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Restless Slumber
That night, Hverg had a dream. In the dream he saw a massive black figure. It's eyes were a void of red seen only in Oblivion. It breathed a mighty force; not fire or ice, but raw power. Below it were scattered souls who ran for fear from the deadly beast. Yet one by one they were consumed, their futile attempts to escape blocked off by the beast's mighty speed and power.

Then, at the edge of the field, a lone warrior stood against it. It wielded armor he'd never seen before, and a weapon who's shape was obscured by the warrior's figure. Within his eyes lay a fury that burned a flame brighter than any forge could ever produce, as if to scald the beast with his own gaze. The figure and the beast stared into each other's eyes, then with a rush of adrenaline, the warrior charged, drew his weapon, and the battle commenced.

Hverg woke from that dream, covered in a cold sweat...

Ararvyne "Blackblood" Varam's Album: Hverg, the War-Smith

DESCRIPTION : An image catalog of Hverg's journey through Skyrim