Blood Line - Prologue

  • Prologue


    The faint clatter of two pairs of footsteps echoed through the cavernous arches of the subterranean hall. It was a place of darkness and terror, a place chosen by the Count for the nostalgic fear inspiring emptiness that hung about the ancient rooms. The Count loved old crypts, almost as much as he loved stereotypes, and this was a very, very old crypt that was very, very stereotypical.   


    “Listen to me now, young Nylo, and behold the plans within plans and schemes within schemes. Listen to me and understand the beauty of the invisible threads that cross each other again and again. Listen and understand the grand web which I have been spinning for all these years”. The voice was deep and wavering, like a distant rockfall on a windy day. It resonated through the empty halls and filled the darkness with a certain menace.


    “Yes, my Count, I shall listen” Nylo answered, flat and harsh, completely devoid of emotion.  


    “Good, good…” The Count’s voice said, followed by a hushed chuckle. The owner of the voice slandered carelessly through the darkness. He was grotesquely fat, his pale flesh hung from his body in large lumps and his myriad of chins bounced softly with every step.


    “You must learn the truth, and unfortunately no one but I can teach you” the fat Count continued. He was surrounded by the faint orange glow of a telekinetic spell cast about him to levitate the enormous weight of his body from his short, thin legs. The alteration-magic gave his movements an odd fluidity, as if he was submerged in water. His hands were covered in gold and jewels. His brows, nose, lips, ears and cheeks were pierced by rings of ivory, ebony and jade. As he turned his unevenly shaped lump of a head to stare at Nylo with his small pig eyes, he took a sip from the huge goblet he held in his left hand.  


    “You see, young Nylo, for centuries we have experimented. We have sought the answer but for naught. The blood could not be fastened, the answer not revealed”. The fat Count stopped walking at a small door of old oak and matted iron.


    “The key Nylo” he said as he extended a wrinkly fat hand. Nylo, in sharp contrast to his master, was tall and strong. His handsome face was surrounded by a main of dark hair and a regal posture made him looking every bit the dark lord he was meant to be. He dug into the pocket of his matted black cape and placed in the Count’s hand a large iron key.


    The fat floating Count smiled. “Good boy”. Then he stuck the key in the keyhole, turned it. The locked clicked open and the fat count pushed the heavy door open with the tip of his fingers. The Alteration Magic, Nylo thought, he uses it for everything. The Count smiled as if he had read Nylo’s thoughts, “after you young master Nylo...” he gestured into the darkness.


    Nylo entered, and was surprised to find a cathedral-like cavern inside the room. It was dominated by a huge altar and a stone table. Several of the Count’s “Experimenters” -mages, alchemists, conjurers, enchanters, scholars and scientists bound to the Count’s will with powerful magic- bustled about the large room. Old tomes were strew about the floor, several large cauldrons with odd looking liquids stood boiling in one corner. In another, two men were grinding bone meal from human skulls.


    “This is the Altar of Molag Bal” The Count pointed to the strange altar of jagged rock and crystal that sprouted from the floor of the room. “For years I have been seeking a way to tap the power of Bal. For years to no avail… but I found a way, young master Nyrré Lorvious, the other Counts don’t know yet, but I found a way to tap a drop of The Dominators blood”.


    Nylo froze, then forced himself to relax, remembering the Counts omnipresent stare “how so my Count?” he asked.       


    The Count smiled, not his ordinary sheep smile, but a smile that showed the truly terrible beast that hid beneath all his pale flesh… the smile of his soul. Nylo wanted to shiver. “I won’t tell you, Nylo” he whispered menacingly. “But I will show you”.            


    He snapped his fingers, and immediately a door slammed open, one of the human cattle was marched in by two of the Count’s servants. They strapped him to the table, then disappeared again. The Count turned to Nylo, “I do so love these experiments” he smiled, “It's like cooking, but much more interesting...”.


    He snapped his fingers again, a flash of dark orange shot across the room, “What we need is some finely ground bone meal”. A small pile of dust came flying through the air, aided by The Count’s magic, it landed in a neat pile on the humans breast. “Some purified void salts” he snapped his fingers a third time, and magic whipped from his fingertips. “The soul of a mortal trapped in a gem. The heart of a daedra. Ears of a falmer. A Flawless diamond. Ectoplasm. Gold ingot. Silver ingot. Ebony ingot” One by one the ingredients were collected on the human’s bare skin.


    The Count turned to face Nylo once more. “Would you be so kind as to hand me your knife?” he asked. Nylo obayed, handing his dagger hilt first.


    “The last ingredient is a sacrifice” he said. Tossing the dagger into the empty space above the cattle. I hung there, held in place directly over the man’s heart. Then it fell with tremendous force, shattering breastplate, ribs, piercing the heart and even the stone table underneath.


    The room went silent, completely still. Then a dark void emerged and a sound so terrible that even The Count flinched tore apart the silence. The count held out a small vial, and from the void a single drop of crimson liquid emerged and fell into the glass bottle. The count sealed it, the void disappeared and the screaming, howling noise stopped.


    “There we go, Nylo... “ the count chuckled “The blood of the Dominator himself”.      



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  • Paws
    Paws   ·  September 14, 2017
    The Count's picturesque :D At the end there I genuinely expected Nylo would be the sacrifice. Glad I was wrong. The cathedral-like chamber you describe is very vivid, grim, but fascinating.
  • BlueDremora
    BlueDremora   ·  September 12, 2017
    Thanks Liss! I know it pretty dark, comic release incoming next episode but for now I just wanted to hook people. 
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  September 12, 2017
    Wow, that's a grusome start. I like your sense of description. Makes the story very easy to picture in my mind.