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Dragon of Wisdom
This is the Dragon of Wisdom, a dragon I plan to add my story but I still developing its rol. Those spheres are part of the whole concept.

I took some screenshots of in-game of TES IV Oblivion of the statue of Akatosh at Imperial City, then I use Photoshop to cut and modify the image.

The real reason how I have created this Dragon was on a real life dream I had, the dream was really meaningful, I'm going to create a short story about it, to describe in detail that important dream I had, also it had some elements resemble TES aswell. So on my dream appear a pale light-blue dragon, similar in shape to the dragon model Akatosh on TES IV Oblivion game, the dragon reward me with strange spheres, I didnt knew for what were those, but I knew were really important and special.

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DESCRIPTION : Fan art made by me, all related to TES