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    It is the 202nd year of the fourth era, an infamous orc disrupts a wedding in Solitude; killing everyone involved. Among the victims was his intended target: Vittoria Vicci, the emperor's niece. In retribution the Jarl of Solitude puts a surprisingly large bounty on his head, supported by the imperial treasury: they scrape together a total of 7000 septims for the head of one Lorbulg Gro-Largash. Of course, mercenaries flock to the opportunity, hoping to catch the assassin off guard. None succeed. This is where our story starts, at the eve of autumn and the dawn of a winter like none other, the empire, desperate that the one guilty of what is by now known as the Solitude massacre escapes with his life, makes a contract with the Knights of the Goldpact. Well, let me tell you about the man, or rather the lizard, who finally got Lorbulg Gro-Largash: The lizard they call the Archivist.


    This story will be my debut in the Straag Rod Expanded Universe and will join the ranks of works like Chasing Aetherius, The Cursed Tribe and of Straag Rod itself. I hope you'll all like the character I have created and if you're one of the few people who hasn't had a look at the aforementioned texts yet; I would definitively recommend those... Once you're finished at least.


    Table of Contents:

    Part 1: Contracts, not causes

    Meet Teineeva (Yes I know I'm Teineeva, it's confusing enough for me, so don't go adding to it!), or as he better known across the criminal communities of Skyrim: The Archivist. A ruthless mercenary with a surprisingly high kill rate. At the start of this story, he's preparing for a nice winter retreat back at his home in Riften, but as he will soon be remembered: nothing ever goes as planned.


    Part 2: A Gambling problem, me?

    Coming to your screens soon... Trust me.




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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  December 28, 2016
    Looking forwards to what else you can come up with. Definitely one to watch.