The Hunter and The Prey Vol.4

  • "You played around with Magic you couldn't grasp and Turned yourself into a Fox, thats quite amusing actually". "I'll show you an idiot. im going to freeze you to the bone" said Frostbite while showing his teeth. The Man broke out in laughter. "Do you even realise how bad this Situation is for you?. The Man snaps his Fingers and the Civilians stop to hit the walls and turn around. " If they make any suspicious moves. Tear them apart". Momo slowly moved her Head and started counting. "12 undead Civilians, this is really bad". "Breton Girl, why did you intrude onto my Property? "Im here to Rescue the Civilians, looks like i am a little to late" She said while nervously chuckling. "Listen i am here for the body of Jurgen Windcaller. take that stupid Fox of yours and report to the Jarl that the Civilians were Mauled by a Frost Troll. I might have a use for you. After you Reported back to the Jarl, come back here. Or I can save you the trip if you try to Attack Me. Choose wisely young Girl."


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