Crossover: Epilouge

  • Lucy stood the Dreamsleeve, the afterlife for most races. She resided in a palace reserved only for those who notably served Akatosh, such as Martin Septim.


    From the palace, she could see everything that happened in Tamriel and every other dimension – for the limits of Dimensional Travel were nothing to the Divines. Lucy looked into the Dimensions, trying to find her friends and see what had becomes of them afterwards.


    First, she saw Bjorn as he stood in Dragonsreach. After years of avoiding Whiterun and being outcast he was finally welcomed back in for who he was – Jarl Balgruuf the Greater named him Thane of Whiterun, with full permission to turn into a Werewolf and re-join the Companions.


    He was also given the title of Commander of the City Guard, on an equal level with Commander Caius. As the Jarl gave Bjorn a mighty axe from his armoury to serve as his badge of office, Bjorn turned around with a smile on his face – he was truly home.


    Then, Lucy turned her gaze to San-Kai. After Bjorn had been named Thane he parted ways with San-Kai – who left for High Rock to take up his position as Arch-Curate of the College of Julianos.


    Only two months into his leadership, he made a trip to Skyrim again – armed with the knowledge of where his brother was. He met up with Veezara and spent a fortnight with him, he had finally connected with his brother and the two continued to stay in touch via courier.


    After he journeyed back to High Rock, he spent the rest of his life there. He studied the arcane and led the College to make huge leaps in their knowledge of the Arcane.


    Then Lucy turned away from that Dimension and focused on Nigel, after the three had split up Nigel returned to his home in the Commonwealth. It was there that he joined the Railroad, the underground organisation that freed synths from the Institute.


    He continued to serve them for the rest of his life, and helped them in the successful attack they made on the Institute in 2287 with the help of the Sole Survivor.


    She then looked for one final person, Lord Commander Mark Collins was still alive and successfully causing mayhem. He travelled the Dimensions with his wristband and generally caused havoc. She watched as he had just arrived in Elsweyr – ready to cause trouble for the Khajiit.


    As much as she disliked him she could do nothing to stop him, she could only hope that he eventually faced the consequence of his crimes.


    Lucy stopped looking, satisfied with what she had seen and happy in the knowledge that all of her friends were living successful lives after the Crossover Incident. It was over, everyone was living their lives as normal again – but none of them would ever forget what had occurred the time the Crossover was activated.




    Authors Note:


    That’s it – the series is over, and just in time for the end of Creativity Month. Right, cue the cringe sentimental message of thanks.


    Thanks to Sotek and Lissette for giving tips on writing, correcting my maths on Werewolf sizes and encouraging me to finish the series after an extended break of complaining that I didn’t feel like to finish it (Apologies for all the complaining by the way :D). And thanks to anyone who’s ever read a chapter – I appreciate it.


    I’m glad I took the plunge and posted the Prologue to Crossover back on May 14th. It’s been fun to write this and I hope to continue with another series soon.


    Thanks for everything,


    - Will


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    The Long-Chapper   ·  December 28, 2016
    Nice that you included an Epilogue, Will. Congratulations on finishing your story. :D