"The Story of Ashtak-Cahd, the saved" by André Freitas


    Hi there ;) My name’s André and it’s the first time I upload something on this site and I hope it’s interesting and somewhat inspiring…

                                                The Story of Ashtak-Cahd, the saved

                   In the Padomay Ocean, lies a fleet of Argonians slaves ready to embark on Vvanderfell. Although slavery was abolished, that did not stop the slave ships to load up on Argonians from Black Marsh each month. Within one of those boats, was Sar-Cahd, a commander of the An-Xileel of Black Marsh, known for its steel strength and unbreakable determination.
                Halfway through the trip, Sar-Cahd gathered all the slaves present on that ship and decided to rebel against the Dunmer slave traders who commanded it.     

                Despite being in the minority, Argonians are extremely strong and agile warriors and would not give up easily. But what led Sar-Cahd to revolt, was his unborn child. He did not want his son to hatch and live as a slave of the Dunmer, never having felt the sense of freedom.                                                                                                                                      

                So that night, the Argonians left the lower deck with hopes of escaping the ship. They did even dispatch a few Dunmer, but they were to many and were better armed then the Argonians. Sar-Cahd realized they would have no chance of surviving and escaping the ship, so he laid the egg containing his son in the open ocean, expecting it to find the shore in some way.

                It was a warm morning when the egg reached the coast. An influential and rich Khajiit ,who happened to be taking a walk by the coast, found the egg and wrapped it in a linen wrap. He was called Kha’jay Ja ‘Aran , in the kahjiit tongue, The Moon Prince. Kha'Jay Ja'aran putted the egg on his sachel and took it home to Elsweyr. Two days later, the egg hatched and from it came a little baby Argonian. The Khajiit took care of him next to his son , K’aana (also a Khajiit), and called the hatchling, Ashtak.

                Both grew up great friends, and trained by Kha'Jay, became great warriors.  Although, there was something strange about Ashtak, he looked like he was starting to flake and become very pale. This was the effect of not taking sap from the Hist at birth. Kha'jay knew it, for he had many contacts and Argonian friends. He ordered a sample of the sap right away.

               It took three whole days to the hist sap sample to arrive Elsweyr. As soon as Ashtak took it, he began to feel a strange power coming from inside his body. The Hist blessed Ashtak with the power of magic. So while his skills as a warrior grew due to harsh training ,his arcane skills grew due to the guidance of the Hist and extensive meditation. He quickly mastered Destruction, Restoration and Alteration Magic, thus making up a fearsome warrior so his enemies would know their end or by his sword or through the magic emanated by his scaly fingers.

             One day Kha 'Jay Ja’aran, his “father” and mentor, was murdered, some say it was the Dark Brotherhood of Elsweyr while others say he died from being old, naturally. K'aana and Ashtak were devastated. Kha'Jay was a great person and taught them everything they knew. They fled from Elsweyr fearing they would be persecuted and came to Skyrim, in order to work out their lives. Although, they did make it to Skyrim, they were caught by an Imperial ambush at Darkwater Crossing, The imperials took K'aana to Ivarstead and Ashtak to Helgen, both to be executed on treason.

             K'aana escaped when some bandits atacked the prisoner's carriage along the road. Ashtak is still traveling by carriage to Helgen, only he faces a different destiny. Could the story of a saved Argonian end in the executioner's block, or is there something greater going to happen?


                                                                                                                           André Freitas 


  • ShyGuyWolf
    ShyGuyWolf   ·  July 1, 2015
    pretty cool story you made, a Argonian raised by Khajiit sounds great. continue making great work.
  • André Freitas
    André Freitas   ·  July 1, 2015
    Thanks! He is very skilled with restoration magic, as well as destruction and alteration. Basically, due to the powers the Hist granted to him. He is also good in One-handed and Heavy-armor :)
    He's almost the same age as K'aana , prob...  more
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  July 1, 2015
    I like the names you've selected. They are lovely. What your skills for your protagonist> He seems to already be an accomplished warrior and mage. Is he old?
  • André Freitas
    André Freitas   ·  July 1, 2015
    Thanks :)
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  July 1, 2015
    Interesting. I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows the truth, Argonian slavery is still in existence.