Crossover: Chapter 30 - End

  • Kagrenac stood in the workshop, awaiting their arrival – he knew they would come. He was dressed in full Dwarven armour and had an enchanted sword at his side, preparing for the fight he knew would inevitably break out.


    Calcelmo, too, stood just behind Kagrenac – somewhat fearing what would become of him for assisting Kagrenac. He was not one to beg and grovel but today seemed like a good time to start.


    A blinding blue flash brought the three into the workshop, Nigel, Bjorn and San-Kai stood before Kagrenac – ready to finally end this.


    “Welcome to my Workshop, I must say I am most impressed as to the lengths that you took to get here – you were only meant to be my experiments!”


    Nigel gave a cold stare, “Stop stalling – you know why we’re here”

    “Of course I do – you want to disable the Crossover and kill me”


    “Then we’ll get on with it,” Bjorn said coldly, drawing his axe


    “Is somebody sad about their friend’s death?” Kagrenac mocked them


    San-Kai had had enough of being silent; he quickly charged and cast a telekinesis spell – throwing a heavy metal bowl at Kagrenac’s head. It caught the Dwarf by surprise and he fell onto his back. Nigel acted quickly, having one foot on Kagrenac’s chest and one hand on the trigger of a gun faster than anyone could blink.


    “Wait!” Kagrenac yelled, he had one final plan


    “Don’t bother begging” Bjorn called as he walked over, his axe still in hand.


    “But I can help you!” Kagrenac pretended to beg


    San-Kai’s curiosity got the better of him, “Help us how?”


    “I’ve seen you all – I know what you want, I can use the Crossover to alter the timelines, giving you everything you want”


    “What stops us from doing that ourselves?” Nigel asked


    Kagrenac chuckled, “You don’t know how, idiot”


    Nigel pressed harder with his foot, “Watch your tone – I’m the one with my foot on your chest, not the other way around”


    “Anyway, I know that San-Kai wants his brother and sister back, I know that Bjorn wants his parents back and I know that you, Nigel, want your wife and daughter back”


    San-Kai crept up the Bjorn and whispered in his ear, “You lost your parents?”


    “Yeah,” Bjorn whispered back. “But I never told anyone, I don't understand how he knew..."


    Kagrenac somehow heard them, “It doesn’t matter that you didn't tell anyone, wolfy – I know everything”


    Nigel urged him on, “You can do that? You can bring them back?” He was actually considering it


    “Yes, I can – just let me up and I’ll do it”


    Calcelmo was still sat in the corner, he had been overhearing their conversation and knew exactly what was going to happen – the Crossover could do many things, but it could not bring back the dead –he’d poured over every blueprint whilst he was trapped in the workshop. Kagrenac was lying, he would kill all of them the moment he got up – but Calcelmo was afraid, so he remained in the corner.


    Nigel looked around at the others, “What do you think?”


    Both Bjorn and San-Kai seemed hesitant, San-Kai answered “No, the dead should stay dead”


    Nigel looked back at Kagrenac and again at the others. “I’m sorry guys, but if have a chance resurrect my daughter - I’ll take that option.” Nigel paused. “Get up, Kagrenac”


    Calcelmo was watching from the corner, suddenly he could take it no longer. “Wait!”


    The distraction was enough; Nigel remained with his foot on Kagrenac.

    San-Kai noticed who it was, “Calcelmo?”


    “Yes, I’ve been held here for months, Kagrenac can’t do any of that – he’s lying to get free and kill you!”


    “Logic damn you, worm!” Kagrenac called out, but Nigel had lost focus in all the commotion. Kagrenac grabbed his leg and pushed Nigel. Kagrenac quickly stood up.


    Out of nowhere, Kagrenac pulled out four Dwarven spider cases and deployed them in an instant. “These spiders,” Kagrenac began. “Are programmed to instantly kill you on command, now get on your knees”


    Nigel knew when a situation was impossible, he knelt immediately and the others followed. Nigel knew that unless something miraculous happened – they would die, it was over.


    “Good, good” Kagrenac laughed and walked over to the Crossover. “I am leaving this Workshop with the Crossover, I will continue my plan to destroy all creation and leave you here to starve – Goodbye!”


    Kagrenac’s hand went towards a large red button that would teleport himself and the Crossover out of this Dimension and into another.

    His hand never pressed it.


    A blinding blue flash erupted next to him. A gunshot echoed around the small room.


    Kagrenac fell to the ground, dead.


    Everyone looked up to see who fired the shot, Lord Commander Mark Collins stood next to the fallen body of the Dwarven Architect. The Vampiric Gunner was wearing blood-stained armour with a black cloak over them that covered his face; a smoking pistol was in his right hand.
    “Nigel, San-Kai, Bjorn – nice to see you,” Collins said with a nod, before bringing up his wristband to teleport away


    “Whoa! Wait!” Nigel yelled. “You think we’re just going to let you leave like that? You killed Kyle! You abducted Lucy!”


    Collins chuckled and pulled down his hood, revealing his vampiric eyes and the marks of the burns given to him by San-Kai, “I don’t think you’re going to let me – but I will anyway” and with that Collins pulled down his hood and tapped in a few numbers into his wristwatch – teleporting away in the same blinding flash that brought him here. Collins was gone, he'd escaped again.


    San-Kai didn’t want Collins’ arrival to spoil the moment, so he reminded everyone of what they’d just done. “We did it guys; we ended it – now we just need to disable the Crossover”


    Calcelmo stood up, “I believe I can be of help there – I’ve read all the blueprints, I know how to disable it”


    San-Kai trusted the elf; he’d saved their lives, “Then, by all means, go ahead”


    With a few commands and buttons pressed Calcelmo made short work of the device, “It’s offline – there can never be any turmoil again. I’ve left one function activated, your wristbands will still work – otherwise, we would be trapped in here”


    “Thank you, Calcelmo” Nigel replied


    The group all entered the co-ordinates of Whiterun into their wristbands and Calcelmo did the same with one he’d grabbed off Kagrenac’s body.


    “What do we do with the body?” Calcelmo asked.


    “I know” San-Kai answered, he quickly cast a flames spell and the body disintegrated


    Bjorn was glad to see him dead, “Let’s go, guys – we can finally resume our lives”


    With a blue flash the four left the workshop. Kagrenac’s body lay there burning and the Crossover remained there – never to work again.


    Kagrenac was dead,


    The Crossover was no more.



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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  January 8, 2017
    And so the crossover comes to an end. The Crossover is offline and all is right with the world bar a time of peace and mourning for the dead. What of  Lord Commander Mark Collins though?

    I wonder if he will return in another story.
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  December 27, 2016
    It is over. Congratulations on finishing, Will. 
    • Will
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      It is over. Congratulations on finishing, Will. 
        ·  December 28, 2016
      Thanks Lissette