The origin of a Dragonborn's sister who also happens to be Dragonborn

  • Tikna ran for her life, there was nowhere to go but straight forward through the wilderness, the lithe form of the khajiit was close behind her. There was no way she could outrun the suthay-raht with its precise and fluid movements as it dodged branches and leaped over roots, it was gaining steadily on her. Soon she would have stop and fight, but with what, she had no weapons unlike the khajiit who had its claws, the same claws that had had slit the throat of her mother. The khajiit caught up with her and it pounced digging its claws into her back, she screamed out in agony. She reached out as she lay on the ground in pain with the khajiit digging deeper into her back, she grabbed the nearest thing to her not even knowing what it was as she was blinded by the pain, she struck the khajiit with it and her struggle suddenly stopped she opened her eyes. The tables had turned, it was now the khajiit who lay on the ground in pain, the piece of wood that Tikna had grabbed turned out to be broken into a menacingly sharp point and was now through the abdomen of the khajiit, Tikna sat and watched as the life left the khajiit's yellow eyes.

    There was nothing left for Tikna to do now but continue running despite her pain and her longing to know whether her brother was still alive, had he been as lucky as she was. Tikna wanted desperately to go back but she did not want to take the chance of running into that bosmer. She ran until she came to the rocky face of a mountain to steep to climb and it would take days to walk around, it was getting dark and she needed shelter as it was beginning to snow. She examined the rock wall until she finally found a tunnel just big enough for her to crawl through, she crawled through the tunnel which was now pitch black, she used what little magic she knew to provide some light, she saw the end of the tunnel up ahead, it opened up into a small room just big enough for her to stand up in. I was much warmer in the heart of the mountain than it was outside. Tikna laid out her bedroll and went to sleep for the night.

    Tikna was good with directions and was not easily lost and she knew that if she and her family had continued on the road they were on they would have reached Riften. She couldn't have ran more than a few miles yesterday and so she planned to get back on the road and head to Riften and may be there, she thought, she could find her mothers so called "contacts". her journey to Riften was fairly uneventful. When she arrived in Riften people were giving her disgusted looks like she did not belong. She went into the tavern thinking that it would be the best place to start looking for the contacts or any word of her brother. There were two other Dunmer in the tavern sitting in an isolated corner. Tikna approached the bartender and asked for any word on Atkut, the bartender looked at her with a confused expression and before Tikna could ask about her mothers contacts one of the Dunmer sitting in the corner approached her and guided her to their table. "You're not by any chance the daughter of Ririn and Ahara are you?" asked one of the Dunmer "Yes,I am...why do you ask?" said Tikna "My name is Damnu and this is Anrat, did your parents ever mention us?" asked Damnu "No" said Tikna "Are they Riften? They were supposed to meet us here." "Well then I am disappointed I have to tell you they are dead." "What happened?!" and so Tikna told them her entire story all the way to the point where she met them."Well this is all very unfortunate news." said Damnu "would you mind coming with us?" he asked "I don't see why not, I have nowhere left to" "Excellent!" Damnu and Anrat said in unison

    It was not until night time that they arrived at their destination. The two old Dunmer had taken her to a rocky valley, there was a thick fog hanging in the night air and soon she saw a feint red light through the mist and as they moved closer a door was revealed to the sanctuary of the dreaded dark brotherhood. All three of them exited the wagon and moved closer to to the door, as they approached the door there was a voice that sent chills down Tikna's spine, it said "What is the cover of night" "Sanguine my brother" said Damnu and Anrat. There was a deep rumble and the door opened, they went inside. They were greeted by an Imperial man and he appeared to be a  a vampire, this frightened Tikna but she did not run, she was tired of running. Damnu and Anrat reported to the Imperial that Tikna's family had been killed and that she was the only survivor, the vampire looked disappointed but then he turned to Tikna "I'll make you an offer" he said "you devote your life to the brotherhood and we will give you food, clothes,and a new family." Tikna thought about this,was it worth it, become a murderer and get love and a new family to take care of her, but then she thought of her parents what had the brotherhood done for them, had they protected them, now her parents were dead " a new family, hmmm...My family cannot be replaced, my answer is no." "Oh, how unfortunate...we will have to kill you now." "WHAT!" exclaimed Tikna "Well we have shown you the location of our sanctuary and that is information that no living being can know unless they are a member of the brotherhood." said the vampire. At that moment Tikna saw what looked like every inhabitant of the sanctuary staring at her maliciously with weapons drawn and she did the first thing that came to her mind, ran.

    She ran through the wilderness once again but this time it was not from a single khajiit, this time it was every inhabitant of the dark brotherhood sanctuary and she could not fight all of them, maybe not even one they were all highly trained assassins. She ran as fast as she could but they could run faster after running through the woods aimlessly for hours she finally bumped into an old breton who appeared to be out in the middle of the night collecting ingredients. "Oh, hello!" said the breton happily "HELP ME!" gasped Tikna with what little breath she had left, and just as she got her words out the assassins emerged from the foliage. they attacked the old breton but what they did not know was that the breton was a powerful wizard, he flung the first attacker aside with a wave of force while raining fire down on the others and within seconds the fight was over, the brotherhood stood no chance against the breton. The breton turned back to Tikna "Are you alright?" he asked, but Tikna was to tired to speak so the breton took her up in his arms and walked off.

    Tikna awoke in a warm cozy room with a kindly looking breton woman standing over her. "Darling it seems your potion was a success" the breton woman called into the other room. "excellent" said the old breton man that had rescued Tikna from the dark brotherhood in the woods "How are you feeling?" he asked "Amazing!" Exclaimed Tikna "Now may I ask how you ended up in that terrible ordeal last night and so Tikna told them her story. Well you've had a terrible time since your arrival in skyrim, it's time someone treated you proper." said the breton "Would you like to stay with my wife and I until you decide you're ready to go off on your own?" he asked "that would be great." said Tikna.

    Tikna stayed with the bretons for weeks until she felt she had learned enough magic from the breton man that she could properly defend her self. She went off to the city of whiterun where life was no kinder to her she quickly ran out of money and was starving she had to pickpocket to get food but one day she tried to pickpocket the wrong person. It was the prosecutor and he showed no mercy and sent her to be executed.



    The dark brotherhood sent assassins up from Cyrodiil to retake the Skyrim sanctuary. After the Skyrim sanctuary was secured, the brotherhood performed a special ritual to summon the wrath of Sithis. They sent the Wrath to kill the old breton and his wife in their sleep, the brotherhood exacted their revenge.


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    I added to the end a little to tell what happened to the old breton after Tikna left
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    THIS IS SO DAMN AWESOME!! I'm serious! I'm an english major and read tons of stupid books, I'm a HUUUUUUUUUGE fan of Rober E.Howard's Conan books and your story is SO DAMN SWEET and BADASS!!
    I was actually planing on creating a Dunmer and calling hi...  more
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    I loved this! Its was exciting and fun to read