My journey beyond Skyrim

  • Inspired by the finnish gamer who ventured into Morrowind's mainland and later Vvardenfell, I decided to have my own little noclip adventure into the region westish of Skyrim. Hammerfell and Highrock.

    Let's start with a bunch of pictures shall we?

    We start our adventures outside Markath.



    There we go, FOR GLORY!




    Just above the city I found a waterfall that seemed to just... Stop... ANYWAY, it looks lovely up there, let's go!


    What the hell?

    After this happened I turned tcl on and off several times and even went further up and further south of markath, but I couldn't get past the invisible wall.

    I can see land beyond Skyrim in what looks like Hammerfell but I couldn't investigate further. 

    I have some more pics but I can't upload them for some reason.

    If anyone figures out what the problem is, let me know :P




  • mattlistener
    mattlistener   ·  November 29, 2011
    I had an appreciative comment, but can't post it for some reason.
  • Zachary Elric
    Zachary Elric   ·  November 25, 2011
    I take it this only works on PC?
  • The Nexus
    The Nexus   ·  November 25, 2011
    Ok, I'll try the .ini thing.
  • Welkyn Winwillow
    Welkyn Winwillow   ·  November 24, 2011
    This is a great idea, man!  Keep posting interesting finds!
  • Dieter
    Dieter   ·  November 23, 2011
    It can be confusing, not I.
  • Dieter
    Dieter   ·  November 23, 2011
    Paul is right, you have to change the border setting in the ini file in your skyrim folder. I had to do this a couple of times for Oblivion mods too. I can be confusing because in Oblivion you had two lines with Borderregions in it and I accidentaly enabl...  more
  • Alduin
    Alduin   ·  November 22, 2011
    I did that in oblivion, its in skyrim too then? Awesome! ;)
  • Paul
    Paul   ·  November 22, 2011
    Did you turn off borders in the .ini ?
    Go into your skyrimprefs.ini file,  find the line "bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" and change the 1 to a 0