Chasing Aetherius: ToC


    Aetherium. Only a few had heard about it and even less ever saw it, but in a scholar´s mind, it remains the biggest treasure of all, because Aetherium leads the way. To the Aetherium Forge! When a group of treasure hunters find the first key and then things go south, they have to enlist the help of an Altmeri priest and frankly... Between dwemer constructs, ruthless competion going after the same treasure, dragons, hangovers and vampire chickens...what more could go wrong?

    This story is part of Expanded Straag Rod Universe  and ties into few other subsequent stories:

    Cursed Tribe

    Straag Rod

    Tales for the Hearth Fire

    The Ledger Codex

    Practice of Magic


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    Uh, no more waiting! We're done! But here are some final works from Karver because I was too busy writing and editing the last few chapters, cause I'm really lazy. :D 



    Ladies and gentlemen, kids of all ages...Yes, it's that time of year. Finally! Chasing Aetherius...finished! Phew! What a ride that was.


    First we would like to thank everyone that was reading, that stayed with us through the long and dark chapters, with light of silly jokes shining through the cracks. Thank you, readers, for your attention, patience, support, praise and constructive criticism.


    Special thanks goes to Phil, for his neverending support, and just for being an awesome guy that sadly can't say no when two writers decide to annoy him like a married couple on marriege counselling.


    Another thank you goes to Teineeva, because he often got caught right in the middle of our arguments, but he played it well to keep his head still attached to his body, so kudos, matey! And thank you for your support too!


    Also big thanks to Lis that I could work with her on this and also thanks Karver for being so awesome and handsome (yup, I did it, someone has to)


    But back to the matter at hand. CA finished. Wow! Have you counted the words? 216,627 Just for some comparison I looked at one of the fantasy books I've read, the famous ones for their wordcount.  Fellowship of the Ring has 187k words with whole Lord of the Rings having. 473k First book of Game of Thrones has 284k, first book of Malazan Book of the Fallen, Gardens of Moon, has 209k and thelongest Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix, has 257k.


    Those are some serious numbers and we certainly didn't expect the story would get so big. It's actually funny, you know, because way at the beginning we were thinking about story which would have 50k-75k words max, but with each chapter it was just getting bigger and bigger (Lissette Long-Chapper anyone?)


    Chapters themselves range between 10000-20000 words in general. The longest chapter was Chapter 9, with 26125 words and it was fully written by Lis (Figures…) But no, seriously, she used that chapter to write NaNo and just this gave her half of the word count she needed, while I wrote around 2000 words tops for that chapter.

  Even while I'm writing this I'm still quite shocked at what we achieved here. We won't win novel of year, neither we will get the most likes here, but we achieved that for ourselves. And what we achieved? Biggest collaboration story on this site, ever. Through sweat, tears, blood, plenty of arguments, lots of broken pottery and dozens of empty bottles...we did it.


    But how did it started? Hehehe. I guess it was back when I finished reading Book 1, Part 1 of Straag Rod in late 2015. I mean, that's when me and Lis started chatting together, about writing and stuff. I was writing Cursed Tribe back then so we talked a lot about our stories and such. I think it was in late April of 2016 when I told Lis that I actually can't imagine another Dragonborn in my story than Albee, so - and I think I was quite bold back then - I asked her if she would be ok if I started writing in her universe. “My characters would just play second fiddles to Albee, mostly just see some crazy Dragonborn from distance and such,” were my words if I remember it correctly.


    Then came January and AMOSS, where Lis helped me with my Short Story (not so short, 25k words…) and that it didn't take long until we started to think about story where our characters could have some fun together. (Yeah, fun. Sure, that certainly went well.) And on June 2nd first chapter of Chasing Aetherius was posted.


    It was a bumpy road, we certainly took our time to put it together, but still...Over 200k words in half a year? Damn. We put everything we got into that story. We had a blast, we had arguments, I think Lis even cried once… But we did it.


    Thank you! Cheers!



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  • Ebonslayer
    Ebonslayer   ·  March 21, 2018
    Gonna start reading this either today or tomorrow. Skimmed through the first chapter and its pretty long, true Lis style.
  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  December 9, 2016
    I still think the artwork on this is nothing short of amazing. The opening paragraph has just as much kick too.
  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  December 4, 2016
    Oh, well that was weird that we couldn't reply. Yeah, yeah, chapper 9 is coming out this week. Done with my performance and general craziness. 
  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  December 4, 2016
    Sorry for the repost, but for some reason, the option to reply to this wasn´t working, or anything. So yeah, just a repost. 
    Just a quick´s coming. Wait for it!