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  • My journey beyond Skyrim

    Inspired by the finnish gamer who ventured into Morrowind's mainland and later Vvardenfell, I decided to have my own little noclip adventure into the region westish of Skyrim. Hammerfell and Highrock. Let's start with a bunch of pictures shall we? We start our adventures outside Markath.     There...
  • Character Backstory: Arkan Sovereign, Part 1.

      "Come on, Arkan! You have to stop doing this to yourself," the nord spoke with a calming tone, yet you could hear how he was saddened at the same time. "Drinking yourself to death won't accomplish anything." "I don't care. Now get out of my shight, or get yourshelf a drink and join me," Arkan repl...
  • I think I know what the start of the game will be like. (SPOILERS)

    HIGH SPOILERIZED MATERIAL DO NOT READ ON IF YOU ARE ANTI-SPOILERS!!!   SERIOUSLY, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!       NOT KIDDING AROUND DUDE, LAST WARNING!     Fine, have it your way.   First blog post :D So I recently changed my desktop wallpaper to a map of Skyrim. I was looking around Riverwood trying t...