Skyrim RP series...Danifae (Chapter 17) Reunion

  • Exiting Korvanjund, the party made their slow way up the steps to where the horses were tethered. They carefully put down Gina's body and Ralof settled down with a groan. The scouts hacked down some branches to tie together into a sledge to drag Gina's body back to Windhelm. Whilst the sledges were being made ready Danifae spoke to Galmar. She was still recovering from the injuries the draugr had inflicted and her face still felt cold.


    'General, I don't want anyone to see my face when we go back to Windhelm'


    Galmar looked at her and asked 'Why? You helped get back the crown for Ulfric. Don't you want to be recognised for that?'


    'It's not that. I left here disguised as a Stormcloak and I want to go back the same way. The less attention I draw to myself, the better'


    Galmar thought for a moment. 'Lass...Danifae, you sure you want to do this?'


    'Yes. I want to ask Ulfric something. I've had an idea to find a way to help him in the war and I want to keep my identity secret. The less people who know about me the better'


    Galmar scratched his head. 'Well, lets get back to Windhelm and give Ulfric the crown. He'll want to speak to you afterwards'


    Danifae indicated her fur helmet and her bare, scratched face with her empty eye socket. 'My Stormcloak helmet got squashed in the dragon attack, and I can't go back showing my face like this'


    They thought for a minute then Danifae said 'I know. I can wrap my face in linen wraps and pretend I was injured. I'll need to keep my ears covered too'


    'Good idea' said Galmar.


    Danifae got up and went back into Korvanjund. It didn't take her long to gather up some linen wraps from inside. She went back outside and found that the sledge was almost ready to drag Gina's body back. She sat down beside Ralof and started wrapping them round her face and eye socket. Ralof helped her as best he could and when she was finished the only visible parts of her face were her left eye and mouth. She made sure to wrap some round her head to cover her pointed ears.


    Turning to Ralof she asked 'How do I look?'


    'Like you've gone 10 rounds with Rolff. I can hardly see you'


    'Good. That's the intent. Think you can ride Frost?'


    'I'll manage.'




    By the time they got back to Windhelm it was getting dark. This suited Danifae as the darkness would help hide her features. Ralof sat in front of her on Frost and Danifae had her arms on either side of him on the reins. They rode up to the gates and carefully dismounted, Ralof gritting his teeth. Galmar told the guards to look after the horses while they dragged Gina into Windhelm and Ralof managed to walk on his own to the Shrine of Talos and Jora's ministrations. The scouts took Gina down to the Hall of the Dead to be interred whilst Galmar and Danifae went into Ulfric's palace. Ulfric was discussing plans with Jorlief in the map room and they looked up when Galmar walked in with his companion in tow.


    'Galmar! You've returned! How did it go my friend? And who's this with you?' said Ulfric, a look of relief on his face.


    'Sir, can we discuss this in private?'


    Ulfric looked worried at this. 'Yes, of course. Come up to my private chambers. You too Jorleif'


    Galmar indicated Danifae 'My companion here is part of this and needs to come too'


    Ulfric looked at Danifae 'Who is this? Can I trust them? Why is their face covered?'


    'Believe me Jarl Ulfric. All will be revealed if we come with you'


    Ulfric shrugged and said 'Fair enough'


    The four of them walked upstairs into Ulfric's private chambers. Once they had all settled down Ulfric indicated that Galmar should continue. He produced a leather bag and gave it to Ulfric. 'Look inside' he said.


    Ulfric looked at Galmar then opened the bag. He looked inside and looked at Galmar in surprise. 'Is this what I think it is?'


    Galmar gave out a chuckle. 'Take it out and try it on'


    Ulfric carefully reached into the bag and pulled out the crown. He examined it as it shone with a glowing light. 'The Jagged Crown! You found it!'


    Galmar shook his head 'Not me. It was this one here' indicating Danifae. She started unwrapping the linen wraps and when she was done gave Ulfric a bow.


    'As promised my Jarl, the Crown is yours. Be careful, it has some sort of power that makes you stronger'


    Ulfric looked at Danifae and her missing eye and her scarred face. 'Yes I can feel the power in it. I thank you, Danifae. But you look like you need a healer'


    'Don't worry about me. It's my friends I'm worried about' she said with a frown. 'I kept my end of the bargain, but it cost someone their life. I would like you to uphold your end'


    'Cost someone their life?' said Ulfric sadly. 'Who was it?'


    'Gina gave her life to get the Jagged Crown. I would hope that you'd pay reparations to her family'


    Ulfric thought for a minute 'Gina? Red haired lass. Brave and fearless in battle?' Galmar nodded. Ulfric got up and poured himself and the others mead. 'A toast to Gina' he said and they all raised their glasses and drank to her in the afterlife. 'Jorleif, please make sure Gina's brother is compensated.'


    Jorleif bowed and said 'Valdar, her brother, is away on a fishing trip but I will make sure he gets it when he comes back. As for Gina I'll make sure she is interred until her brother can return for the funeral'


    Danifae spoke up then 'So, now what about my friends?'


    Ulfric placed the crown on a table and said 'Your friends will be freed and you can go on your way. However I have a proposal for you'


    Danifae looked at Ulfric and said 'What sort of proposal?'


    'How would you like to join the Stormcloaks and fight for me?'


    'Me, an elf, join the Stormcloak army? Kind of ironic don't you think?'


    Ulfric gave a chuckle. 'Yes when you put it that way. But not everyone hates elves'


    Galmar chipped in then 'I've seen your fighting prowess. You would be a real asset to the cause'


    Danifae thought for a minute 'Do I have a choice? You still have my friends locked up in jail. If I refuse you could do things to them until I comply'


    Ulfric got an angry look in his face 'What do you think I am! A Thalmor? I know there is racism and prejudice in Windhelm but with the war on, I can't spare much time for the squabbles. My guards do the best they can, and some may have a heavy hand, but if you are on my side maybe we can bring some harmony here.'


    'I'd like that too but as I said if my friends are locked up here there's not much choice for me is there?'


    Ulfric nodded to Jorleif. 'Free her friends and bring them up here.' Jorleif left the room and Danifae got up and paced the room anxiously. After a few minutes of sipping her mead, the door opened and Zora, Lydia and Larkspur entered, loking none the worst for their imprisonment. There were cries of joy and hugs and tears all round and remarks about Danifae's face, which she waved off. Once they had settled down, they all had meads and Danifae and Galmar had told the story of what had happened Ulfric turned to Danifae and said 'So, have you thought about my proposal? Whatever you decide, you all will be free to go where you will'


    'Yes I have. I'm not joining your army'


    Ulfric and Galmar looked at her in shock. Galmar got up and had an angry look in his face. Danifae raised her hand 'Wait! Before you pick me up and shake me again I have a better proposal'


    Ulfric raised his eyebrows and Galmar calmed down a bit before she continued.


    'I'd work better as an independent agent. I can go places posing as a bard and can try and disrupt Thalmor activites and listen to rumours when out and about. I'm also going to assault Northwatch Keep and free the prisoners held there'


    Ulfric almost dropped his mead and Jorleif and Galmar looked at her in surprise. Her friends let out gasps and cries of protest.


    When they had all sort of composed themselves Ulfric said 'Did I hear you correctly? You said you're going to assault Northwatch Keep?'


    'I did. I have certain things with the Thalmor I wish to take care of and I may find information in there that could aid you and me in fighting them. Also, I think freeing the prisoners in there may aid your cause and get you some new recruits. I also know of someone who's being held there and want to free him anyway'


    Jorleif spoke up then 'Northwatch Keep is on the other side of Skyrim, near Solitude. You think you can actually do this?'


    Zora spoke up then 'Of course she can do it. With us by her side, she can do anything!'


    'My companions can be my entourage when I'm touring the holds'


    Galmar said 'Ulfric, I can tell you from what I witnessed in the fight with the draugr and the dragon, she won't go down easily. I say we let her try'


    'Also, there may be times when I need to do things alone. This will be necessary to keep my identity a secret. So, Lydia, if I am away on my own and anything happens to me, you are not to blame. The only thing I ask is to keep my friends safe'


    Lydia came and knelt before Danifae. 'I so swear'


    Ulfric said 'What if the Thalmor capture you? You could tell them anything. Their torture methods...'


    Danifae looked at Ulfric in anger and paced the room once again and pointed at her missing eye 'Don't talk to me about torture! I have endured pain and believe you me I would rather die than tell them anything! And if I'm not actually here learning your plans what can I tell them?'


    Zora said 'But your parents? If you die they'll need to be told. And I'd miss you...' Zora had an anguished look on her face, as did Lydia. Larkspur wrapped his arms round the two women and hugged them. 'I'll look after you along with Lydia. I'll also make sure her parents know what's happened to her. It's been a long time since I've been in the Valenwood but I know people and places and can keep us hidden if necessary.'


    Danifae looked at Larkspur and smiled her thanks. She clasped hands with Zora and Larkspur. 'That's the most serious thing I've ever heard you say. I love my parents of course. I'll write them a letter telling them all that's happened to me so try and get it to them if I don't come back. If you can, get my parents away from the Thalmor and to safety. If Jarl Ulfric wins the war maybe even find them a safe place in Skyrim. I doubt the Thalmor would send a patrol after you in amongst all the Stormcloaks'


    Lydia came over and clasped her hands on top of the others. 'Again I so swear'


    Ulfric nodded. He opened a drawer and gave a bear shaped amulet to each of them. 'If you need to come back here, show a Stormcloak this amulet. They know that it means you're in my trust and they will escort you here safely. Only my most trusted people have one of these' indicating Galmar and Jorleif.


    To Danifae all that remained was to make her plans for helping Ulfric. It was late into the night when they all got to bed in the upper palace, as Ulfric didn't want them staying in Candlehearth Hall. She also wanted some things made for her so an order was sent to the blacksmith and the marketplace by Jorleif to have them ready as soon as possible.










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  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  July 17, 2018
    I kinda expected Ulfric not to uphold his end of the bargain. Oh well. But yeah, having Dani work as spy can work better than have her as just another grunt in the meat grinder of Fart-Under-Cloaks rebellion.
    • HaggisHunter
      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      I kinda expected Ulfric not to uphold his end of the bargain. Oh well. But yeah, having Dani work as spy can work better than have her as just another grunt in the meat grinder of Fart-Under-Cloaks rebellion.
        ·  July 17, 2018
      Well, as Dani said to him, its ironic having an elf working for him. It may go some way to help smooth relations between man and mer. I don't think it would do well for a Jarl who wants to be High King to break promises
  • GailOlm
    GailOlm   ·  October 28, 2017
    I'm glad that Ulfric released Danifae's friends and that the group is reunited.  :)
    • HaggisHunter
      I'm glad that Ulfric released Danifae's friends and that the group is reunited.  :)
        ·  October 28, 2017
      Now to see what trouble and danger awaits them going forward. Danifae is slowly gaining allies and support
  • Caladran
    Caladran   ·  October 24, 2017
    And here I thought Danifae would join Ulfric's army... Good chapter. :)
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      And here I thought Danifae would join Ulfric's army... Good chapter. :)
        ·  October 24, 2017
      I likes to keep the readers guessing...;)