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  • How can they possibly out-do themselves this time?

            Even though the Dragonborn dlc looks amazing it's still only going to be a 20 dollar dlc and we were told there would be expansions as big as Shivering Isles, do you think we will get a huge expansion like Shivering Isles and if so what would you like to see and how do you think they can tru...
  • The origin of a Dragonborn's sister who also happens to be Dragonborn

    Tikna ran for her life, there was nowhere to go but straight forward through the wilderness, the lithe form of the khajiit was close behind her. There was no way she could outrun the suthay-raht with its precise and fluid movements as it dodged branches and leaped over roots, it was gaining steadily...
  • The origin of a Dragonborn

    This is the story of my young Dunmer assassin,Atkut.   Atkut had been traveling with his family for days now, they had no idea where to go once they made it to Skyrim. The rest of their family had been killed in the great tragedy that was now Morrowind. He knew where his parents were planning to go ...