The Cult of The Cursed Divinity: Prologue

  • This is the Prologue for a Multi-Chapter Story made By Seek-many-stars and Mannimarco.

     "Tyra Snake-Hand. No name put as much fear in the hearts of Man, Mer and Beast alike as hers. She is a vile woman. Talented in Necromancy and its dark Rituals among the likes of The King of Worms and The Wolf Queen. Different form lesser Necromancers, she uses power of Storms and Lightning to eradicate her enemies then letting her undead minions doing all the killing. Even a more dangerous trait of this Harlot is that over many years with the Greybeards she has learned to use the Thu'um very precisely and read The Ancient Language of The Dragons. A dark woman she is, years of evil practices and studying the School of Conjuration extensively has made her able to Reanimate the Dead like no other Necromancer ever. Stronger, faster, ruthless, tireless and more capable to kill then they ever were alive.

    One Day wandering and studying Labyrinthian, Tyra found a Tome that was so cold it stung on touch.At the time the words were so Ancient even she couldnt read so she turned to the Greybeards. When she translated them she Said the words at The Throat of the World. Pah Dovah Sonaak, Bo Rigir Ahrk Sav Daar Lein Nol Daan! Genum Keizaal Hin Stahdim Mul! Which translates to All Dragon Priests come back and free this world from doom!  Show Skyrim your holy strength!  When she said those horrible words she awoke all the Dragon Priests and they heard and liked what the heard. The sky over Skyrim turned as black as night during her evil deed. 

    She sent her minor lich Generals with her undead to find the Dragon Priests and bring then to the Blue Palace to begin her Rule. But There was one Person who would stand up to her! Theron! A Bosmer and hes Best Friend Pallas, a very handsome Redgaurd. They will travel across Skyrim helping out and getting stronger while gather strong people to one day help in the end of Tyra!" Said Threon drunken and rambling to The pretty barkeeper. 

    "There you are. I run to collect our equipment and your off rambling to first beautiful woman you see" Pallas smiling to see his friend drunk. "Ugh time to get a good nights sleep. We haven't slept in a real bed, inside of a  inn, in a fortnight" Pallas continued while picking up Theron to carry him to his room. 

    "We will kill her! We will!" said Theron still rambling about his plans 

    T.C.O.T.C.D : Chapter 1 :Coming soon!