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The Beginning of a Legendary Blacksmith
Hverg's first stop was a place he'd been meaning to visit for a long time: The legendary Skyforge of Whiterun, tended to by Eorlund Gray-Mane. Skyforge Steel weapons are the preferred choice for all of The Companions, but Hverg knew that was only the tip of the iceberg. He'd hoped to be able to craft his legendary armor upon such an honored forge. The fact that the Dragon attack had occurred within Skyrim only made him more determined to arrive. He would have Eorlund teach him many smithing techniques, and perhaps he could make the weapons for the Companions one day.

There was also an Imperial soldier who was requesting quite a heavy task to the lesser Blacksmith of the city. As of recent, he'd learned about the war going on within Skyrim, and although he wanted nothing to do with it he knew that, with his chosen profession, he would become part of the fighting anyways. Also, he disliked the idea of brother fighting against brother, yet he could not bring himself to pick a side. Whether to fight for his blood's right to believe in their faith, or to fight for the sake of unification...

Ararvyne "Blackblood" Varam's Album: Hverg, the War-Smith

DESCRIPTION : An image catalog of Hverg's journey through Skyrim