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  • The Storm Wolf - CH. 3 - Setting Sail

    CH 3 – Setting Sail      Discipline is at the core of every Legionary. No one likes to get brought before the lash or beaten the shit out of by their Centurion. Whether drunk or sober, sick or healthy, a legionary never failed to report for muster before a march. So, long before the first cock crowe...
  • The Storm Wolf, CH. 2 - Back From the Dead

    CH 2. – Back from the Dead        Valdyr made his way through the foyer and out into the training yard. He had expected some old man to follow in tow that he could brush off. Looking about, he saw no one resembling a physician, at least not the old saw bones he had encountered out in the field. He t...
  • The Storm Wolf, CH. 1 as recorded by Vulkhammar

    CH. 1: Freedom Author’s Note: As a caution, some material may not be suited for younger audiences or sensitive people. Violence, adult situations, foul language, gallows humor, can and will ensue.                 Legionary life wasn’t too bad. You got paid, food and shelter were provided, plenty of ...