I like Maven more than Ulfric and even enjoy reading about her more, has to mean there's something wrong with me. I just can't help myself when it comes to this witty cougar :D

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      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      I think the fact I like Maven more than Ulfric and even enjoy reading about her more, has to mean there's something wrong with me. I just can't help myself when it comes to this witty cougar :D

      And all caught up now. Now onto the rest. Sotek's stuff I ...  more
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      Glad to see you back and writing! :)  Ah, that pillow missed its target and Maven...she always gets me angry whoever's story she's in! Hopefully she can find info on Ancano.
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      At this point, Dani is a bit frustrated at her lack of information and may have to ally herself with people she dislikes to get anywhere.
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      It's great to see you working on Danifae's story again. I love how she stood up to Maven!
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      Dani doesn't like Maven but if she can the information she needs, then she's gonna bite the bullet.
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