Crossover: Chapter 27 - Break

  • Nigel began to recount what had happened, “A couple of months ago, Lucy and I were somehow sent into your world – as I’m sure you’ve guessed, we’re not from Skyrim”


    Lucy carried on before Nigel could speak, “We tried to get to the College to find a way back but we were…waylaid by a Psycho Mercenary from our world that's also been sent here”


    San-Kai carried on from there, they’d begun to take turns, “We made it to the College but before we could find out anything of relevance we were taken into their world” San-Kai gestured at Nigel and Lucy.


    Nigel continued, “Exactly, then we ended up being caught in the middle of a warzone, being kidnapped and finding the old Dwemer wristwatches to take us back here”


    Bjorn finished off, “The Dwemer Woman there told us it was Kagrenac who’d been teleporting us around” Bjorn paused to wait for Arniel to stop gasping. “So, we tried to teleport to his workshop but it’s protected – the Dwemer woman didn’t know how to get us in there so she sent us to you – can you help us get into the Workshop?”


    Arniel paused, thinking, “The sky’s already red – Kagrenac has begun his Universal Destruction, you don’t have much time – but I think I can help you”


    Nigel grinned, “Great – how can we get into his workshop?”


    Arniel stood up and began pacing around the room, “Well, I built a device a couple of years ago that was meant to take me out of this dimension and back home – but I discovered you needed the Dimensional Keys to do that”


    “Dimensional Keys?” Lucy asked


    “In Nidavellir, the Dimension Kagrenac took us to; we all had mansions for houses – as big as we wanted. We used the same technology that took us to this new Dimension to construct tiny pockets of Oblivion that functioned as a house. Each door was just a portal to that person’s personal Dimension; we saved so much space using just that trick. But I digress; the Dimensional Keys were what unlocked a house – just like an ordinary key. The Dwemer Government used the same technology on a larger scale when they shut down the teleporters – Kagrenac, too, has used this technology to shut down his Dimension so you cannot access it”


    “Then how did we travel through Dimensions without the keys?” San-Kai questioned


    “Well,” Arniel pondered the question for a moment. “The Crossover itself has unlimited power, it can bypass the locks – one of the reasons we kept it locked away was to prevent thieves from using it to burgle houses. As you were constantly being sent around by it, you’ve become so attuned that you too can bypass these Dimensional Locks – you can go anywhere”


    “Then why can’t we go to Kagrenac’s workshop?”


    “He Dimensionally Locked it with the Crossover itself – the locks are stronger than anything we ever saw, we didn’t even know you could lock Dimensions with it. You’ll need the keys to bypass those locks”


    “Where do we find the keys?” Bjorn asked, getting to the point


    “That is something I am not sure of, you can’t hide Dimensional Keys in the Dimension their locking – to prevent people from locking themselves out for all eternity. So someone, or something, has them in another Dimension – it would be someone Kagrenac would trust to keep it safe or something like…”


    Suddenly, the ground itself shook – screaming could be heard above, penetrating the thick walls like a knife through butter. The chairs fell over and the stonework cracked, Arniel picked himself up off the floor and dual cast a spell, a great blue screen opened up in the air and began to shimmer.


    “What the hell is happening?” Bjorn cried


    “Give the Scrying Screen a second to open up and I can see!” Arniel yelled


    Suddenly, the screen opened up on a view of Whiterun:


    The sky was crimson red; a black streak stained the sky. The Sun had been blocked out and the Moons had gone – just like the Void Nights. The city of Whiterun was burning, people were running from their homes into safer places, even the great palace of Dragonsreach was on fire and the Jarl could be seen trapped on the Porch, his only exit blocked by falling timber. Burning rocks fell from the sky and cracks had appeared in the ground.


    Arniel directed the scrying to where the damage was coming from, he gasped – so shocked he nearly stopped casting the spell. An army of Dwarven Automatons was advancing towards Whiterun in their thousands. Spiders scurried towards the city, attacking in groups to overwhelm any attackers. Spheres came behind, joining the spiders in attacking the Whiterun Guard and the Companions as they attempted to protect the city. Further back, a line of Dwarven Ballista stood stationary – firing bolts of fire at the city and setting it alight. Around fifty Dwarven Centurions stood behind the Ballistae – waiting to advance with a devastating attack. Accompanying them were tonnes of other Dwarven Animunculi: Archers, Sentries and several other types that nobody had seen before.


    But behind all of them, standing in all its’ power – was a Numidium. The Ancient Dwemer Construct made by Kagrenac himself that caused untold destruction wherever it went and fractured time itself. For with all the thousands of years Kagrenac had - he decided to build another one in exactly the same way he had before, and it was standing less than a mile away from Whiterun – they had no chance of defeating such a thing.


    San-Kai stared at the Scrying Screen, “Julianos protect us – that’s a Numidum”


    Arniel nodded in agreement, “That explain the Sky – there’s been a Dragon Break”


    Nigel stared in confusion, “A what?”


    Nobody answered, but Arniel suddenly jumped, for something had occurred to him, “Kagrenac would only hide the keys in something he knew would protect them – the keys are in the Numidium!”


    San-Kai cried, “Its’ hopeless – we’re dead. Tiber Septim took over the whole of the Empire with only a copy of it – that’s the real thing. There’s no chance we’ll defeat it!”


    Nigel grinned slightly as he stood up, “It might be impossible,” He paused. “But we can at least try””



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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  December 28, 2016
    This isn't good......... That's one hell of a key box.
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    Well, call me an Orc princess, you have put most people's favoritest Jarl in the deepest of perils. And... Numidium!