Evening of world politest super mutant

  • Evening in 188 trading post.

    Super mutant with white suit and black tophat sits next to bar and eats bighorner steak. 

    - So how is the taste? - Samuel asks while drinking bottle of beer

    - Great, best thing I ate recently, I have to leave some tips after that. - super mutant answered happily.

    - No, your my most paying customer, other who pas through here have little to none caps. - Samuel pointed out.

    - Well I am not gambler, so I always have some kind money.

    Two NCR soldiers walk up to super mutant. One of them point his pistol to mutant's head.

    - You must leave now, or we will be forced to shoot. - guy with a gun shouted.

    - What have I done? - Super mutant turned to them and asked.

    - One of your kind attacked farmer animals recently. - another soldier explained.

    - Well, one of your kind just killed half of Nipton, and crucified rest. - super mutant smiled and continue eating.

    Good one, Paulius - Samuel laughed.

    - No more joking, you come with us. - second soldier took out his gun.

    - OK, Samuel I'll be back to finish my meal. - super mutant pit down his knife and fork and stood up.

    Super mutant and two soldiers walked away, but after few gunshots and three punches super mutant came back. He sit down and continued eating. 

    - Samuel, then someone asks where these soldiers went, tell them to check rubbish bin. - super mutant smiled

    - Dead? - Samuel asked.

    - No, just knocked out, should wake up then I will be long gone.

    The End


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  • Okan-Zeeus
    Okan-Zeeus   ·  July 20, 2015
    Pau, this post is much too short. We have a minimum requirement of 400 words for blog posts. Your post is only at 278. Please delete this and revise.
    EDIT: Unless there is no such restriction for Fallout stories. I don't know if Wasteland Tales foll...  more