A few ideas to throw around...

  • I've been thinking a bit. It started with an idea and it got more and more complex until I figured I could actually turn it into an idea for a Skyrim mod. It's a rough draft, for sure. It's missing a lot. What I'd like is some feedback, ideas, and in the long run maybe someone would be willing to take this up as a mod project. 

    The Imperial Legion is putting together a group to go to Solstheim to take back the island. After meeting with the general, you're told your share of the spoils if you survive and told to board the ship. "It'll be a two day trip", says the captian, a Redguard. The Imperial Legion has solicited a boat from Hammerfell to make the journey. You're told that everyone, for their own safety, is ordered to quarters and will be told when meals are ready. You decide to sleep. Wake up. A Redguard tells you it's time for supper. This time in the dining hall of the ship gives you time to talk and meet some of the people you're traveling with. A group of brothers looking to make a name for their family. A wife of an Imperial Legion soldier on the fort you'll be docking at. There are others as well, I'm sure we'll make up back stories for them as well. After supper you're told to go back to your quarters. You sleep again. A guard wakes you, he seems concerned. The captain has ordered everyone of importance up to the deck, something's happening. Outside, everyone is looking in one direction. There are brilliant lights in the sky all emanating from a landmass, Solstheim. At that moment, a shockwave travels across the water almost hitting the boat, but instead it hits the mast sending the man in the watchtower onto the deck in a sickening thump. Everyone's shocked as to what just happened. The captain orders the mans body to be taken down in the hold until they can figure out what just occurred. People start speculating, a dragon followed them from Skyrim, something happening with Red Mountain, the Gods being upset, another Oblivion crisis. At this point a guard comes rushing out onto the deck. Apparently the guard that fell wasn't dead after all, he regain consciousness but for some reason attacked the other men helping him to the hold. You hear screams coming from down in the boat. The captain orders two of his officers to figure out what in the Hell is going on down there. The ship is too close to the island, the captain needs to remain on deck, to steer away from rocks that might be just below the waters surface. The two officers come back up, blood on their uniforms. Everyone is told that half the crew has gone mad and started attacking the other half. The one officer swears he saw his friend eating one of the crew.

    At this point, I think you know where I'm heading. :-D

    Bang. Bang. Bang. Three ZOMBIES(or draugr) come on deck and rush everyone. The two officers and captain draw swords and attack. First swipe the captain cleaves the head right off the zombies shoulder and it falls. The other two officers are getting in solid blows but they're very resilient. The captain then puts an end to the other two with swift decapitations. Five more of the captains old crew come up on deck, somehow changed, one of them being the man that fell. The captain orders abandon ship, swim to the island. Everyone jumps into the water except for one of the brothers who gets grabbed before he can leap. 

    On shore everyone is shaken up and cold. Orders are given to collect wood to start a fire. A loud snap then breaks a silence. Everyone looks to see the ship crashing onto rocks and slowly sinks. The captain won't know where on the island they are until daylight. He tells everyone to make themselves comfortable cause they'll be here all night. He sends you and two other people to get firewood and maybe find some shelter. 

    I basically don't know the rest. I will tell you what I know. The lights seen in the sky were a failed necromancy attempt. It has turned everyone directly in the energy wave into a zombie, draugr, or something of the sort and most that weren't turned, in the surprising chaos were killed and turned anyways. At this point the missions basically turn into a mix between The Walking Dead and Dead Island, with the player trying to figure out what occurred, trying to find safety and survivors.


  • Brenton Fordham
    Brenton Fordham   ·  November 9, 2011
    i think its great. pitty im getting the ps3 copy and wont be able to play mods. keep working on it its definitely something worth doing
  • Eh_Double
    Eh_Double   ·  November 9, 2011
    Well, I suppose there would be a few trading ships at the actual Imperial Legion Fort Frostmoth. Or there would eventually be a ship coming to supply the fort. But there would need to be a reason why the player cannot travel between the two until the prob...  more
  • Matt Nicholson
    Matt Nicholson   ·  November 9, 2011
    That's a really cool idea but my only concern is that in earlier TES expansions you had the option of returning to the main game at any point you wanted to. If your ship sinks how will we be able to do that?