Crossover: Chapter 28 - Breathe

  • With a blue flash and a deafening boom, Nigel, Lucy, San-Kai and Bjorn appeared at the gates of Whiterun. The city was burning around them as guards rushed past them, throwing their lives away as the brass army advanced with destructive efficiency.


    “Well, this will be fun” Lucy replied, mimicking a lack of interest




    Bjorn turned around to see who had called him, it was Vilkas advancing down the street with a sword in hand – the other members of the Circle, including the Harbinger Kodlak Whitemane, stood close behind him. “We’re evacuating the city, come on!” Bjorn took a quick look at the others and received a nod of agreement from them; he ran off to join his Shield-Siblings and left the trio standing by the burning gates – staring into the distance as the Brass Tower decimated the opposing forces.




    Kagrenac chuckled as he watched the events down in Whiterun, “This will be most interesting to watch – they actually think they can stop Numidium!”


    Calcelmo gave a short, forced chuckle in reply as he walked around the workshop; he was done with being Kagrenac’s servant and could not endure it any longer. As Kagrenac watched his creation in awe, Calcelmo discreetly pulled out the blueprints and studied the architecture of the Numidium.


    Ignoring his scholarly instincts to study its’ every intricacy he focused on the only helpful thing – weaknesses. He expected there to be none, if this creation could destroy the forces of even the Thalmor then there was likely no hope.


    Calcelmo studied the print on the left, “Numidium is a Brass God constructed around time itself, its’ very existence fractures it. Its’ entire destructive capabilities revolve around using its link with timelines to forcefully end the time of all those around it via a laser from the hands. 

    It can also perform melee attacks with the weapons attached to it, it can lift incredible weights and read every life-force in the area. After many tests by Lord Kagrenac, it has been noted that it has no physical weakness, the only possible way it could be defeated would be some form of time-based attack.

    However, the only creatures capable of performing such an offence would be the Dovah, as they ride the currents of time with ease, or some other kind of entity related to time, such as the creature Akatosh, it is possible he could use his immense link with time to construct a banishment curse like that of the Elder Scrolls  – However, Dragons were purged soon after the Dragon War and Akatosh has not interfered with human events for millennia – Numidum is invincible.”


    Calcelmo sighed over the blueprints, there was no hope of defeating the Numidium –Dragons were extinct. He could only watch as it destroyed the entirety of Skyrim.




    Nigel, Lucy and San-Kai charged into the battlefield – joining the Whiterun guards. The overwhelming force of Dwemer Animunculi annihilated the guards as the Numidium stood at the back, wielding some form of laser that instantly destroyed any guard unlucky enough to be close to it. Nigel used every tactical technique he knew to fight the Dwemer forces as he hid behind cover, popping out frequently with a targeted headshot. Lucy stood nearby with a shotgun, blasting away at spiders that got too close whilst San-Kai conjured every Atronarch in existence and summoned every Master-Level Destruction spell he knew, they were coping – but only just.




    In the golden, gleaming hall of the palace of Aetherius, the Eight Divines convened as Akatosh was left on Earth.


    “The attack hath begun, wherefore isn't Akatosh attacking?” Talos spoke


    “We don't knoweth, that gent wilt doth something - we can only observe” Julianos replied


    “Doth any of the other deities speaketh?” Zenithar questioned


    “Yes, Alkosh of the Khajiiti pantheon sayeth something is at hand - but we doth not trust the First Cat” Kyne answered


    “Rah! Fin Bormah los ahst dreh- koraav fin su’um!”  A thundering voice proclaimed


    “Who speaketh? Who says the Breath is arriving?” Talos yelled


    “Nii los zu’u, Alduin! Fin su’um los bo!” The thundering voice spoke again


    “It is Alduin – the Worm!” Kyne screamed


    “Koraav, nii bo” Alduin spoke. “The Breath arrives – watch”




    Bjorn, Kodlak and the Circle charged through Whiterun, ducking under burning timber and jumping over collapsed houses. The area around the Gildergreen, the large tree in the centre of Whiterun, was in chaos. People ran all over the city in a mindless panic, not knowing what to do as their houses burnt under the fire-bolts of the Dwarven Ballistae.


    Kodlak stopped and cried behind him, “Aela! Skjor! Go and clear out the Temple, help the Priests!”


    Aela and Farkas hesitated, and then went on into the temple – Werewolves and temples didn’t mix well. The roof of the temple was not yet on fire, though everything else around it was – the blessing of Kynareth protected it, but not for much longer.


    Kodlak yelled again, “Farkas! Vilkas! Clear out the houses, now!”


    The brothers nodded and ran off to find everyone in Whiterun and safely lead them to safety.


    “Where are they going to take them? The front gate is burning and there’s a Dwarven army on our doorstep!” Bjorn asked


    “We’re taking them out through the Underforge, Bjorn” Kodlak replied


    “Won’t they question the…?” Bjorn began


    “The blood-pool, the totems? They’ll be too scared – we’ll lead them to safety”


    “What about the Jarl?” Bjorn yelled over the deafening sound as a barrage of fiery arrows was flung into the armoury of Dragonsreach.


    “He’s trapped on the Porch, Bjorn – it’s just him and there’s no way of getting there. His children are safe, there will be an heir to the throne, there’s nothing we can do” Kodlak sighed, then continued - somewhat impatient “Come on, let’s help Vilkas and Farkas” 


    Bjorn took a look at Dragonsreach, looked back at Kodlak, and ran up the stairs to Dragonsreach – on towards the Jarl.


    “BJORN!” Kodlak cried with all his might – he couldn’t bear to lose him again.


    Bjorn didn’t look back as he charged towards the burning palace.




    Lucy, Nigel and San-Kai remained on the Battlefield. The Dwarven Animunculi were numbered about 700, there were 300 Guards left fighting. The forces of Falkreath and Morthal had rushed to the scene after a courier delivered the message, all three cities guards stood on the plains – fighting to save Whiterun.


    The Numidium stood tall at the back of the forces, the Dwarven Ballistae still remained and the Spheres patrolled the field. The only positive was that, as far as they knew, all the spiders had been eliminated – there was hope of defeating the Dwemer forces.


    But there was no hope against the Numidum; the Brass Tower marched slowly towards the city – using its powers over time to eliminate every attacker that got within range. It would take a force of thousands to even dent it, and even then it would kill all of them.


    Nigel lay sniping at the back of the defence whilst Irileth, Gorm and Helvard – the Housecarls of Jarls Balgruuf, Idgrod and Siddgeir – stood in a tent and planned the attack. The Guards were keeping the Dwemer at bay until a plan of attack could be formulated.




    Bjorn charged into Dragonsreach, it was completely empty. The banners were burning and the entire building was set alight. He could barely see due to the smoke and the air smelt toxic, nevertheless, he persisted forwards.


    Running past Farengar’s study, which was burnt to nothing, Bjorn sprinted up the stairs and towards the door of the Great Porch. He saw his problem, two large pieces of timber barricaded the door – leaving the Jarl on the outside.


    Bjorn could hear the Jarl with his enhanced hearing, his heartbeat told all - he was afraid of his fate – but not without courage and bravery; how a true Nord should be.


    Bjorn desperately scanned the doors for a point in which he could open them, he knew there wasn’t one – he was just hoping he wouldn’t have to use the only way to save the Jarl.


    Bjorn transformed into a Werewolf and smashed the doors to smithereens, then with all his speed and strength he dashed onto the porch. The Jarl was sitting there, coughing from the smoke inhalation; he only said one thing to the werewolf before he passed out.




    Bjorn realised instantly, he picked up the Jarl with one great swing and jumped off the edge of the Great Porch as Dragonsreach exploded behind him, the fire arrows lighting the gunpowder reserves beneath the palace.


    Bjorn fell the entire distance to the ground, clutching the Jarl to his chest to protect him. He collided with the jagged stones on the ground below and fell into unconsciousness, still holding the Jarl.




    Irileth snapped her head to the exploding palace, wiping away a tear as she believed her old friend was no more. She suddenly unleashed a flurry of rage and anger, “We must defeat them, we must obliterate them – now!”


    Gorm believed also that Balgruuf was dead, “Calm down Irileth, the only way we can avenge the Jarl is by having a clear plan of attack -  we could flank them?”


    Irileth shook her head, her eyes were red “No – the back could see us a mile off”


    “Then we attack them head on!” Helvard encouraged


    “That would be a massacre” Gorm replied


    “If we get rid of it then we might stand a chance” Helvard suggested


    Nigel overheard, “It’s a Numidium – the Brass God made by Kagrenac thousands of years ago”


    “Nonsense” Irileth replied instantaneously, as she tends to do with things she doesn’t understand


    Gorm pondered the though a little longer, “It would make sense – the immense power bears similarity with what Tiber Septim used, but it was destroyed”


    “And rebuilt” Nigel finished. “I don’t know how we can defeat it, but we have to hold our position until we can think of how“


    Helvard hesitated, but then grabbed the horn and blew three notes in rapid succession – the signal to hold the position. “You’d better come up with a way to defeat that thing”


    Suddenly, the sky cleared, the red glow of destruction left the city and the cracks disappeared from the ground. A booming voice sounded, and it wasn’t Kagrenac.


    “Fin su’um los het!”


    A glowing figure could be seen, rising above the battlefield from the armies below – it was flying into the clouds, glowing brighter than anything.


    It was Lucy.




    Kagrenac screamed, “No! No!”


    “What is it, my Lord?” Calcelmo asked, entirely uninterested


    Kagrenac didn’t hear him, “It can’t be, the girl…”


    Calcelmo was now somewhat intrigued as he saw the glowing figure rise above the fight, “What is happening, my Lord?”


    Kagrenac continued, still ignoring Calcelmo, “The Prophecy, it was true - the Su’um do Bormahu – she lives…”




    San-Kai came running up to Nigel as he stood, staring at Lucy. “Nigel! Is that Lucy?”


    Nigel gave no reply and simply nodded, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


    “It’s that prophecy… isn’t it? – the one that said she…” San never finished


    A tear fell from Nigel’s cheek as he watched her form float in the clouds,


    Lucy was going to die




    “The Lord acts, his breath be upon us!” Talos cried


    The voice of Akatosh boomed around Aetherius, “Zu’u fen Kron!”


    The soul of Martin Septim looked on from the heavens, “You will find peace in Aetherius, sister – your sacrifice will be remembered”




    Lucy looked on from the sky, she was awake and yet she was not, she was in control and yet she was not – she felt a tugging force, beckoning her to give up – she could not resist.


    Suddenly, her mind was on fire and her tongue spoke words lost to time itself:


    “Fin Su’um tinvaak, pah wo hon fen hon”


    All fighting stopped on the ground below.


    “Lahvu do fin sizaan reyliik – kos vod!”


    Every Dwarven Animunculi disappeared from the battlefield


    “Al naal zun – kos vod!”


    The city stopped burning, the damage unexplainably repaired - Dragonsreach was reconstructed


    “Dilon ko Sovngarde – kos vod!”


    The souls of those killed returned to their bodies.


    “Numidium, folaas rah, revak sivaas – kos vod!”


    The Numidium was cast into the abyss – never to return.


    Time fractured as the Golem was cast out and the Spirit of Akatosh left the girl,


    And Lucy died.






    Dovahzul Translations

    "Rah! Fin Bormah los ahst dreh- koraav fin su’um!" -Divines! Akatosh is attacking - see the breath!


    "Nii los zu’u, Alduin! Fin su’um los bo!" - It is I, Alduin! The Breath arrives!


    "Koraav, nii bo" - Watch, it comes


    "Fin su’um los het!" - The Breath is here!


    "Zu’u fen Kron!" - I will win!


    “Fin Su’um tinvaak, pah wo hon fen hon” The Breath speaks, all who hear will listen


    “Lahvu do fin sizaan reyliik – kos vod!” Army of the Lost Race - be gone!


    “Al naal zun – kos vod!” Damage caused by their weapons - be gone!


    “Dilon ko Sovngarde – kos vod!” Dead in Sovngarde [meaning those who died in the battle] - be gone! [From Sovngarde]


    “Numidium, folaas rah, revak sivaas – kos vod!” Numidium, False God, Unholy Creature - be gone!



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