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Ritual of the Beast
After a time, Hverg was eventually given the trial for becoming a member of the Circle. The trial this time consisted of battling alongside Farkas versus the other whelps. Afterwards, he spoke to his opponents to clear any bad feelings in the air, while also celebrating with his new peers. Skjor specifically stated he had something “a little different” planned for Hverg, and that he should meet him in the Underforge at Midnight.

Within the Underforge, Hverg was met with a familiar sight; Aela had taken the form of a Werewolf and stood over a stone altar, Skjor at her side. He began to speak of how they believed the wolf blood was a blessing, in contrast to Kodlak’s belief that it is a curse, and told Hverg that in order to truly become part of the Circle he had to accept the beast blood like the rest of them. Hverg was against this, for he knew of the history of Werewolves, horrid beasts created by the Daedric Prince Hircine.

Skjor, however, told of the bond that the Circle held by accepting the blood; it made them a family, a pack. He spoke of how it bonded them like family in service to defend Skyrim. How he would no longer live a normal life or feel the warmth of a good night’s sleep ever again, yet would gain so much more. How could he call himself family if he were not to accept the same blood as those he fights besides, his Shield-Brothers? Hverg’s opinion was swayed by his words. In his desire to become stronger, and to protect the land that was wrought with war, he needed to cast aside his personal worries.

And so, with hesitance, Hverg sipped from the pool of Aela’s blood within the altar and accepted the “gift”…

Ararvyne "Blackblood" Varam's Album: Hverg, the War-Smith

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