Skyrim RP series...Danifae (Chapter 2) Rats


    Danifae sat in the back of the carriage with her three companions, Zora, Larkspur and Lydia and thought about what had happened over the past few days.
    She had been glad to have helped Zora reconcile with her sister and the two of them had become even closer friends than before. It had been quite a battle with all the flame atronachs but the two of them had persevered and won the day and had got quite a few valuable fire salts from the corpses. Killing the old hag when she had tried to take back the soul gem had also been necessary, but it was one less witch in the world to be concerned with. Joselyn was finally free of her guilt and she and Zora had made up for their falling out. Even though Zora still carried the scars on her face from their earlier argument, she had decided she was now older and wiser and would carry the scars as a reminder that people are individuals and have their own opinions.
    There had been more witches when they had decided to retrieve the Nettlebane dagger for Danica. It had been quite hairy with the two hags and the Hagraven up above raining fireballs down on them. With a good bit of running about and hiding behind rocks, the four companions had finally managed to take down the two hags and then Larkspur and Danifae had kept the Hagraven busy by firing arrows at her whilst Lydia and Zora ran up the fallen tree to her lair. When Danifae heard the sounds of battle and the Hagraven screaming in pain, they also ran up the fallen tree and joined the fray. Not long afterwards, the Hagraven lay dead and Nettlebane was in Danifae's hands at last.


    They decided to head back to Whiterun to turn in the various bounties they had gathered and to stay one last night in Breezehome. They relaxed at the Bannered Mare, whilst Danifae decided to deal with Saadia. She had been willing to help Saadia at first, as Danifae knew what it was like to be on the run and in hiding, but when she had met Kematu and him telling her that she had betrayed Tanith to the Aldmeri Dominion, that really got her angry. After a lengthy discussion with Kematu she had decided to turn her in.


    She went on her own to meet her, so as not to raise suspicion and told her she had been discovered and to run to the stables. There, Kematu captured Saadia and gave quite a substantial reward. It pleased Danifae greatly that there was another traitor less running around.

    The next day, Danifae had shown Danica the Nettlebane dagger and agreed to get a cutting of the Eldergleam tree. She also told her that the next time Danica saw her, she would be a changed woman. Danica didn't know what she meant by this but Danifae told her that she would see for herself the next time they met. Danica had also tried to do some experiments on the blood that Danifae had donated. The blood had 'went off' rather quickly and she had been rather surprised at this. All she had been able to find out was that there was something mixed in with Danifae's Bosmer blood.

    'I know that I have dragon blood mixed in. Could that have something to do with my increased healing?' asked Danifae.

    Danica replied 'That's hard to say. It's not as we've got any dragon blood to experiment with. They've not been around for a long time. I will have to do some more research on this'

    'Could I bring back some dragon blood for you to work on? The only dragon I've fought, at the watchtower, burned up. Same with its blood on my weapons. I was only able to absorb its 'soul' apparently. So the guards told me. It set a chill through me'

    'If you can somehow manage it, that may help. But, child, don't put yourself in unneccessary risk because of it. I may be able to find out in other ways'

    Danifae gave her more blood to work on and Danica would try and work as quickly as possible to find out what was in it. Hopefully, with a bit of freezing of the sample and luck she'd be able to get more results by the time Danifae returned.

    So, they had decided to take the carriage to Riften, for speed, safety and concealment. Danifae wanted to get to the face changer now as quickly as possible. She felt vulnerable with her face like it was, despite having it constantly covered in a hood and face mask.
    Thus they were in the back of the carriage on the way to Riften. It wasn't too bad a ride, as carriages go, as the driver stuck to the main road. They saw various landmarks on the way, including the nasty looking fort that Danifae had seen on her escape from the prison. From a distance it looked like there were mages in black robes patrolling the walls, possibly necromancers but Danifae noted it was a place worth checking out on their way back. There was also the prison she had escaped from, which they passed by over the bridge she had sneaked over. It looked like there was nobody patrolling it and again she was sure to be checking it out on the way back to see if there was any information on Ancano's whereabouts or why he had been experimenting on her. There would likely be things she could use in there which were left behind on her desperate flight from the prison.


    So, eventually they reached Riften. They went straight to the Bee and Barb inn to hear if there were any rumours about where the face changer was. They heard that the Thieves Guild was based in the city sewers, called the Ratway and that Maven Black-Briar was a powerful head of a family there who had ties to the Thieves Guild. On talking with her, she proved rather evasive
    There was also a man in the inn who was trying to buy a horse called Frost from the Black-Briars. However, the one who was sealing the deal, Maven's son, Sibbi, was locked in prison. If Danifae could get the horse for him, she'd be well rewarded.
    Danifae had her reservations about this. She didn't want to cross the Black-Briars but at the same time she could tell Maven about this plot to get the horse. On doing so, Maven proved a bit more talkative and revealed that she should go through with the deal, and talk to Sibbi about 'acquiring' Frost. In return, Maven would set up a meeting with the face changer.
    So, leaving Lydia and Zora at the inn to listen for rumours and gossip and needing someone who could sneak along with her she brought along Larkspur. On talking with Sibbi, he revealed that Frost was at the Black-Briar Lodge to the east of Riften.
    So, the two of them walked to the Lodge and took out the mercenaries who were outside. They sneaked inside and with Larkspur's dual wielding skills and Danifae's bow skills, quickly killed all the mercenaries inside. Sibbi had given them a key to the strongbox inside as a reward, so they took what was in there. Danifae acquired Frost and took him back to the dealer, who was waiting nearby. The dealer wanted the horse back but using the proceeds from the strongbox she paid him off.
    So on going back to Riften, she told Maven what had happened. Maven was rather surprised at how resourceful Danifae had been on getting Frost back and agreed she could keep the horse. She also told her where the face changer was located, the whole point of the operation, and marked it on her map.
    So, gathering the party back together, and stopping for a bite to eat, they decided to head into the Ratway.
    The sewers were aptly named, as there were plenty of sewer rats down there, human ones as well. After several encounters with such rats they eventually reached the location of the face changer. It was inside the main headquarters, the Ragged Flagon, of the Thieves Guild!
    However, Maven had sent word ahead that the four companions had permission to visit and no harm was to come to them, as long as they didn't try anything themselves. There was a lot of staring and muttering but no weapons were drawn or threats made and they made their way to Galathil, the face changer.
    On removing her hood and mask, the patrons at the Ragged Flagon gasped, made comments and pointed at Danifae's face. Danifae had become used to this in the time after her escape and ignored it. They didn't comment on Zora's looks quite so much, as her scars were nowhere near as bad.
    It would cost 1000 gold to change her appearance. Thankfully, she'd made a lot of gold in the past few days from bounty hunting in Whiterun and had more than enough. She settled down to go through the procedure, with Zora looking on with interest. Lydia and Larkspur bought drinks at the bar, as they didn't want to watch.
    After several hours of pain, which Danifae endured in silence and Galathil having to take breaks due to the lengthly procedure, she emerged with a brand new face, a wig and a false eye. All signs of her burns and her slave tattoos were finally gone. The false eye was only cosmetic and she would never be able to see out of it again but she had gotten used to that. She felt renewed.
    Zora again decided not to go through the procedure. She had seen what was involved and the pain it could cause and she wasn't up to it.


    When Danifae walked into the bar Larkspur almost dropped his ale in surprise and Lydia nearly fell off her seat.

    Larkspur 'Is that really you, Danifae?'

    Danifae 'Yes it's me. Do you approve?'

    Larkspur 'Do I approve? Most certainly. The change is quite amazing'

    They thanked the patrons for letting them see Galathil and left the Ratway. For Danifae, it finally felt good to show her face in public and she could go around without fear of being recognised from the prison escape or by Ancano or his agents.
    They spent a night at the Bee and Barb and picked up some quests from the residents in the town. Danifae had made a decision on their next step too.

    'My friends. It's finally time to join the Dawnguard. These vampires that we've fought are starting to become a problem in the towns. I have an intense dislike for vampires anyway.'

    Zora 'Yes they're attacking innocent people and getting more brazen about it. I don't like them either.'

    Danifae 'I know Zora, but it seems to be more than that to me. There's something in my head that I can't remember and every time I see one it seems to trigger an intense hatred. I don't know why. I hadn't even seen one until the ones we killed at Bloodlet Throne and even they made my blood boil'

    Zora 'Maybe it will come back to you in time. Maybe your mind has blocked out something bad from your past'

    Danifae 'Yes, that may well be. A lot of bad things happened after I was 'imprisoned'. I can remember the pain and the darkness, the hunger and the thirst and my parents crying and hugging each other when I was taken from them. I am wanting answers for what I can't remember and I intend to get them. The hunted is now the hunter'







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  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  July 16, 2018
    Now she can finally walk around in broad daylight without hiding her face like some kind vampire. Yay!
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      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Now she can finally walk around in broad daylight without hiding her face like some kind vampire. Yay!
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      One of her fears of being recognised and recaptured has gone. She can relax a little... :)
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    I'm glad that Danifae's visit to the face sculptor was successful and that now she doesn't have to hide her appearance. 
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      I'm glad that Danifae's visit to the face sculptor was successful and that now she doesn't have to hide her appearance. 
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      I thought I had a screenshot saved at the face changer to show what she looks like now but apparently I don't. I'll rectify that soon... 8-)
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