The Traveller from The Marsh - Prologue

  • 20th Rain's Hand 4E203, Solitude


    The spring rains had definitely come early as Han-Ei stood under the overhang of the building to the rear of Proudspire Manor; the home of the Dragonborn who had settled here a year ago. The moonlight from one of the moons barely lit the shadowy gardens of the manor houses of Solitude. He looked about and saw that the streets were pretty much empty. No-one seemed to have noticed him creep around the back alley with his Khajiit companion. The only sound was a drunk singing to himself loudly and the hammering rain on the roof above.


    Between them they were carrying a large wooden chest weather beaten and old from many years of travelling on the back of a cart in the harsh weather of Skyrim. The handles were slippery and wet from the pouring rain which was rapidly being soaked into the wood adding to the weight.


    “Are we doing the right thing here?” Ji'Arsha asked. “You know he'll probably kill us if he finds out? We can't betray him after all he's done for us” he added with caution lowering his voice to a whisper.


    Han-Ei scowled at this seemingly stupid question and looked up to his companion. “Just put this damn thing down, it's heavy” as he struggled with the wooden chest. If anything Ji'Arsha was struggling more as the argonian was much stronger than he was. “Here, get digging” he added as he thrust the shovel into the Khajiit's hands. “You can see better than I can in this light.”


    “This is too close” he moaned. “It will get found. We must be stupid burying it this close to his home.”


    “Well do you fancy dragging this thing around in the rain and breaking your back. Anyway it will raise suspicion if we are seen by the guards. We are lucky they haven't seen us yet; even they are sensible enough to minimize their rounds but we can't avoid every patrol. If you were more careful and not upset the Thalmor justicars you wouldn't be in this situation now would you?”


    Ji'Arsha snarled at him. “Thanks for bailing me out but believe me I didn't intend to kill them.”


    “Really” Han-Ei said putting his hands on his hips in objection and sarcasm. “You roasted them all alive. It didn't look like an accident to me.”


    “Oh come on I had no choice. I had to rescue J'Zargo I've known him since I joined the college nearly 3 years ago I couldn't let him die”he argued.


    “Well whatever the reason you had better take what you need from this chest before we hide it for your journey to Hammerfell. It is hoped you don't get on the wrong side of anyone as there isn't anywhere else you could run to. I won't be coming with you to bail you out again.”


    Ji'Arsha opened the chest and helped himself to gold and as many jewels as he could carry. He also took some of Teekus's prized weapons from his collection and fastened them to his belt. He closed the chest and resumed digging the hole in which they would bury the chest. If all went to plan they would come back later and retrieve the rest of the goods once they got the opportunity when Teekus was out of the way.


    Ji'Arsha had planned to go to Hammerfell ever since he'd set foot in Skyrim but Han-Ei and the college of Winterhold had changed that plan. Now some years later he would find himself on the run from the Thalmor yet again. Han-Ei had been a long time friend and follower of the Dragonborn accompanying him to Solstiem in his quest to destroy Mirrak. Ji'Arsha had joined the pair later after his training was complete at the college. But now it was time to leave and go their own ways. Han-Ei planned to quietly leave Teekus's employment as his bodyguard / companion before the theft was noticed. It was a well paid job but he felt he had to return home and he didn't want to face his wrath if he ever found out.


    He watched the Khajiit dig as he thought about his friendship with Teekus who had had many companions during his quests to defeat Alduin and Mirrak. Many had died in combat or were simply one-offs for hire and left once the quest was over. A mercenary himself he had remained loyal to the Dragonborn and always responded to his requests for help if he were free. There was another argonian named Saliith who served as a replacement housecarl since the death of Jordis who had no knowledge of their plans and was safely out of the way sleeping off a heavy night's drinking. He was also a capable battlemage and although Han-Ei could probably defeat him in a fight he didn't want to kill a fellow argonian no matter the reason.




    Some time later the chest was out of sight and the plants replaced in the flower bed above the buried chest it was time to return to Proudspire manor and get cleaned up before their crime was noticed.


    Above them completely unnoticed a pair of amber eyes watched them from between a gap in closed curtains. The amber eyes soon disappeared but it didn't matter for they had seen what they wanted to see.



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