The Breath of Kyne - Chapter 12: Another Life

  • Lasorial was in a rare state of melancholy. He didn’t know why, he knew it was selfish. He had it all! But sometimes he felt like something was missing. But what could possibly be missing, when he was the most glorious being in the world, in the palace. Number 5132… It was prophesied that the 5132th Privileged would be the best, and deserve the best care in the world. And here he was, number 5132! Sure, he was assigned number 10038 when he saw another, but that was to stop them from being jealous. As his servants always told him, they may do something reckless and stupid if they knew how truly amazing he was, so he accepted it. A small sacrifice.


    He thought about the passages in the walls, something he hadn’t let cross his mind in a while. He could tell his servants were nervous because of his state, but he ignored them and continued his musings. Before he heard them say very strange things while in the walls, and he hadn’t had the desire to look up what they said for a while. Now though…


    “Ah, my room. Leave me!” Lasorial said to his escort. They babbled about how happy they were to serve while retreating. Sinking into the fine cushions that were available everywhere in his room, he took out one of his two guarded secrets. The servant dictionary! He had found it hidden in a loose plank with a note hastily scribbled, presumably by the one who had occupied this room before him. No time, use this, not 5132. Why, of course that man wasn’t 5132, he was!


    Browsing through, it took him only a bit to sky. Looking up things he overheard from the secret tunnels was usually a long and arduous task, for they usually had some hidden letters and he could barely decipher the pronunciation key, and even that didn’t help as much as it could have for he didn’t know the slightest meaning of the word and usually only heard it once, muffled through the stone walls.


    “Hm... Ah, here.” He liked talking to himself when alone, it made him feel like he was surrounded by people as important and brilliant as himself. He knew he had to keep it low though, as he suspected eavesdroppers among his servants.


    “The blue fabric that is everywhere when you look up, if something is not blocking it, although it is black at night, dotted with stars, and gray in storms, along with many other shades… What?” He was confused by this definition. A blue fabric? The roof, maybe? But the roof wasn’t always blue, or gray or black. And what were stars?


    He was going to look it up when something else in the wood plank caught his eye. The diamond. He had found it there behind the book, and it sometimes burned hot, or burned cold, if such a thing could happen, and he swore he saw things in it sometimes, vague shapes that made no sense… But now, it seemed to have a fire in it!


    He was intrigued, deeply intrigued. Taking it out, some shapes began to form, far clearer than anything he’d seen before. A man, an inferior Nord by a… what was the thing near him? And why was he holding an identical diamond in his hand? The scene went on for a while, with him catching glimpses of different things that he had never seen before. He appeared to be looking above them, and deeply focused on the pair, not looking at anything else. Eventually they tossed their diamond into a fearsome looking thing, and suddenly he was looking at it under the… was that water that tossed and turned so fiercely? The vision faded…

    He heard a noise outside and quickly put his treasures away in the plank, wedging the part with no nails under a piece next to it and hiding the whole thing with his cushions. A higher-servant poked his head in. “Are you okay, your Nobelist?” He answered dismissively, looking at nothing. He had much to ponder...


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  • Edana
    Edana   ·  October 11, 2016
    Ooooo! The diamond returns! Intriguing... I'd almost forgotten about it. This certainly puts an interesting spin on things! Looking forward to seeing where you go from here. :)
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  September 28, 2016
    No doubt as things evolve they will become clearer. Sorry about the delay in reading. 
  • Lyall
    Lyall   ·  September 19, 2016
    I know I'm late, I'm sorry. I scrapped the archery thing for this, which was a turn I had not seen, even though I had the general thing already planned out. I do like this new direction better though. And if you found this confusing, don't worry. I'll try...  more